We will draw the BMW 3 Series just the way you want to

Be a designer | June 22nd, 2009 by 38
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BMWBLOG invites you today to take place in one of the most interesting projects ever created for the BMW community. The “Be A Designer!” project …

BMWBLOG invites you today to take place in one of the most interesting projects ever created for the BMW community. The “Be A Designer!” project will give you the opportunity to actively become involved with our blog and implicitly, to give your input in the drawing process of a car which you could change its design based on your own ideas.

This project is a joint venture with Automarket.ro and Andrei Avarvarii and we will all you give this unique opportunity: to create renderings of a BMW model, of course, all based on your input.

Through the “Be a designer!” project, you would have the opportunity to express your opinion regarding the design shapes of a BMW production model – chosen by us- and to propose a new design and ideas which would change that particular model. We’re open to all of your reasonable proposals and your ideas will be collected from Monday through Sunday from the Comments section down below. At the end of this time period, BMWBLOG, Automarket and Andrei will collect some of the most interesting design proposals.

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The following Wednesday, BMWBLOG will give you the new rendering of the BMW 3 Series, incorporating or removing any design elements which you would have liked to see or not see, in that particular model.

Since this is a joint venture and because we would like your design ideas to go globally, we will work together with Automarket.ro and their readers in drawing this BMW model. Automarket is the largest automobile related website in Romania. Each BMW model that will participate in this project will be drawn at the same time by the readers of both websites, but the final renderings will be different for each website.

Of course, all the Automarket readers will be able to see the design proposals on our blog and vice versa, therefore the Be A Designer! Project will turn into a global initiative that will connect BMW fans around the world.

This week’s design proposal is the BMW 3 Series, the most sold BMW model in the entire history of the German automaker. When launched, the E90 BMW 3 Series has created a controversy among the BMW fans, many voices were opposing the new design lines and experiments that the former BMW designer, Chris Bangle, has incorporated into the new 3 Series. Not many know though that the E90 3 Series was actually designed by the Japanese designer, Joji Nagashima, who lead the exterior design team of this model.


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38 responses to “We will draw the BMW 3 Series just the way you want to”

  1. AutoCritical says:

    What a cool project! – Here are some things I would change on the 3 series:
    – Increase the size of the wheels (more like a concept car!)
    – Appearing more ‘fastback’ like – using some lines off the C-pillar into the design of the rear deck lid
    – Have more of a light catching feature on the lower half of the body side.

  2. Mauro Corti says:

    Really nice!!! Well I would like to…

    1) the car is too narrow and high in the back, I’d like it a lillte more like audi a4, lower and larger

    2) I like the post restyling rearlights, but the ones from the 3er coupe are simply amazing, so I’d like to have those lights on the sedan version

    3) side mirrors are awful, change them, maybe with the one of the 3er coupe, they look good

    Thank you!!

  3. bm3rmy says:

    1. taillights- changed like 3er coupe
    2. mirrors- to be made to flow with the body, not like they are now “screwed”
    3. front bumper- in the middle looks like passat, change that, make it to look that the car has some muscle.
    4. front lights – I would like to be more aggressive – to bi a little bit inside of the front bumper and to have a kinetic look with some new innovative features like audi but not like waves.
    5. central console, where the cd-player is and other buttons, make it feel like is one with the dashboard make it flow in to the central console, and let the option to change the cd-player, mp3, with something aftermarket 2DIN unit without changing the aspect in worse.

    good luck. :)

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    words can’t express the ideas like drawing can…but it would be complicated thing to communicate that way,and also not everybody knows how to draw:)…
    1.i can see it now it will have 3er coupe rear lights for sure(rendering),thats not so bad so im in for that but not the same one ..maybe little sharper lines..
    2.maybe a little more coupe side windows..with a longer trunk aiming to the ground…
    3.the front end and grill i would like to be profiled in opposite way then current,like e24 perhaps..with big grills
    i liked the 5th bm3rmy idea,but i think this is just exterior design project…

  5. Gord says:

    Longer taillights. (7 or 5 series GT style)
    Concept CS headlights

    Thank you !

