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BMW continues testing with its upcoming BMW 7 Series Hybrid which will be sold under the 755ih name tag. Just last month, we were able …

BMW continues testing with its upcoming BMW 7 Series Hybrid which will be sold under the 755ih name tag. Just last month, we were able to bring you the first spy photos of this new hybrid which seems to be kept out in the open by BMW.

In a way, it’s expected since the 7er Hybrid Concept has been already introduced at several auto shows around the world and the final production model doesn’t seem to be any different.

And to eliminate any doubt that we’re indeed looking at the 755ih, BMW has placed a sticker on the car:  “Hybrid Vehicle Testing”. The 7 hybrid will be introduced at the end of this year and it’s expected to be more expensive than the current 750Li model.

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BMW 755ih uses a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 petrol engine that delivers 407 horsepower and 442lb ft, working in combination with an AC electric motor that can add another 20 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque.

The electric motor is only used to support to petrol engine in achieve a higher performance. The result is a consumption reduction of around 15%.

BMW will introduce the 755ih at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Photos courtesy of Christian Wimmer!

19 responses to “New spy photos BMW 755ih”

  1. Adam says:

    Only 15%? It doesn’t seem like it’s even worth spending all of that money on testing and development just to save 15% in fuel consumption.

  2. wazon says:

    Agree, it would be better, if they simply made above 4 litre diesel. Hybrids seem to me wrong path, reduction of fuel consumption is similar to fuel consumption of diesel (sometimes diesel is even more efficient: compre for example one of Lexus hybrid with 3.0 pethrol engine and some BMW with 35d), but costs of their production are much bigger than costs of making diesel. And finally hybrids are pseudo proecological, since they leave behind them wear out batteries hard to utilize. I endore much more BMW’s program aiming to make hydrogen engine. That is something worth to pursue. Actually, they made a lot to create safety hydrogen car, unfortunately there is extremely limited number of places where one can fill up with hydrogen such car. When I remember myself fate of BMW’s hydrogen car project, I used to find that all european ecology fever is myth.

  3. Giom says:

    Agree with above views. I’m not sure if this is accurate, but I read somewhere that the 123d in the combined cycle, is more economical than the Prius, but with superior performance.

    And then we all know the story with Jeremy Clarkson driving an M3 at a leasurely pace behind a flat out Prius and returning much better fuel consumption in the M3.

    So, by scoring 15% in fuel consumption, spending millions in development costs AND asking a premium price over the standard model… it just doesn’t ad up. Why don’t you rather buy a 760i, have it detuned slightly over the standard model, and save 15% fuel usage without noticing the drop in power and call it the 760Clever. You’ll even out perform the 755ih.

  4. Richard says:

    Simply changing to a new generation diesel should net a 25% – 30% improvement in fuel economy compared to a similar gasoline engine powered car. This seems like both a wasted effort and one which the expense of the technology would make it an unattractive choice to consumers for such a meagre improvement.

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