New information on the next F10 BMW M5

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It has been some time since we have seen some spy photos of the next generation F10 BMW M5 and so far the details on …

It has been some time since we have seen some spy photos of the next generation F10 BMW M5 and so far the details on this new M have been very sketch, partially because the car is not due until late 2011. But today, courtesy of BMW’s own Scott27, we are returning with some new information, which allow me to call them, very intrigued.

The drivetrain of the F10 BMW M5 will feature a similar KERS system as the one found in the Formula 1 monoposts which will offer fuel savings technologies as well the ability to shut down cylinders while city driving.  The KERS will also feature a boost button imported from the F1 cars that will allow the driver to unleash all the energy stored up.

Even though BMW was looking forward to be the first auto manufacturer to feature the kinetic energy recovery syste(KERS) in road cars, Ferrari will most likely be the one to launch a similar system first.

As expected and announced by us several times before, the new V8 twin-scroll turbo engine from the X5M/X6M models is being considered for the new M5, but… comes the intrigue part, BMW is also evaluating an experimental V10 turbo engine based on the V8 with two extra cylinders added.

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Obviously the ability to turn automatically turn off individual cylinders will make the new M5 even more efficient than the current model and it will also align with the company’s efforts to promote their fuel savings technologies.

Two gearboxes are being considered, an updated 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) or a more advanced 8-speed SMG. As our German editor at BimmerToday points out, people looking for more comfort in the new M5, will favor the M-DCT gearbox, but we’ll refrain from speculations at this point.

Now the question remains if the new 2012 BMW M5 engine will be able to surpass the 550 horsepower found in the X M vehicles and also, do we really need more horsepower?

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29 responses to “New information on the next F10 BMW M5”

  1. BmwM5Fan says:

    yes we need more horsepower, its a simple answer to a simple question. because of the x5/x6m created, having their 555 hp carrying on board, hence m5 should have more horsepower, because it was always a leader in power comparing to other cars produced by bmw. There is no point of making M5 with less horsepower, otherwise u just can buy a x5/x6m, and use it any weather conditions u like (concentrating attention on snow and rain). I live in Russia, so if i could purchase one of 3 cars i listed, i would prefer x5m, incase if m5 has same 555 hp. more practical, higher seat position, space, practical and AWD!

    • wazon says:

      I think that you missed weight difference between X6 M and upcoming M5. If ask me for a reasons for bying M5, the answer is simple: smaller and lighter car will have better hanling characteristics than SUV, no matter what weather condisions are.

      Does M5 need more hp than 555? I don’t think so, this engine accelerate 2400 kg to 100 km/h in 4,6 sec, how fast gonna it accelerate M5 which probably will have around 1800 – 2000 kg? Add to this that they are planning to apply different gearbox, surely better one, than in X6 M. I think that the better idea is to increase torgue to – say – 750 Nm and leave 555hp.

  2. BmwM5Fan says:

    btw i will really miss that v10 engine, a true masterpiece.

  3. Giom says:

    I’d say, stick with 555hp for the new M5, but give us a light weight raw sports car option too. Same hp, but at least 300kg lighter and not tuned toward comfort.

    If they do this, M5 will always remain at the top of its class. For the people that says; “M5 has become to soft and too heavy…” BMW will say; “Not true, buy the M5CSL. For those folks that says; “The M5 is too hard and uncompromizing…” well, they would’nt would they, because the standard M5 would be the exact opposite.

    I really thought that that was their philosophy with the M3CSL, but they gave up on that for some misterious reason. Please, BMW, do this for us!

    • Brad says:

      First of all, the M5 is a performance luxury car. It’s a grand tourer, if you will. If you want something more hardcore, get an M3. The M3 has become too soft, the M5 is more tailored to an executive who will meet with clients in a subdued, comfortable car, then will hit the M-button for the weekend on the track.

      Also CSL means coupe sport lightweight. Doesn’t exactly work for a saloon car.

  4. BmwM5Fan says:

    yeah, for sure the weight difference occurs, i just like to cruise more than race, for this kind of driving in Moscow, suv is better.

  5. John Pham says:

    At this point, more horsepower and torque is questionable. The V8 bi-turbo is already going to make the F10 M5 a lot quicker than the current E60 M5 in nearly, if not all aspects – we just have to wait and see. The large amount of torque from the newer and powerful force induction/aspirated engine will definitely provide quicker acceleration. The new 8-speed M-DCT and new SMG are definitely bonuses. I’ve been in an M5 and even with the fastest/highest level of SMG shift setting, although neck-breaking; the shift transitions are not smooth like the M-DCT found in the E9x M3.

    Providing more horsepower and torque from an already powerful 4.4L bi-turbo V8 would be just following what Benz does to its own engines. That’s throwing massive engines just for raw acceleration. Despite the recent acknowledgment of the M156 V8 engine found in x-class 63 AMGs; Mercedes-Benz engines are just perfect examples of pushing the boundaries (of large capacity engines, that is) just to create raw power. BMW don’t need to follow this pathway. They did fine with the 4.0L S65B40 V8; it managed to power the M3 to beat the C63 AMG in almost every class test except for acceleration.