  6. AiRit says:

    – More aggressive headlights
    – 3-Coupe style taillights WITH LEDs
    – Driver oriented interior console
    – Sportier speed meters


  7. Lariv says:

    1.Taillights from the 3 series coupe.
    2.More aggresive headlights.
    3.Larger kidney grilles.
    4.A more coupe like side profile.
    5.More intergrated door mirrors.
    6.New alloy wheels.

  8. Lance says:

    Sportier bumper like the M3 Coupe, but more solid – not just fins.
    Headlights – must use white LED fed corona rings like the 5GT with chrome eyelids – not this white transparent colour of ice-cream tubs.
    Grille – larger and widerlike the Z4 in silver with chrome surrounds. Shape must be changed to a trapezium that is indented – not a flat nose.
    The bumper edges around the wheel is too sharp, there must be a more E36 type of premium look.
    The rear lights are terrible! change to a sleek and modern design. No evil looks either.
    The bottom part of the side must be protruding out a bit so that it can look sportier
    Chrome strip like the Lexus at the bottom of the door will look nice and add premium feel.
    Overall: This is a sports sedan, why must there be a sports package to make car look sporty? The rear bumper must be more muscular and sporty.

  9. Lance says:

    No BUG eyes or Pig Nostrils like the ones on the 7 Series Please!

  10. Lance says:

    And that rear wheel arch bulge like the ones on the CS please

  11. Moncho says:

    1. Longer body.
    2. 5 series GT tail-lights.
    3. M1 concept front-end lights
    4. 7 series grille

  12. abqhudson says:

    Replace the front bumper cover with one similar to the RD sport RS35 Biturbo


  13. Giom says:

    Yea, I don’t think we’re designing a brand new 3 series, but rather changing/reshaping some bits on the existing car… right?

    From that pov, I would change very little to the car -as it is already beautifull.

    1) Widen the kidney grills slightly so they’re closer to the edging, and maybe enhance the chrome surrounds… ie, make it a little thicker.

    2) The windowsill line, raise that by not even an inch. This is to decrease the side window area, creating a more coupe like proportion.


    • Horatiu B. says:

      Yes Giom, it’s all based on the existing model and if there is anything you would change about it. I honestly believe it’s close to perfection, but I might be biased :)

      Also, thank you everyone for the comments, keep them coming

  14. Paul says:

    First ditch those huge side mirrors, they are out of balance…might suit an X5 but not a sporty 3.
    Second the proportions are all wrong…for that height the car needs to be widder, just below the shoulder line. Also i understand that headroom is important but if engineers dropped the seats a bit maybe the roof line could be more sporty, lower and better streamlined. Instead of those ugly LED used for the side repeaters, try to use an orange light rod like those used for the halo lights. I always liked the constant orange rod on the 5ser and it was a shame it just wasnt used for the repeater

  15. Paul says:

    Also, there´s just to much going on on that back bumper…needs to be more clean with less lines (same problem with the new GT btw) and the front bonnet always looks like its open and it needs to be straight instead of having all those grooves that fit the kidneys, that need to be maybe bigger but for sure thicker – try the m3 i like the way they are slightly “in” the bumper if you now what i mean.

    also the chrome surroundings on the windows are a bit out of date…i am sure bmw already working on this as the new 7 and GT have them thicker.

  16. Paul says:

    Also ditch those fog lights..they are just so 90´s with that glass housing…dont go audis way as fiat and merc have but instead of the boring LED´s try to use a rod or something like the new RR has.

    And thats my 2 cents
    Thank you

  17. BA says:

    – hoffmeister kink more like the CS version
    – side mirrors too rounded
    – an overall aggressive stance (like the newest gen. A4 from the front)
    – driver oriented interior console

  18. JL says:

    leave it its sexy this way

  19. Jp Albano says:

    Alcantara interior options.
    Cross-drilled rotors / multi-piston calipers
    Performance Package Option like the old ZHP (e46)

  20. AutoCritical says:

    Apologies for being greedy and posting another idea.
    I was looking at the X1, and my favorite ‘feature’ in its design is how the crease around the DLO (seen at the C-Pillar) suggests the connection, under the belt line, to the lower light catcher at the base of the doors.

