Rumor: Rolls-Royce working on custom MINI

Rumors | June 17th, 2009 by 12

More and more auto publications speculate on the possibility of Rolls Royce actually working on a super high-end MINI vehicle manufactured at the Goodwood plant. …

More and more auto publications speculate on the possibility of Rolls Royce actually working on a super high-end MINI vehicle manufactured at the Goodwood plant. Rolls-Royce will focus on upgrading the MINI’s interior bringing to the standards of a luxury car.

Recent spy photos from the London’s famous Park Lane MINI dealership show a MINI interior with lots of walnut wood, glossy piano-black trim and high-grade leather. New console elements and a unique color scheme complete the picture of a high-end luxurious vehicle.

Sources close to MINI gave the insight scoop to Autocar UK fellows who report that the project is close to getting the green light. At the same time, Autocar confirms that these spy photos were taken in a late prototype.

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Autocar states executives of the company believe that a MINI with the interior luxury of a much larger car has again become relevant thanks to the current trend of downsizing, especially for affluent city drivers.

Back in the 1960s, MINI vehicles featured high standards of trim and were often owned by celebrities.

If this project will indeed get the green light, it will be extremely interesting the combination between two opposite brands, currently connected only by their UK roots.

[Source: Autocar ]

12 responses to “Rumor: Rolls-Royce working on custom MINI”

  1. Volker "VJ" says:

    Thank you for this post. I can confirm that the “rumors” are actually will have a lot of truth in it. My President was in Silverstone for the anniversary, and as I could ear are we one of the few MINI dealerships, who will have the Rolls Royce MINI edt in our showrooms. When exactly, I can’t tell, but it will happen.

    You are doing a great job with this blog, which inspired me as a dealer as well to create a blog, mentioned in my URL field above. I have so far +30k readers in approx 8 months generated, and love (as you guys) BMW and MINI.

    Volker Jaeckel (a.k.a. VJ)
    SONS Auto Group

  2. jon H says:

    very interesting indeed. i dont really see how this would fit into any type of reasonable price range because a top of the line mini is already expensive in comparison to other cars of equal specifications.

    • The Lee says:

      It’s expensive when compared to what? A Toyota Yaris?

      $30k now-a-days is pretty much the norm for a decent car. Sure, you can pick up a Kia Rio for $6k, but who would actually want a Kia Rio??? The Yaris and Fit are in the low teens, but have you driven either? They’re not even comparable to the Cooper (even in base trim). At a base price of $19.2k, you’re still getting significantly more for your money than you do with a $12k Yaris.

      • jon H says:

        dont get me wrong lee I love the bmw mini brand just as much as any bmw maniac but I just dont think that people would be willing to pay 35-40k+ for such a small car.

        I guess the rolls treatment is going to have to take it above and beyond to justify this

        • Volker "VJ" says:

          Jon, believe – Every Pot will find the right Lid (as we are saying in Germany. I am working for MINI of South Atlanta, and seeing our customers how they easily equip their MINI S with all kind of accessories, which suddenly ends up to be a $41k MINI S….You can actually get a good equipped BMW 1 series for this money. So saying that, people who decide for the Rolls Royce MINI edt will have a kind of “collector” mind and will keep this car. And there won’t be too many available for the market as well.

          • jon H says:

            RWD > FWD…id take a 40k 135 any day over a tricked out mini. 4 cyl vs 60 cyl….also no competition. Ive driven the cooper s and yea its fun but i really just can’t get comfortable pushing the limits in a FWD car.

          • Volker "VJ" says:

            I think I would do the same, especially when the 1 series has 300hp!! The FWD needs to be pushed on the MINI and it takes some practise. I was scaredtoo, when I attented Porsche Driving shool as well and rushing a Cayenne Turbo with 150+ mph around the race tarck.

          • jon H says:

            cayenne turbo is awd….

  3. Volker "VJ" says:

    I agree with The Lee – MINI driving is something else. I owned so far 2 MINII’s and everytime I was in Love. Now I am back to my BMW’s, but belive me the next one needs to be a JCW. The performance and handling is incredible, when you choose a New one, your Maintenance for the upcoming 3 years is included as well, and because Americans most likely trading in their Rides every 3-4 years (lastest) you practically do not pay a dime for your oil changes, brake pads or wiper blades. So, the argument that it is expensive to drive MINI is not cutting it and pretty darn re;lative. I was even able to get out of my Clubman a MPG of around 41,pg Highway.
    When you get in a MINI, see the detail and drive finally – you’ll be infected. Guaranteed!

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