Exterior colors available for the BMW X1

BMW X1 | July 3rd, 2009 by 12
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BMW launched yesterday their X1 minisite and we poked around to see what’s new. The BMW Joy campaign is pretty much present on all their …

BMW launched yesterday their X1 minisite and we poked around to see what’s new. The BMW Joy campaign is pretty much present on all their marketing materials, but that wasn’t something we were interested today.

What we wanted to find out for you were the exterior colors available for the X1. So far, we knew that Marrakech Brown is an exclusive color for the X1, then we saw the now classic and beautiful Alpine White, but all the others were still an unknown for us.

Courtesy of one of our reader, Ignace, we are able to show you the entire palette, with some shades more exciting than others.

So without any further ado, let’s enumerate them: Black non-metallic, Black Sapphire metallic, Titanium Silver metallic, Deep Sea Blue metallic, Vermilion Red metallic, Space Grey metallic, Cashmere Silver metallic, Graphite Blue metallic , Tasman metallic and Sparkling Bronze metallic.

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And since we always like to state our favorite color, this time we’ll go with the Vermilion Red metallic, for some reason, the design lines are more obvious and accentuated by this color and that makes it our first choice.

12 responses to “Exterior colors available for the BMW X1”

  1. Windtalker says:

    Black and Brown are nice!!!

    However, white is my favour!!!

  2. Robert says:

    I spend so much time cutting and pasting these photos and share with bimmerpost.com and you steal my hardwork without asking me you asshole

    • Jag says:

      LMAO, u said as if those photos were your exclusive =))

      • Horatiu B. says:

        Jag, even if it was his work, if I knew it was, I would have asked first. There are many people on BMW forums that can vouch that I sent them a msg first to for permission, sometimes even if I really didn’t have to.

        Anyway…..I guess next time I’ll take the 3 min to print and cut the photos myself, I’ve done it many times before. :)

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Here comes another “fan” of ours that hides behind a fake email address and hides his IP address with a proxy guard.

      I’m tired of defending myself and to prove people that we are one of the most fair blogs out there. WE ALWAYS link to the source as long as we have it. Bimmerpost, that forum that steals from us and bans people that post link to one of our articles or even deletes them, DOES NOT. So don’t come here to lecture me because I can go back and prove you that I’m right.

      Now, as far as these photos, here is the email that I received yesterday at 3PM CST from Igance, a reader of ours:

      Hi Horatiu,

      these 12 images are printscreens from the BMW Germany website.

      X1 in 12 colours.

      Kind regards,


      He attached some images in that email and now looking at them, the file names are different from the ones posted by you, so I am not sure if he took them from you or he indeed took the time to do a printscreen and cut.
      That’s all the information that I have and hence why I posted them, not even sure if we posted them first or you did, but that’s beside the point.

      Now to come here and call me names, it’s just immature and uncalled for, but as usual, I will leave the comment and not delete it, I have nothing to hide.

      I do wonder if I go back to your forum and post a similar content…how long will it take before I get banned? 5 sec? 10?

      Anyway….gotta love the “fans” that don’t appreciate the work that ONE guy does vs. many forum members that post random content.

      Happy 4th of July everyone :)

  3. Current BMW owner says:

    I would love to buy the Titanium silver one but I know my wife would want black instead. Our current 128i is jet black, and I think it’s probably the best color for a BMW… if it’s kept clean, which is a big “if.” Given that I won’t take the X1 offroad, black would be nice.

  4. Enzo says:

    Maybe Robert designed and built the X1 too. What a shame BMW stole his design.

    No need for an explanation Horatiu. Thanks for your site!

  5. Robert says:

    I cut and paste these pictures and takes alot of work and time. My work is not same on each picture with uneven parts and your pictures you posting are the same so I think this is my picture. Maybee you get from “ignace” i dont know. but looks like my work of cut and paste. i always share pictures for fun if you just ASK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop your stealing and your lie on me. stop lie on me just ask me for pictures dont posting stealing. you can have photos i dont care. its for fun.

  6. Ignace says:

    @ Robert: it was me who sent the images to Horatiu.
    I got them from the BMW Germany website on July 2nd,
    so these were definitely not from bimmerpost.

  7. Mauro Corti says:


    U’re complaining because u don’t see your name under 12 photos.. OH MY GOD 12 PHOTOS, WHAT A WORK!!! u should be paid for that, u should get a prize… no wait we should nominate u for nobel or something!!!

    Cmon guys get your feet on the ground, we are talkin about 12 photos of a car, I could to this, Horatiu could, everyone could and you are here beggin for your name to be under those photos.. cmon… cmon!! It’s jusst a blog post, we’re not doin hisrtory here!!

  8. Все отлично: и по стилю изложения, и по содержанию тоже. Так держать!

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