Matte Black BMW M3 Coupe by RDSport

BMW M3 | June 29th, 2009 by 14

Matte Black is making a comeback on our blog and it’s slowly becoming one of the most interesting exterior colors on a BMW. For us …

Matte Black is making a comeback on our blog and it’s slowly becoming one of the most interesting exterior colors on a BMW. For us it all started last year when we published the first photos of a BMW X6 sporting the matte black color and back then, we were quite charmed by it.

Moving into 2009, we started seeing more and more BMWs sporting the matte black coat, from 335is and M3s, to more X6 models. As we learned back then, matte black vinyl wrap was created by some shops in California and as we learned, it was an 8-10 year vinyl that is washed by using a mixture of water and baby shampoo.

The total cost of “upgrading” your car to matte black is around $3,000, pricey for some, but worth it for others.

Responsible for the gorgeous BMW M3 Coupe featured below, are the fellows at RDSport, a California based tuner.

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14 responses to “Matte Black BMW M3 Coupe by RDSport”

  1. The Lee says:


    This matte black thing is getting absolutely out of hand.

  2. LBoogy says:

    Yeah, the matte black thing is truly geting old and played out. I’ll stick with my metallic…

  3. AutoCritical says:

    Matte colors will look dirty and unfinished. They work well on stealth fighters because they are purely functional – If you had a functional looking vehicle, say, the bat mobile! or oldschool Land Rovers – it may look better-

    If they had sections on this BMW that were matte – but not all of it, it may look alright…

    • The Lee says:

      I’m a fan of matte black on some vehicles. T bucket? Black with red and white pin striping, please. Rat bikes? Matte black and/or rusted sheet metal. Old trucks? Matte black is fine.

      On an e90/92 M3? No thanks. It just makes it look like you’re trying too damned hard to be “cool”. And the fact that it came from Racing Dynamics only furthers my distaste for it as they don’t offer anything right now that impresses me. Their stuff always has a cheap feel and look to it, kinda like something you’d get on eBay for a buy-it-now price of $9.99 + $37.53 shipping.

  4. monte_cristo says:

    I think it looks great, am not tired of it yet.

  5. Loudocean says:

    Yeah some company in California wrapped that and the owner of loudocean did not get paid for the job. Completely took off with the finished product and never returned. Nicely flossing something he never paid for. I heard Karma got the best of it. Check it out at and you will see.

  6. n8n says:

    Beautiful… :)))
    I always said there can be only one beautiest car than M3, it’s M3 in matte ;))

  7. tim says:

    If anyone wants to buy this car let me know….looks like it is going thru the auction from bmw financial lease this week…..
    looks like its selling as a repo to me……

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