  21. URAGANU says:

    I would fire the person who designed the back-lights. The ugliest backlights in BMW’s history.

    • Lance says:

      Don’t know if you are talking about the facelift one. But I think the facelift one is one terrible smudge within the light shape. The supposed to be LED tubes come out terribly when the lights are on – smudged – not clear crisp light tubes like the other BMWs. I don’t know if it is cost cutting measures or what, but definately a fail.

  22. jocamryn says:

    Make the inner light rings (Halos) stand alone like on the pre LCI models.

  23. jocamryn says:

    BRIGHTER halos.

  24. www.X5.by says:

    to change back lights, to make front more agressive (lights and bumper)

  25. David says:

    I would really like a more wider track and flater design a bit like the a4 2009 and a totaly redesign front end

  26. David says:

    I would really like a more wider track and flater design a bit like the a4 2009 and a totaly redesign front end witch is not like all current bmw’s

  27. Konstantin says:

    Konstantin from Russia.
    The front end is to be more aggressive, it may look like 5 GT, X5/6. The bonnet could be a-la Rolls-Royce. Saloon’s sides should not be so tall. The tail of current 5-er is just great, a kind of such interpretation can be used on the new 3-er.

  28. Edox says:

    -Carbon Fiber roof like M3
    -18′ wheels with 5 spoke rims like M6
    -rims in black
    -remove foglights
    -Lower stance and wider track
    -Front apron of the 135i coupé
    – carbon fibre rear apron diffuser
    -the new Z4 headlights
    -white paint
    -carbon fiber side mirrors
    -side mirrors shaped like those on the current M3
    -carbon ceramic brakes with yellow calipers
    -Direction lights on the side of the car use LED bulbs
    -Side air intakes like on the M cars, but instead of it saying ///M, it should be the same design as the one on the M roadster (E36)

  29. Konstantin says:

    Good Day, please find some more comments:
    1. Any car with great design will look terrible with ugly wheels and any terrible car will look nice with beautiful alloy wheels. That’s why many people like how Audi looks like and do no like the entry levels BMW. Let’s try modified X5(214) alloy wheels for new 3-er.
    2. There should be no LEDs in head lamps, like Audi has. Yes, it’s bright, but same time it is tastelessness.
    3. Interior: we should be able to chose different colours for forward console (upper part), like it is in Porsche.

  30. RAMORAB says:

    Hello, I own a 2007- 325 model and my suggestions are for the new 3 series:
    1.- Delete the center pole between front and rear windows and sport-style the roof towards the trunk.
    2.- Rear tail lights suck — try slimmer and longer design somewhat similar to new 7 series.
    3.- Delete all mirrors and replace with wide angle cameras at rear.
    4.- 18′ wheels with 5 spoke rims
    5.- Dashboard concave like the previous model but updated in tech. This creates a wider enviroment on front seats.
    Thank you.

  31. Paul says:

    just remembered…m1 homage halo lights,,,the current rings have been around for a while and they need an update to stay ahead of audis leds…those rods would look much better

  32. Peter says:

    1.Bigger wheels,maybe 19”
    2.Front air intakes like in 1er coupe sport package,but without fog lights
    3.Wider grills
    4.Two colours option(black and white)
    5.Sportier seats

  33. MarkJBorg says:

    The back end of the BMW, should be lower with a carbon / dark under section where the exhaust pipes are. This will be used for dynamics too.

    Tail Lights and boot part of the lights as ‘1 piece’ and not the step sort of thing, makes it a bit ugly in my opinion.

    Bigger wheels, nice 5 spoke alloys.

    Maybe a shorter height should do the trick for a nice elegant but sportier look.

  34. MarkJBorg says:

    I would remove that wheel gap too… between the wheels and the arches

  35. Erebus says:

    Very interesting idea!

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