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bmw z2 vision concept1

With a few months prior to the official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, many automobile publications around the world have started to speculate on …

With a few months prior to the official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, many automobile publications around the world have started to speculate on the upcoming BMW Z2 or Z Vision Concept as BMW will initially name it. MotorAuthority goes even further and attempts to draw the new Z2, a false rendering if you ask us, but that’s a different story.

Being a bimmer related blog, we have covered this subject extensively many times before, but for those of you that are new, allow us to refresh your memory.

The BMW Z2 is built on the next generation 1 Series platform and it uses a high strength steel body, while the door skins and aluminum front bonnet, front wings and bootlid are made of composite materials. Propshaft and Engine block are manufactured from magnesium. Target weight for both Coupe and Roadster is 2,200 lbs (1000 kg).

2012 bmw z2 roadster preview rendering 001 0622 950x650 655x346

The Z2 will feature front movable front spoiler to provide extra down force, opening and closing intakes and grille slats provide cooling for the engine or battery. The roof of the BMW Z2 will retain the conventional easy folding soft-top.

BMW will only offer the Z2 as a four cylinder , no six cylinder engine will be available to keep the car from entering the Z4’s segment. The base engine will be a 1.6 liter unit with twin turbo charging and direct injection , power output will be in the region of 145-150 horsepower.

A second engine again will be a Twin-Turbo four cylinder unit which will output 200-204 horsepower , a 2.0 four cylinder Twin Turbo will top the range – 240-250 horsepower. A full electric version will be available as well.

Even though it’s pure speculation at this point, MotorAuthority speaks of a target price of about 25,000 euros, at least 5,000 euros less than the new Z4 Roadster. Based on this price and the design lines, the Z2 will compete directly with the Mazda MX-5 and Lotus Elise.

Introduced as a concept first, the BMW Z2 will arrive in mid 2013, while the BMW Z2 Coupe will be here in late 2013.

As far as the rendering from MotorAuthority, we’re clearly looking at a copycat of the Z4 and not the “real deal.” Truth is that we enjoy far better the rendering below which was published a few months back.

bmw z2 vision concept1 655x311

[Rendering by MotorAuthority ]

6 responses to “MotorAuthority renders the BMW Z2”

  1. Mauro Corti says:

    Wait, you’re saying the Z2 will have an adjustable front wing to increase or decrase downforce just like in Formula one?????

    What’s the point??

  2. wazon says:

    I doubt that Z2 will be so similar to Z4. Wonder, whether BMW will make 3.0TwinTurbo (306hp) engine as available option for this model.

  3. AutoCritical says:

    If it had an adjustable front wing, how functional will it be? no matter if it did function i would take a second look at the car! It’s pretty ‘cool’ – but dorky at the same time..

    I think, just like wazon, it wont be a literal Z4 but smaller. I think the top of its nose (the top part of the grille will point forward more, and there hopefully be a different treatment to the body side.

  4. Andrew says:

    so, the Z2 will be more or less identical to the Z4? Doubtful – I’d expect the Z2 to be a revolutionary, next gen. style convertible that sets itself apart from the current Z4’s styling.

  5. Samir says:

    Beautiful car! Hope BMW makes it.

  6. Edmun says:

    I’m waiting BMW Z2!

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