BMW M Concept: Independent designer’s idea of an Audi R8 rival

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2009 bmw m concept design by idries noah rear angle top 1280x960

BMW fans have been looking forward for an Audi R8 rival for quite some time now, but unfortunately for all of us, BMW has no …

BMW fans have been looking forward for an Audi R8 rival for quite some time now, but unfortunately for all of us, BMW has no plans at this moment to build a supercar that will compete against the now famous R8.

BMW’s future plans focus rather on smaller, fuel efficient vehicles and this will be the direction in the few years.

Of course, things might change in the future, but until then, we just have to settle for concepts designed by independent artists looking for more exposure.

Designer Idries Noah decided to draw his own version of BMW M Supercar, a true Audi R8 competitor in his eyes. Do we dig it? Can’t really decide yet….

2009 bmw m concept design by idries noah rear angle top 1280x960 655x491

Here is what Noah had to say:

I grew impatient waiting for BMW to bring out an R8 rival, so I decided to design my own version of it. The recipe was simple. It needed to look Aggressive, Sleek, Agile and totally different from anything on the road today.

Usually I’d study legendary cars and draw inspiration from that. When designing the Ferrari F250 Concept e.g. I drew inspiration from cars like the Dino and 250GTO. This time however I needed to clear my head and come up with something totally unique while still keeping some BMW details.

So elements like the trademark grille and hockey stick pillar remain. My inspiration for this design however came from nature. More specifically water and the way it flows and ripples. The side detailing was inspired by what’s called in surfing terms “ a Barrel or Tube”. It’s where the wave is hollow when it breaks.

Dimension wise the car is roughly the same as the R8 and would be powered by a tweaked version of the 5L V10 found in the M6. It should be good for 400kw plus. If this car had to go into production in today’s day and age it would probably lose most of its aggressiveness and bold design features.
And that’s sad because imagine pulling up next to an R8 in this…

2009 bmw m concept design by idries noah front angle 1280x960 655x491

[Source: SeriousWheels via Fastcars

21 responses to “BMW M Concept: Independent designer’s idea of an Audi R8 rival”

  1. L1ndja says:

    This is the only thing i hate about bmw.They would have made a very very good profit out of it(supercar)like audi does.Why do they choose to build GT’s instead of a simple supercar.Not that it would please us all (fans)but they would make a lot of money out of it.Cant understand them for this..

    • Doug says:

      Is Audi really profiting that much from the R8, given the expense of development and manufacture?

      It may be that such a car doesn’t complement their manufacturing capabilities or engineering portfolio. A mid-engined car might mean very different things for drivetrain and suspension, if they wanted to go that way.

      Or maybe bmw feels that they’ve already accomplished an R8 competitor on a performance basis, if not that sort of exotic sexiness.

    • Jordan says:

      I would love BMW to make an R8 competitor for sure but I have to agree with what BMW has done so far. From a financial POV it isn’t that profitable to make a car that only appeals, meaning the ppl who will be buying it, to a small market. It will be MUCH more profitable to make the GT cars, especially in the current market situation. Eventually, I do hope that BMW will make an R8 competitor though.

  2. Bring back the 8 series!

  3. Lawrence Smith III says:

    I do agree, right now with all of these regulations regarding epa fuel milage, and emission standards, BMW would really just waste money right now trying to build a R8 competitior. But take my word for it, BMW is very secritive about ”Top Of The Line Projects”. So if BMW was truly working on a R8 contender, the public wouldnt know anything about it anyways. You also have to consider of how dirty the R8 is thats why Audi came out with the R8 TDI so it could be better on the gas and emmissions. BMW will have a super car out soon and I honestly believe that its going to be a 6 banger with two turbos and a whole lot of horses. So in the mean time, everyone stop b******* about a M supercar and let BMW get all this other crap off their backs, THEN! they will roll out with a sexxy M super car (JEEZ)!

