Renderings: Future BMW 1 Series Hatchback model

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The German magazine Auto Zeitung has done a rendering of the next generation BMW 1 Series which will launch in 2011. According to people close …

The German magazine Auto Zeitung has done a rendering of the next generation BMW 1 Series which will launch in 2011. According to people close to BMW, the 1 Series hatchback rendering shows the direction that BMW has taken for its future 1 Series model. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm this information with other sources as well, but we’ll report this as a new BMW rumor.

Apparently the Auto Zeitung folks have narrowed down the potential design of this new 1 Series, but there are still many other details that are not being reflected in these renderings.

“As you can see here, the strong line that begins from the rear headlamps and widens as it gets past the front doors on the actual car the line goes to the front and cuts of the headlights like a lid the design trait is classic BMW , evident on the 2002 it is a modern interpretation of the classic bathtub or boat look line.

zeitung 655x358

The sculpture at the base of the side flanks is a variation on todays boat like design line – although less rounded on the next generation of 1er this interpretation takes the lead from the X1 and begins from the roof , flowing around the rear hoffmeister quarter light , allowing the rear wheel arch and sharply cut into the flanks ending at the front of the front wheel arch.

When BMW’s next development of LED technology comes on stream the headlamps will be replaced by strips that by daylight are dark, but when fully illuminated they take appearance of the double halo lights. With this option, RR Phantom esque driving lights sit below the LED’s.”

As we announced before, BMW will revamp the entire 1 Series line-up, create new more appealing models that will take a revolutionary approach. There will be at least four different bodystyles available and a wide range of performance engines, from gasoline to diesel.

The first 1 Series will be launched in 2011 and if it looks near the design in this rendering, then they might have won another fan.

[Source: GCZ ]

6 responses to “Renderings: Future BMW 1 Series Hatchback model”

  1. Giom says:

    Nice rendering, if the car turns out like that, most of us would be very happy. But once angain… even though the overall shape of the car seems accurate, I doubt if they will take the front off the 5GT and slap it onto the One series. These renderings have never been -even close to the eventual car.

    But for me, I love to refere back to these images -once the real car is launced… it’s very interesting then :)

    • Lance says:

      There are some Z4 elements, too. The lights are sharp and new. This is a very nice rendering.

      However, with BMW’s recent trends, they will make it with a flat PIG NOSE as ugly as the 7 Series or even worse. That’s why I am not looking forward to its launch – and also because my car would have been officially the OLD model:)

  2. bunker says:

    I agree – nice render. Front end looks awfully close to some ideas we’ve seen on the new 5er.

  3. AutoCritical says:

    Although some things are a bit literal “Z4 bonnet” – I think its a close guide to what I could possibly look like, using the Z4, X1 as a guide in terms of design language. I would expect something a bit more interesting on the body side…

  4. Artmic says:

    I just want a 3 series with a more serious looking front, something sleek, sexy, aggressive.

    This rendering of the 1 series doesn’t do much for me. The lights are just weird. (Again, as the current 1 series lights are too feminine) Can’t they make something more cool? Because if that is what they will keep, it will look like a bmw in drag.,

  5. Bavarian motors says:

    Definitely an improvement and the shape looks more solid in stature

    However the lights do resemble a peugoet 207 and doesn’t fit quite in the socket.

    I thought the front of the BMW 6 series was hideous but this is an incarnation of its twin brother.

    BMW keep trying and you will eventually get the design right

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