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There is no secret anymore that BMW is working on a Gran Turismo version of its future BMW 1 Series and this subject has been …

There is no secret anymore that BMW is working on a Gran Turismo version of its future BMW 1 Series and this subject has been discussed and analyzed many times before. What we didn’t really have up to this point were some artists rendering that will give us an impression of what the 1GT might actually look like.

Of course, these renderings are usually based on personal opinions and might not reflect the final product, but we still find them interesting since it shows the endless design possibilities.

The BMW 1 Series GT uses a new modular platform available for all the upcoming 1 Series models. The backbone of these models was designed especially for this purpose so every model can have a variation backbone, simply be moving suspension points and firewalls to areas that will benefit each vehicle. Corroborated with more parts sharing, this new approach will allow BMW to reduce even more the production costs.

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BMW 1 Series GT will be a 5-door vehicle, a  mix of a hatch, wagon and sedan and to reflect the Gran Turismo, the 1 GT will have an elevated driving position.

Even though our friends at Automarket speculate that the 1 GT will import some design elements from the legendary 2002 model, our sources have not yet confirmed that.

The rendering does seem to be in line with the one created by the Autobild graphics artist, Huckfeldt, a rendering that we enjoyed back then.

As soon as the next generation 1 Series enters the Final Evaluation Phase, we will get more details and most likely, new, fresh renderings.

[Source: Automarket and Andrei Avarvarii]

24 responses to “Rendering: BMW 1 Series GT”

  1. Artmic says:

    HAHAHAH wow , no way in hell the 1 will look like this, unless someone lost their mind at BMW.

  2. bunker says:

    Looks like a pig. Oink.

  3. DVerma says:

    I hate this site, always posting up crap like this and calling it “news”

    • Giom says:

      Most of us BMW fans enjoy speculating on future models. It gives us a voice. Besides, it involves a subject close to our hearts. If you don’t feel the same, just don’t come here anymore :)

      About the rendering… I’m starting to like those small headlights. It looks mean. We all know the final product wouln’t look like this, but imagin how we’re gonna laugh at this image once we know what it will really look like.

    • bunker says:

      Don’t visit the site then…

  4. Superpico says:


  5. n8n says:

    Four words: DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  6. The Lee says:

    Do not want!

  7. M. Pertz says:

    crap, what’s the reason for this GT’s? I hope BMW will not do this. I think they should stop with this GT’s. The 5 series GT, I don’t like at all how it looks outside, but the inside looks awesome. …

  8. Matt says:

    Is it just me, or does the car have a “sleepy” face?

  9. LBoogy says:

    Who ever made this rendering, STOP RENDERING!

  10. Lariv says:

    That is a disgusting rendering.

  11. wazon says:

    I don’t like this how this car looks like at all. The flattened headlights look ugly. Back is not better at all. Hope that 1 GT won’t have nothing in common with this rendering.

  12. Reznick says:

    Looking at the front page of news articles, this site does have just a bunch of renderings that have no basis in reality. This site is a free for all of crappy news articles geared towards random passers by who don’t know their BMW head from their ass :) I would suggest visiting GERMANCARZONE.COM for some more solid BMW news. This site is a joke when it comes to reliable news for real BMW enthusiasts.

    Between crap like this rendering and all the official propaganda from BMW that the site owners posts up here, I might find one good news piece per week, if that. The one good news article is invariably ripped off another site and I’ve read it already. For example the “Matte Black BMW M3 Coupe by RDSport” which is obviously from m3post.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I am so fed up with people that post without really knowing anything about the site or the readers. With your comment, you didn’t just insult me, but you insulted our readers also. There are different articles for different group of people….there will always be someone that likes certain articles more than others…I know I do…bottom line is that we try to cover a wide range of BMW news and as far as propaganda…I highly doubt it you saw that on here….we are an enthusiast site so most of the time the articles are pro-BMW, but trust me, there were many times when we post negative things.

      Now as far as the M3post, please stay on that forum and don’t bother coming obviously don’t understand the amount of work put into this blog…
      Oh did I tell you that RDSport is our friend and future advertisers? Did it ever cross our mind that we might get these photos before anyone else but we don’t post them on time?
      And look on that site you mentioned and noticed the X1 photo posted only BY US, no one else has it and it was clearly stolen from us….do you see a link back to our blog? Didn’t think so……

      So let us be, please stay on a forum and don’t worry about us…

      Next negative comments will get deleted, tired of allowing people to trash the amount of work I put on here…I’ve been a good sport so far and allowed all the comments, but no more.

      • bunker says:

        +1 Horatiu. Can you just block these people from posting?
        Keep up the good work. 99% of the people that visit this site appreciate what you do. Who really cares about the other 1%??

  13. Ignore em Horatiu. Nobody cares what the whiny minority thinks.

    And I’m sure someone can find a lolcat that looks just like that rendering. I mean, it totally has a face! eyes, snout and mouth. ;)

    I like the low headlights look. Wish my e46 was more aggressive in that regard.

  14. Artmic says:

    I love the renderings on this site, gives us a voice in saying what we like and don’t like.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Renderings are simply a way to give the BMW owners a voice to express their opinion on something and to say what they like and what they don’t.

      Do I like all the renderings? Not even close, but it’s more fun to post them than to focus on news and news only. That’s what sets us apart from other auto sites, we write different articles, some betters than others, depends on who you ask :)

      But there will always be people that won’t like our success and try to put us down and it’s funny that they always use fake email addresses, so when I try to email them to ask them for their feedback, of course, the email bounces back.

      Anyway…moving on again :)

  15. Anti says:

    “BMW 1 Series GT will be a 5-door vehicle” and you show us a picture of a 3dr?

  16. guido says:

    The 1er Gran Turismo is purely a respite to a conventional wagon or (euro-centric) Small MPV ie – Ford C-Max , Renault Megane , Opel Zafira etc,etc.
    It is intended to replace a sedan and Touring models and introduce something new to the class without having to resort to a small MPV.

    BMW reckon the only market that would want the 1er sedan would be the USA , But in Europe BMW need the vast fleet sales generated by the 318d/320d models as used by Government , business and Emergency services. Whereas the next 3er does not get a substantial length increase , BMW needs the 3er for this purpose that producing a 1er sedan will mean these fleets looking at our competitors and BMW experiencing a loss in fleet sales which in the current climate is not viable.

    BMW intend with the 1er to replace both the sedan and Touring variants which have since been axed with a 1er Gran Turismo which will offer the sporting prowness of a sedan and the space and flexibility of a Touring or small MPV.
    But since this is BMW expect something radical to offset the concept (Look at the Citroen Hypnos Concept to explain BMW’s thinking.

  17. Andy Pan says:

    Maybe it’s just me – but I’m not really liking any of the GT variants. The hatchbacks element just doesn’t blend well with the current design.

  18. Artmic says:

    I really wish the next 1-series looked like the BMW Zero, now that car i’d love to get in a second. :)

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