BMW 550i GT at a BMW CCA event

5 Series GT | June 26th, 2009 by 9
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BMW North America continues to showcase the upcoming BMW 550i GT at several events across the country. Some of these events are available for the …

BMW North America continues to showcase the upcoming BMW 550i GT at several events across the country. Some of these events are available for the general public while others are more private.

Those of you that live in the New Jersey area and are members of the BMW Car Club of America, might have had the opportunity to attend the 550i GT Seminar, an event where BMW has once again displayed the new 5 Series Gran Turismo vehicle.

Courtesy of Jon Trudel over at, we have the opportunity for the first time to show you some real life photos of this 550i GT model.

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As far as the 5GT in this photos, for some reason, the color and angles, remind us a little bit of the CS Concept and despite the initial negative reaction, we kinda dig the front-end.

In a few weeks, we will be able to provide more real life photos and we’ll tell you our first impression of the 5 Series GT.

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9 responses to “BMW 550i GT at a BMW CCA event”

  1. Jordan says:

    Wicked! I actually think this will be a good seller. It’s a completely different “vehicle” that people aren’t used to. I think once ppl find, in their own lives, a use for this GT then they will really appreciate what it can do and how much better it can do it compared to a car or SUV. There are cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, wagons….. and now BMW has added a whole new category so I think it is obvious that there will be getting used to. The utility and ease of use from this GT I think is incredible. No one really thinks about getting into their car and how they have to slip down and then when getting out they’ve got to “climb” out. With the GT its gonna be more like sliding in and sliding out. The seat height is optimized inbetween a car and truck. I don’t think you’ll realize how much nicer it is to just slide in and out of your car rather than climb in and out until you own a GT.

    Overall, I think this is a very well executed vehicle, especially for a first of it’s kind. And the way BMW is consistently optimizing their engines is fantastic!! I can’t wait for the new twin-turbo 4 cyl engines. Basically any engine BMW makes is great. For BMW’s sake and everyone who loves BMW, I really hope Mercedes and Audi step up their game forcing BMW to continually innovate and improve. The worst thing would be for BMW to be at the top and then fall because they think they’ve made it and don’t need to work as hard.

    PS. Horatiu I noticed for all the articles that “Author” is spelt wrong.

  2. Gord says:

    These new Bimmers are very nice, but don’t seem to work well with American licsense plates.

  3. Frederico Silva says:

    why did they cover the bmw logo?

  4. Josh B says:

    The car is growing on me but their are a few issues which it shares with the new seven. My dad has the new 750li and he loves it Its really an amazing car and impresses in all aspects, from style, to technology to luxary. But most importantly it handles extremly extremly well and has a fantastic straight line speed whilst remaining smooth and effortless. this is coming from an ex merc man, (Had the current S500 on order when 1st released, didnt like)

    Problems: It has Keyless go which is a pretty good feature for the driver but not the passanger who has to wait in the rain whilst the driver runs to the door, opens it with key in pocket and realises that the passanger is still waiting for his door to be unlocked, not the issue though, the issue is they havnt created a space for the key. My dad finds it frustrating that he has no sufficiant space to place his key anywere. I know its the little things which is GREAT but still needs to be rectified. Other isues;
    THE BOOT OPENER!!!!!!!WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    my mum hates it on her 6, all the way down by the foot wel, its the only thing she loaths about her car, we asumed a dumb design, but they did the same thing on the new 7, and now the 5GT! Its uncomfortable. The old 7 had it just right, by the wheel!

    Rear space isnt that great either from the pics, but ill have too see.

    Yes its the very little things, but isnt it great that i can only complain about the boot opener button and the insufficiant space for a key :), design….have to see but looks nice.

  5. Lariv says:

    Why are the BMW badges still cover up?

  6. Bo Kim says:

    550i GT and 360hp?

    • Jordan says:

      Bo Kim… it looks like from the pics it is the 550i GT (look at the engine pics, it’s a V8 engine config) but the N55 is the revised 3.0L inline-6 with a single turbo with twin scroll instead of a twin turbo. the output from the N55 engine in this will be 360hp and will be the 535i GT from what I know.

  7. Bo Kim says:

    Thank you Jordan

    wow, 3.0 and 360hp, that sounds great but just too menacing towards the big bro 4.4 with 407hp

    • Jordan says:

      that’s exactly why it’s such a good engine! :) i love the N/A engines because of the way you can drive them but you can’t argue with the power of a BMW turbo engine.

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