    With the brink of stricter emissions regulations, providing a larger engine whilst abiding to emissions is very a very difficult task. It’s almost as insanely difficult as if you were to ask Mercedes-Benz to make their 6.2L M156 V8 engine to be fuel efficient – that thing has horrendous fuel consumption! T

    The raw power race is over, the RS6 set the benchmark long ago for German cars. Some of us are forgetting that acceleration, top speed and overall speed (especially track-related) are not only concerning raw crankshaft power. The most obvious evidence to this is the M-DCT used in the E9x M3. The M-DCT allows for a few hundredths of a seconds quicker over the SMG version. That’s insane!

    Someone mentioned lighter materials. This is definitely the answer! Lighter materials will make a hell of a world’s difference for many factors: acceleration, top speed, fuel efficiency and to an extent, handling. Evidence for the use of ‘weight reduction’? Look to how people strip things (rear seats, spare tire, sound absorption materials) from their car just to attain faster acceleration.

    Combine this with a faster shifting transmission technology like M-DCT and you sure as hell will have a faster car.

    • _Auday_ says:

      cant agree more! However light material doesn’t seem to be BMWs new choice, IIRC they just gave up aluminum to cut costs, and BMWs are getting almost exponentially fatter with every generation.

      The sad thing is that people use numbers to compare cars… whats the point of having a car that could do the Ring in 7min45sec if it doesnt give you the thrill of driving? Older BMW are still more fun to drive, and the newer Ms are just not the same… IMO BMW M cars took a U-Turn with the E60M5 and is continuing backward from there.

  6. Gord says:

    The SMG seems to be quite nice. :) But its a shame the engine isn’t naturally aspirated.

  7. viper says:

    I agree with John Pahm dude for a minute , but ask urself a question John
    , do you really think that MB is stupid? how long do u think the 4.0 V8 420Hp will last? equally as C63s? 4.0 vs 6.2 , thats 2.2l extra for benz…do u care a about fuel? since when people who buy these cars care about fuel?….I know I dont , I dont care how fuel efficient it is , it is nonsense….back on 6.2l engine will sure last longer than 4.0 (overpowered for its displacement) , plus it has more torque as always , the king of all kings S65AMG 612hp and 1000Nm…now that is just wrong , that Mercedes beats every M5 M6 M3 and that car is much heavier , so to answer a question from a topic , yes M5 needs more HP and Torque

    • wazon says:

      In what sense MB’s cars beats BMW’s ones? As far I know they are only faster when you limit yourself to acceleration on strainght road, but they are much harder to handling, if you want to use their power on curves of roads, not mention tracks where BMW is ahead in competition.

      Who cares about fuel? I suppose you live in the US. In Europe the problem is consist on emission of CO2. In few years, Europeans gonna have to pay for each 1 g of CO2 emission per cubic meter above tax free limit of CO2 emission, i.e.125 g/cubic meter. Up to now there is only slight difference between BMW cars and MB cars, although you can find that for example 335i with lower emission than C 320 has a way better performace than C320. In upcoming future I suppose that BMW’s cutting of cylinders, making smaller charged engines will profit in terms of bigger difference between MB cars and BMW in emission and hence in money that you will have to pay for a car (icluding tax for exceeding tax free limit of emission). If the difference gonna amount with few thousends euro, you gonna think twice about M3 before you buy C AMG. Moreover, in Europe fuel is pretty expensive when you compare its prize with US prize, if BMW M cars become more efficient, it gonna make new range of customers who give up M because of its fuel consumption. After all, there are a lot of people who could pay 50.000euro for M3, but they just don’t want spend 5000euro for fuel per year. Something is right in their politics since M models sale increased.

  8. BMW X5 says:

    This information very interesting!

  9. FanTom says:

    where is my reply???

    guys, the rumour about V8 is no more than BS…

  10. LBOOGY says:

    Hell Yeah! Give that car 555hp so it can compete with the alimighty RS6 Avant!

  11. Nizer says:

    Wouldn’t hold my breath for KERS especially now that they’ve binned it for the rest of the F1 season – never sense in F1 and makes even less sense for the road.

    IMHO, BMW needs to focus on reducing weight of M cars, not engaging in stupid HP wars. Reduced weight trumps HP any day of the week when it comes to overall driving dynamics. And while they’re at it maybe they could put some real brakes on their cars.

  12. Otto says:

    The new M5 needs more power for 2 good reasons:
    – To top the Audi RS6
    – To balance the extra weight that the new F10 will bring up. Keep in mind that this car is a full size premium sedan and there’s no point to strip down such a car. Cars like the 3 series are more likely to get on diet in the future hopefully.

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