BMW uses social network sites to promote the new BMW X1

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Edmunds InsideLine just posted an interesting piece of news around the recently revealed BMW X1: BMW is heavily using the social media sites to promote …

Edmunds InsideLine just posted an interesting piece of news around the recently revealed BMW X1: BMW is heavily using the social media sites to promote the X1 and to reach out to the targeted younger crowd.

After the X1 concept unveiling at the Paris Motor Show last fall, BMW launched a Facebook page dedicated to the X1 which soon has become an important medium of reporting new information. Within a few months, the Facebook X1 page is reporting over 1,700 members.

With the fast rising of Twitter, BMW opened an X1 Twitter account as well, which as of today has over 500 followers waiting daily for more X1 photos and information. And of course, Youtube could not have been left off out of the social media circle and all the official videos were released through the BMWWebTV account.

This brings us back to an article we wrote back in May where we talked about BMW X1 urban vehicle being geared towards a younger demographic who enjoy outdoor activities and would still like to use a spacious car to transport their surfboards, skis, snowboards or climbing equipment.  Most of the people fitting this profile spend a lot of their time online and connected, so reaching out to them by using Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, is just brilliant and… can be very cost effective.

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According to Automotive News, the average age of a BMW buyer is 48, so there was obviously time for a new approach in order to reach the right X1 audience and frankly, these social networks not only offer that medium, but they also offer a large user base and……it is pretty much free.

Tony Douglas, innovations manager at BMW’s Munich marketing department, says, with the social networking audience, “You don’t buy it; you have to earn it. Content and timing has to be good, and you use a bit more brainpower. It is not the blind media spend.”

Same thoughts are shared by Shawn Ticehurst, marketing communications manager of BMW North America who told Inside Line that “[we] are targeting a younger crowd with the X1, opening up a whole new gamut of buyers. The use of things like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook is [not only] a way to appeal to a younger buyer, but we also see them as media opportunities that are continually growing. [BMW] is getting into those medians while they are in a fairly young phase.”

BMWBLOG had a similar discussion back in February with Tom Plucinsky, BMW’s Product and Technology Manager in North America, where we touched this subject prior to all these Twitter and Facebook initiatives. We saw an opportunity there as well, the same as we have seen with our blog and we’re glad to see that BMW is constantly looking for new ways to connect with their customers.

BMWBLOG is a huge advocate of social media and most of our efforts in the past years focused on social networks and connecting with our readers and fans. In a way, we believe we were one of the first auto blogs to make use of these social tools and even our latest project Be A Designer is another example of how we involve the BMW community.

[Source: Edmunds ]

6 responses to “BMW uses social network sites to promote the new BMW X1”

  1. AutoCritical says:

    Hope they get it on their own website soon too!

  2. Lance says:

    True, we use these social networking sites a lot and it is a good way to promotes products. However, they have to bear in mind that we like good looking things as well. Things that are modern, fast and sleek.

    That picture of the X1 is far from the three criteria. To me, it looks retarded! YUK! The combinations of the headlights, grille and mouth (at the bottom) is looking uglier by the day. I cannot imagine who would actually describe this as being an attractive car (from that front picture) and if anyone said that the rest of th car looks good, then the question must be put to BMW as to why they didn’t put more effort into improving the front.

    I read a few years ago that they do not alter the original design of the designers and that tehy only pick the best one…. is this the best way to design cars?

  3. Dave says:

    Boy, tough demographic! I am way beyond the target market, but I see similarities in this almond-eye predatory look of the front clip in current gen sport motorcycles, other cars, and in concept vehicles of the future. I can’t honestly say I like the trend,
    but BMW market surveys must have driven the designers in this direction. I don’t for a minute believe they lock up their creative talent in a closet and just let their imaginations run wild.

  4. Rolo says:

    Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s appropriate… the actual campaign is full of stock imagery. it’s like my grandmothers idea of what’s “cool”. it sucks. and the total lack of followers (1700 over a period of months is pathetic!) proves my point. total miss in my opinion. money wasted.

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