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BMW X1 | July 2nd, 2009 by 12
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One of the main concerns we had regarding the new BMW X1 was the pricing. For the new entry-level compact SAV to be successful, it …

One of the main concerns we had regarding the new BMW X1 was the pricing. For the new entry-level compact SAV to be successful, it was imperative that the pricing will be set accordingly to the current market conditions and most important, relevant to the other models in the BMW line-up.

BMW chose the gasoline powered X1 sDrive18i as its entry level model and set a base price of 27,200 euros. In Germany, the base price for the bigger X3 model, xDrive20i, is 35,300 euros. Going even further, the X1 xDrive18d will sell for 31,550 euros, while the X3 xDrive18d 35,550 euros.

The most expensive X1 is the all-wheel drive gasoline xDrive28i which has a base price of 41,500 euros. The top X3 model is the xDrive35d at 53,000 euros.

Bottom line is that there are no surprises here, BMW has played this safe and priced the X1 accordingly, setting it apart from the X3 line-up. When the second generation X3 will launch next year, we expect this pricing gap to become even bigger, making the X1 an even more attractive choice.

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Here are the base prices for all the other X1 models:

  • BMW X1 sDrive18i – 27.200€
  • BMW X1 sDrive18d – 29.550€
  • BMW X1 xDrive18d – 31.550€
  • BMW X1 sDrive20d – 32.400€
  • BMW X1 xDrive20d – 34.400€
  • BMW X1 xDrive23d – 38.800€
  • BMW X1 xDrive28i – 41.500€

12 responses to “BMW X1 German pricing announced”

  1. Lance says:

    Those prices are steep except for the entry model. You could get into the next X3 with some of those prices or a decent 5 Series!

  2. L1ndja says:

    Those prices are fucked up.Who in the world will buy this car for almost 30K.They must be kidding..I mean bmw says that the car will be bought by the younger demographic but who has that kind of money at the age of let’s say 20 to 25 its really fucked up.With 30K you can get a very good 325i for example and still have enough money to buy fuel for it…Cant understand them the base price should be 22K not 27..

  3. Parker Despain says:

    Its still a BMW, and has upscale interior and exterior. I think the pricing is very in line with its competition, and the included options.

  4. Njave says:

    Nah, it will sell! Why? It is targeted to the general market group of wealthy, 18-25 year old guys or girls who’s parents can afford these kind of cars. Don’t get me wrong, there aren’t many of those laying around, but I’m sure that BMW has done their market research, and I can bet you that all those SUV powered mom’s and dad’s would love to get their kids an entry level SUV which they can drive to school. Just my thinking, but I’m an economy student, so everything I see, is in numbers and figures with cost and profit calculated in it :).

    • L1ndja says:

      Well i guess its a matter of taste.I still think 27K is to much for an entry level SUV.My dad was really close to buying a Toyota Rav4 and it cost 27K (euro) with a lot of extras a 2.0TD with 155hp.So an entry level of X1 is 27k and i dont know if its worth it.Btw we didn’t buy the Rav4,we changed our mind and got a e46 320i (year2000)and i think that we made the best choice in the world,its an amazing car and it cost us 10.5K.So nearly 3 ,320i for the cost of an X1.

  5. Des says:

    I think it is too pricy in comparison to the X 3. Might as well buy an X3.

  6. Gord says:

    Ummm…. quite expensive.

  7. Geff says:

    Quality over quantity:) It might cost a little much but in the end it will all be worthed!

  8. China Perspective says:

    The X1 just launched in China, there is only one model avaliable and that is the top of the line x128i… it costs 550,000RMB (55K Euro) in China… considering our tax sturcture on imported cars, this is not too bad… both the 335i, and the 530i will set you back 65K Euro here.

  9. joy says:

    who can tell me ,how i can by a X118i from German direcetly ,and ship to china .China is a big marketi .if you are interest in this businees please contact me .telephone :I am chinese !
    0022560000999 (i am in cote divoire now )

  10. Amr Sabry says:

    I need to be advised about how to buy a brand new BMW X1 from Germany Directly without having to pay any VAT in Germany or any Taxes then import it to Egypt where it will be custom cleared and taxes would be paid, I think if I but it like this without VAT it should be cheapre or not?

  11. Inna Ivanchenko says:

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