Loyal BMW customer picks up his 135th BMW vehicle

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Now we already know that BMW fans are one of the most committed people to a car brand and maybe some of us even labeled …

Now we already know that BMW fans are one of the most committed people to a car brand and maybe some of us even labeled ourselves as one of the biggest BMW fans ever, but when Klaus Hammerschmidt comes up front with his story, then we all look like amateurs….okay, in  a way.

So what’s the story of Klaus Hammerschmidt? He is retired 73 years old entrepreneur who just picked up his 135th BMW vehicle at the new BMW delivery facility, the Welt.

And to make this event even more memorable, Hammerschmidt picked up a brand new custom made BMW M6 with the Competition Package. His first BMW was a 1800ti from 1963. Over the years, he had 26 cars from BMW Motorsports division, 29 BMW Alpina and 80 other BMWs.

So let’s see…73 years old, started driving at 18, that gives us 55 years, this means an average of almost 3 BMWs a year, pretty impressive and hard to beat.

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12 responses to “Loyal BMW customer picks up his 135th BMW vehicle”

  1. Gord says:

    That is very impressive.

    He could probably start a museum with all of his cars …

  2. Andrew says:

    that’s incredible. I’d love to have 1/3 of that collection!

  3. wazon says:

    I presume that he used to ordering new BMW at the same time when he receive previously ordered one. Wonder how many of his BMWs he did stop for himself. I believe that he has one of my favourite vitage model, namely BMW 3000CS.

  4. Martin says:

    Very impressive.

    Any idea on where to find his entire collection models?

  5. Andrew says:

    If he has a 3.0 CSL or M3 CSL I’m going to ask to be adopted

  6. AutoCritical says:

    wow truly has passion for BMWs…. It would be interesting to talk to him if you were a designer! get some proper historic feedback and insight!

  7. Mauro Corti says:

    No one is wondering what does this man for living to be able to afford 135 BMWs?

    Does he print money??? LOL

  8. The Lee says:

    Hmmm… 26 ///M cars. I’m kind of curious as to what that list looks like. From my count (could be wrong) there were/are 17 M cars from the M1 all the way to the new X5M and X6M (counting the Z M cars in both roadster and coupe form, plus Z3 and Z4 variations).

    I wonder which, of all of those cars, he’s doubled up on. Or which he neglected to purchase altogether.

    Either way, there’s no hope in hell that I could ever come close to 135… But I’ll sure as hell do my best to give it a shot.

  9. Mathis says:

    Probably he works for BMW, as an employee they have great deals and a lot of BMW employees basically take orders from others for a car, they drive it for 6 month and after that hand it over to their contact who pays them so that way they can buy a BMW every few months.

  10. Leopoldhammerschmitt says:

    he was my uncle he died yesterday ;(

  11. Leopoldhammerschmitt says:

    he was my uncle and he sadly died yesterday ;(
    btw he sold all his cars after 5 years having them

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