  4. bunker says:

    Good effort, but for me, front end = barf.
    The butt is sexy tho…

  5. says:


  6. c.o says:

    wow thats looking very cool!
    bmw should build a car like this only to show all ther potential!
    please bmw build a car like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ale says:

    The Audi R8 is considered a “halo car”. From Wikipedia: “A halo car is a marketing term used in the automotive industry for a vehicle designed and marketed to promote a brand — to create a halo effect around the vehicle and thereby create positive associations related to the brand. In 2009, Joseph White, automotive editor for the Wall Street Journal, defined Halo vehicles as those “designed and built for the sole purpose of calling attention to a company or a brand.”
    VW has very ambitious plan for Audi (to overtake MB an BMW and become the leading brand in the premium sector, expanding its lineup to 40 models by 2015). In order to accomplish this, Audi have to polish his image in the US, where it has never been taken as a serious contender in the premium sector. So Audi need it the R8, so the brand can be associated with sportiness and cool design.

    BMW doesn’t have that problem, and doesn’t need to prove it´s sportiness. In fact the problem BMW have its that the brand it´s some time associated with people obsessed with sportiness and technology, and of course, with yuppies. BMW tried to change that perception with the advertising campaign “A company of ideas” The communication in these ads were different from the company’s communications in the past as the new ads downplayed BMW’s performance and strived to project its design prowess, independence, and corporate culture that fostered innovation – promoting BMW as a “company of ideas.” In doing so, the company wanted to take their brand beyond its traditional association with sportiness and yuppies, and attract a wider section of luxury car buyers in the US.

    So, you see here to companies taking different marketing directions. They do what its necessary for each brand. BMW probe that all the investment is Efficient Dynamics was the right bet, and making right now a car like the R8 will be unnecessary and inconsistent with its marketing efforts. For a brand so well crafted like BMW, consistency and coherence are very important.

    Any way, I like the design of this concept.

    pd: sorry for my english!

    • Jag says:

      @Ale: well done, guy!
      @all: talk about the drawing, I thought it was a hopeful look at the rear-end, but the front-end was a disaster.

  8. putman says:

    Whilst the car is striking, it doesn’t complement the current design language of BMW (eg. Concept CS & new 7).

    My suggestion to the designer is to tweak this rendering so that it matches the design elements being adopted on the new models.

    Great job in any case though!

  9. wazon says:

    I like its back, but front is too much similar too Audi R8.

    Agree with all of you who say that making competitor for R8 would be a waste of money and time. I prefer a scenario in which they improve upcoming M6 in such a way that it would be close to R8 V10 on the track. Taking under consideration how M3 e92 was good in comparision with R8 V8, it’s possible that it will be similar with R8 V10 vs upcoming M6. I expect a lot of upcoming M5 and M6.

    And for the halo car question, maybe I am obsessed with technology and spotiveness, but R8 V8 is exciting look car which on the other hand exposes Audi on ridicule, bacause it was supposed to be supercar aiming on Ferrari, Lambo and so on, which was driving in the same class as M3 e92. I’m not sure whether I can make sense of halo car for myself. Maybe it makes one convince that Audi’s car are good cars, but if I want to spend my money on coupe with 3.0 litre engine, I simply go and test each interesting proposition and always it comes out that BMW is overall the best car.

  10. Car Tuning says:

    Well it depends on the tastes of each one. For me this concept design is one of the most beatifull I ever seen. As for the R8 Competitor, I dont see the need of BMW to make one. Basically BMW owns the market on several segments (at least here on my country).
    Ex. Why make a Supercar that could sell like 100 units all over the world, when they can make a GT series and X series M where they can sure sell well over 1000 units?

    Think about it. But I gotta twell you, I would bought it for sure :)

  11. BMW LOVER says:

    i don’t think that BMW needs to build an R8 competitor ; the current BMW M cars like the M6 & M5 are doing the job . But im sure that BMW will surprise all the fans by building a super car that will enlarge the competition with the other companies.

    for NOAH

    Well done man i like this sexy and agressive design

  12. jon H says:

    great rendering. i really like the side panels, it really looks like something bmw would come with

  13. The Lee says:

    Supercars don’t make money themselves. With the massive amounts of R&D and minimal sales, they’re just not cash cows.

    They’re image cars. They’re technological test beds. They’re a lot of things, but profitable sure as hell isn’t one of them.

    With that being said, I would absolutely fornicate with the car in the rendering above.

    “Where’s Lee?”

    “Oh, he’s humping that car again. Give him 2 minutes; he should be finished.”

  14. G.O. says:

    Hi, AMAZING looking design. I dont know who drew it, but i would like for him to design me something. please contact me


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