BMW Z4 nominated for 2010 European Car of the Year award

BMW Z4 | June 24th, 2009 by 6

Shortly after its official launch, the BMW Z4 has already won two awards, the first one at the Detroit Auto Show for the “Eyes on …

Shortly after its official launch, the BMW Z4 has already won two awards, the first one at the Detroit Auto Show for the “Eyes on Design Awards”, then the “International red dot Design Award”. Yesterday,the nominations for the 2010 European Car Of The Year Award went out and the new 2009 BMW Z4 has been nominated among many others vehicles.

This year BMW has only one model on the list, but what vehicle that is…the Z4 has been very well received by everyone, from BMW owners and fans, to the online and offline media.

The contenders, that could be more than 30 by September, must be new models available in at least five European countries at the time of voting, with foreseeable minimum sales of 5,000 per year. Here are some of the vehicles nominated: Porsche Panamera, Lexus Rx450h, Volkswagen Polo, Mercedes E-Class, Nissan 370Z, Land Rover Discovery IV, Mazda 3, Ford Ka and many others.


The new Z4 comes equipped with the award-winning 3.0L twin turbo inline-6, which should keep all of the enthusiast crowd happy until BMW graces us with the M variant. The 300 horsepower engine can be coupled to not only a 6-speed manual but the new dual-clutch 7 speed automatic which shifts faster than the traditional manual transmission.   The twin turbo is also complimented by what many of the US BMW enthusiasts recognize as the E90 330i engine: the 3.0L 255 HP inline-6. While the twin turbo version with DCT weighs in just shy of 3,300 lbs.

In the U.S., the entry model, BMW Z4 sDrive30i has a base price of $46,575 and the twin-turbo powered sDrive35i jumps over the 50k mark, more specifically, $52, 475.

Even though the Z4 is facing some tough competitions, we’re hoping to see the new roadster being crowned as the 2010 European Car of the Year.

[Source: COTY ]

  • turkystyl

    verry ugly car better a lada …

    • lisiy

      i think you have a lada :):)

  • AutoCritical

    I don’t think the general population is ready for this Z4, just like the Z4 when it first came out. Thats what you get when you try to do something ‘different’… Then again, if its judged by designers, they might be ready for a car like this…

  • Car Tuning

    All I can say is… I want one. I never did liked roadsters and never liked on the bmw version. I drove a Z3 back in the days but never felt like driving a care on it. But this one… I did a drive experiance on a dealership here.. and all I can say is… I want one.
    Its only bad that to get a car on a decent maner of your personal taste you will need to spend another 30.000 € on it :(

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