Spy Photos: BMW 7 Series with M Sport Package

Spy Photos | June 18th, 2009 by 5

We’re finally glad that the media out there has moved on from the BMW M7 stories and now they are publishing exactly what we knew …

We’re finally glad that the media out there has moved on from the BMW M7 stories and now they are publishing exactly what we knew for a while: BMW is currently testing a 7 Series model which will feature an M Sport Package.

So far we know that the new M Package will bring some cosmetic tweaks, but we’re leaving the door open for the possibility of seeing some other changes as well, maybe even under the hood. As seen before in their M Sport Packages, the front-end is revitalized and refreshed, sporting a new bumper and some changes around the kidney grille.  The more aggressive front fascia with larger intakes fits better with the new front bumper and we cannot wonder how the front-grille would look with the chrome all blacked out.

Obviously the M Sport Package comes with a new set of wheels, in line with any M package we’ve seen before.

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According to Autocar UK, BMW decided not to modify its air suspension, a decision that goes together with what we said yesterday: “a compromise between luxury and performance, a combination that will satisfy BMW’s fan base”. Also, inside, the M Sport Package will bring a new three-spoke sports steering wheel, the usual sports seats, lots of aluminum trim and new anthracite headlining.

The car is expected to debut in the Fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

5 responses to “Spy Photos: BMW 7 Series with M Sport Package”

  1. I still don’t care for it much. In my opinion, the sporty, rounded off front bumper takes away from the flat-front look that I prefer on my luxobarges.

    Leave aerodynamics to the little sports cars, leave massive amounts of power to the land yachts.

    Or maybe I’m just old fashioned *goes back to looking at his E38*

  2. Giom says:

    Purely on the basis those big coolers behind the new grill, I’ll suggest that some enjin work is done. Having said that, I’m not really sure what is going on behind the grills in the standard seven series bumper, so, I’ll classify this as hopefull thinking.

    The question is – if they do do enjine work, will it be little enough to slot in under the B7?

    Any idea when we’ll see this car out in the open and know what’s brewing underneath the bonnet?

  3. viper says:

    dream on…..Im 99% sure that there is no Engine modification included in new M look..its just looks on this one….

  4. I think it really finishes off the look, much better than the standard bumpers.

  5. jon H says:

    more aggressive. i like it.

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