And NO, most likely the new 3 Series will not look like this

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The Autobild long time rendering artists, Huckfeldt has already started to publish his impressions on the next generation 3 Series which will be unveiled sometimes …

The Autobild long time rendering artists, Huckfeldt has already started to publish his impressions on the next generation 3 Series which will be unveiled sometimes in 2012.

Built under the F35 platform name, the new 3 Series is being said to be a revolutionary model for BMW and from what we heard, the internal design competition was very intense. If our sources are correct, just a few months back, one of the design teams had the honor to be selected for the new 3 Series, but other details are very sketchy at this moment.

We do expect the 3 Series to be up to the highest BMW design standards, especially since the 3 Series models have been the bread and butter of BMW’s revenue numbers. So in our opinion, there is no room for mistakes here and we have faith that the new 3er will get from us the “WOW” factor.

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What we know for sure so far is that the car will grow in size, a trend that we have seen over the years across all 3 Series platforms. A new generation telematics framework will be available for the F35 3er,  new in-vehicle technologies (e.g., UMTS, WiFi, VoIP), will access services using multiple methods and technologies.

A wide range of powerplants will be offered as well, but of course it is too early to predict which those will be. Obviously the EfficientDynamics program will play a vital role in the new 2012 3 Series generation, so the possibilities are endless.

We also learned that BMW is looking into a Gran Turismo version as well, a 3GT that will join the recently launched 5GT and upcoming 1GT model.

Now as far as the rendering above, don’t despair nor be judgmental, it is simply a photoshop image, a starting point that will probably change entirely in the next year or so when the first prototypes will hit the road.

Some of you might wonder what was the point of this article and that’s perfectly fine. We simply wanted to refresh some of the things we know or …don’t know about the new 3er and also to tell our opinion on the rendering above.

19 responses to “And NO, most likely the new 3 Series will not look like this”

  1. jason says:

    i wish the new 3series will look like this

  2. msosa says:

    :D me gusta ahiiiiii….


    excelente :D :P =)

  3. JRobUSC says:

    That’s a good looking rendering, I hope the new 3er DOES look like that.

  4. L1ndja says:

    This looks quite good.

  5. Giom says:

    Horatiu, it’s articles like this one that spice up the day a little. Don’t ever stop with them!

    I hapen to like this rendering. Like you said, it will most probably not look like this, but for once… a rendering that is plausable. The big kidney grill should look very good on the new Tree.

  6. Joe says:

    That guy should go work for BMW… sick render

  7. AutoCritical says:

    I love that pointed nose! I think the Z4 bonnet and front fascia is a bit of an obvious one. The is an interesting treatment around the outer rim of the headlight, however I’m sure BMW will have a more interesting body side…

  8. Derek says:

    That just looks like a Z4, 1 Series, and 3 Series put together to me. Looks alright, but could use some help making the lines flow a little bit better from front to back. On its own the front looks pretty good (the new Z4 is hot!). However, those lines don’t flow along with the rest of the car (especially the back).

    And on the topic of the size of the 3 Series. I had a recent conversation with Satch Carlson. He had talked to the head of M a while back. Supposedly the next M3 will be smaller and lighter than the current version, which would lead me to believe the next 3 Series will be smaller and lighter. I think a change we’d all like to see!

  9. Lariv says:

    That looks quite good.

  10. Frederico Silva says:

    I just LOVE IT =D

  11. viper says:

    it will look like that , thanx for showing us the new 3er , widerr lower and a bit longer , bigger grills and wheels , m3 around 480hp straight six twin turbo 3.5

  12. n8n says:

    I hope not… each model should have his own image, but the BMW is going to make the one car in different sizes… poor.

    BTW – I LOVE BMW, but they are going to make a crap-looking cars…

  13. LBoogy says:

    Well, atleast the 3 series is making good impressions on us unlike this other pig crap that BMW is trying to sell…

  14. n8n says:

    Meaning 5 GT? :D the front is ok, but the back… n/c :(

  15. BMW says:

    Does that mean they will have to change the M3

  16. BmwM5Fan says:

    this is absolutely stunning!!!! i hope the 3 series will look like this!!! and if it will i cant even imagine the m3 (but who gives a damn it will have just a v6 not a v8)

  17. Zeitgeist_md says:

    The front generally is good, but too much Z4 designing characters.

    However, the rendering of the rear and overall body line is poor. The 3 will be more dynamic and proportionate.

  18. Artmic says:

    yup, looks like a volvo, NO THANKS

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