CarGuyDad gets to ride in the BMW X6 M

BMW X6 M | June 19th, 2009 by 3
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Our friend Kamil over at CarGuyDad managed somehow to jump in as a passenger in the highly expected BMW X6 M. We have to admit: …

Our friend Kamil over at CarGuyDad managed somehow to jump in as a passenger in the highly expected BMW X6 M. We have to admit: we are a bit jealous, but at the same time, we’re happy for Kamil and glad he decided to share the photos and his experience with us. For those of you that are wondering when you’re going to drive the X6 M, well, all we’re gonna tell you for now is that in less than 3 weeks, we will have an amazing experience behind the X6 M’s steering wheel.

So, it’s the X6 M everything we expect and more? It certainly seems so, according to Kamil the acceleration feel is very similar to the one of an M5, something that we were happy to hear. Shifting from first to second gear seems to be a bit jerky, but still quick enough for an automatic transmission.

As you might know by now, the 6-speed M Sports Automatic transmission is featured for the first time on a BMW M vehicle. There are two other modes available beside the regular Drive, Sport and M Manual. Gears can be manually shifted through the paddles located on the M steering wheel. The X6 M also features launch control which cannot be used for the first 1500 miles.

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As far as the exterior, well, it’s pretty much as we said when we saw the car in New York, to many people it will look like a regular X6 from distance, but any true BMW fan will recognize it immediately, the super-duper aggressive front-end with large air intakes and the typical side vent, M gills and the exhaust with dual twin pipes.

These are some of the things we found interesting about the X6 M, but feel free to head over to his blog and read more about other features and interior design in this BMW X6 M.

dsc 0978 655x434

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    i see them around greenville all the time in traffic. they look really cool–! its the same with all the new models before they are released- gvegas has been seeing the x6 for a few years now.

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