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BMW X1 | July 2nd, 2009 by 18
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The next few days will all be about the BMW X1, so get ready for photos, more photos and again some photos. As expected and …

The next few days will all be about the BMW X1, so get ready for photos, more photos and again some photos. As expected and seen before in other releases, BMW has made available a variety of photos of the new X1, including the ones we have seen yesterday, but also new unseen shots.

Most of these photos entirely reflect the “Joy” marketing campaign that revolves around the BMW X1 and the targeted demographic is portrayed in many of them. As we said lots of times before, BMW X1 will fit into this product line as a more compact SAV aimed at a younger demographic . Professionals who dwell in projects that identify urbanism.

The BMW X1 offers a new perspective as a compact premium Sport Activity Vehicle. Not only as the first of a kind in it’s segment for the market, but vilifies the entire 1er model line as the more youth orientated BMW line.

So with these new photos, BMW is sending a clear message: this is will indeed be a joyful vehicle and there are high expectations from it.

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And since we love you a lot, we decided to take the time to download the entire 177 photos and offer them in a wallpaper format, just in case you like the X1 so much that you would like to set it as your desktop background.

18 responses to “BMW X1 Ultimate Photo Gallery”

  1. lisiy says:

    good collection and job! ;)

  2. AutoCritical says:

    I love the photos of the one they used for the teaser shot on the beach with the girl! NOW BLURRED!

  3. bunker says:

    I will reserve full judgment until I see whether the trunk is big enough (with the seats UP) to accept a proper golf bag, but at this point, I really like what they’ve done here.

    The car is more attractive in the final version that it was in that weird yellow-gold show car color. Admittedly, the brown is NOT for me, but I think this car really has a chance of making a big splash for BMW in the States…IF they price it correctly.

    I will also add, in response to those comments in other threads that have questioned the need for this car in view of the X3 – IMO you should view this car as what the X3 SHOULD have been all along. SInce the new X3 is going to be bigger than the current version, think of the X1 as the restyled version of the current dimensions. We all know the X3 is going to be closer to the size of the previous X5, and that the current X5 is now a bloated road beast. So, if the small size is what attracted you to the X3 originally, you’ve gotta be salivating for 2011.

    There may very well be a spot in my garage for this car…

  4. Alan says:

    Like with all BMW products, the question is will there be a M Package for the X1? The X1 seems to have a fairly sporty look from most of the exterior photoshoot, but I’m wondering if BMW is working on a much more aggressive look for the X1.

  5. Uxel says:

    those 18″-rims are amazing…

  6. tony says:

    if the X1 will compete against the Q5,…
    wht will the X3 compete with??? da Q7,…no way…Q7 looks more built up.
    I thought the X1 will compete against toyota’s RAV4 or the NIssan XTrail,Hyundai Santafe…..
    I luvv da X6,…n ilike the X5(it makes more sence for 3 ppl in the back,…X6 sadly 2 only)…the Q7 ultimate fear is the X5,..n da X6,…

    Wht is the X3 ment to compete with then???\

    • Alan says:

      Competitions for the X1:

      Pre-emptive strike on the Audi Q3, Merc’s GLK and other suv like VW Tigan etc, and will probably give Q5 a good run of its money.

      While the X3 will probably pitch against the Q5 and lower-end models of the Q7 (in terms of pricing and specs). Let’s not forget that the upcoming X3 will have similar dimension of the 1st generation of the X5, so competing against the Q7 is not impossible.

      • Horatiu B. says:

        But Alan, wouldn’t MB GLK compete with the X3? And yes, the X3 will def step into the Q7 boundaries a bit…..

        • Alan says:

          @Horatiu: I think it is fair to say that the inital concept of the GLK was to target the existing X3. However, in my opinion MB kinda knew that the GLK vs X3 would only be a temporary thing and it’s main rival would eventually be BMW’s X1. So I guess that is the reason why they rush the released of the GLK initally in LHD disguise to acommodate the market such as the US.

          However anything could happen I guess. Maybe after a yr or so after the X1’s release. MB would probably have a few tricks up its sleves and order its GLK into a minor cosmetic surgery and a few tweaks here and there to awaits its clash with the new generation of X3.

          What I’m really interested is how Audi response with its Q3 in 2 – 3 yrs time. How “small” would this SUV need to be?

  7. Harish Kumar says:

    The main picture showing the rear view is sensational!!! It’s just stunning

  8. Fantastic styling and great design, BMW have done themselves proud with this model. The marketing campaign is great and so are the photos. You certainly get a sense of joy and desire for this sport X1, it is very desirable. 

  9. shameem says:


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