Automobile Magazine talks about the BMW 1 Series GT

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A little bit early in the game, but the folks at Automobile Magazine France decided to create a rendering of what the BMW 1 Series …

A little bit early in the game, but the folks at Automobile Magazine France decided to create a rendering of what the BMW 1 Series GT might look like. As we learned recently, BMW is looking into the possibility to extend the 1 Series family by adding some new, niche-oriented vehicles.

One of these models will be a Gran Turismo version of the new 1 Series, a GT model similar in concept as the recently unveiled 5 Series GT. Before we jump into the information provided by Automobile Mag, which by the way are not yet verified by us, we would like to give you a background on the new 1 Series platform.

Looking to reduce the overall costs of a new car, BMW designed a new modular platform for the upcoming 1 Series family. The backbone of these models was designed especially for this purpose so every model can have a variation backbone, simply be moving suspension points and firewalls to areas that will benefit each vehicle. Corroborated with more parts sharing, this new approach will allow BMW to reduce even more the production costs. The new 1 Series vehicles will fully take advantage of lightweight materials and sophisticated bonding techniques.

bmw gt1 schulte image photo leader

What we know for sure is that the BMW 1 Series GT will be a 5-door vehicle, a  mix of a hatch, wagon and sedan. Automobile Mag takes this further by stating that the 1 GT will be 2 inches(5cm) longer than the 3-door and 5-door models, but it will sport an unique front-end. To reflect the Gran Turismo design, the 1 GT will have an elevated driving position, something we have seen in the 5 GT as well.

Inside, the 1 Series GT should provide an alternative between two individual rear seats separated by a central console or the classic rear seats setup.The French magazine continues to speculate that the car will be powered by a four-cylinder turbo engine, developing anywhere from 204 to 240 horsepower. The first GT models could carry the 123i GT and 125i GT naming convention. While again we can’t swear by that information, we do agree with them that three-cylinder supercharged engines will power the entry level 1 Series models.

Now what we heard from inside sources is that BMW will indeed offer a hybrid version for each variant in the 1 Series family and the second stage of BMW’s EfficientDynamics program will  bring new options and technologies which will be implemented across the whole BMW portfolio.

That’s all we know for now and unfortunately many of these details are sketchy at this point, but as always, there is a truth somewhere in all of this and we’re hoping to find out more.

P.S The rendering attempt by Automobile Magazine is simply based on their idea of what the 1 Series GT might look like and we highly doubt that the final model will be close to that. We expect the 1er GT to really stand out from the rest of 1 Series vehicles, as any premium car should.

[Source: Automobile Magazine ]

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11 responses to “Automobile Magazine talks about the BMW 1 Series GT”

  1. jocamryn says:

    Sure looks alot like the 4 door Hatchback here in Germany. I’ve seen it for several years now and my wife has been asking when it will come to the states!

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    the 1er gt should be 1er sedan,this is the hatch version….wonder what price range for 1gt we can expect…

  3. Lance says:

    lol, this is a real joke! It looks terrible, too!

  4. Nirav Patel says:

    Dear BMW, Bring the 3 and 5 door hatchbacks to the USA. We won’t think your ‘brand’ is any worse or less luxurious. Promis. We’ll think you’re smarter and more practical than most car makers out there. We also love to drive smaller bmws.

  5. Reitz says:

    Check the figures on U.S. birth rates and you may consider sending us the 1 series 5 door varaint. I’d buy one. If VW establishes a diesel foothold, the 5 door diesel could fit right in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Our problem here in the states is that BMW doesn’t import many of the 1-series models it sells in Europe. I’d REALLY like a 5-door (coupes are a bit feminine, and 4-doors are more than a bit staid), but it’s not offered here. I’d also like some of the smaller engine versions, e.g. a 1.6L and a small diesel, which are both more economical AND cheaper to buy (if it handles well, I for one don’t care much about acceleration OR top speed; we care more about mpg – so we can drive a lot). The only motors available here are big 3-litre, 230 and 300 hp gas-hogs.

    BMW, please send us some of your “lesser” 1-series cars, which are more like the 2002 we once loved. We don’t need the big motors, or the luxo fluff. What we want is a happy-revving, economical 4-banger with a 5-(or 6-) speed manual, with RWD, in a small (or small-ish), adaptable wagon (estate, 5-door) or 3-door body, with the BMW badge, and not much else.

    REAL men drive MANuals, (aka “sticks”).

    • Anonymous says:

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      • Anonymous says:

        I HAVE defended it, effectively I think, from a variety of angles. The fact that you are impervious to reason is why I won’t waste any more of my time on you. So far, you have not presented a single legitimate objection.

        • Anonymous says:

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          I wrote the situation about a man who open up a shoe store and wants to hire different people at different wage rates because of his expansion and success.  He simply wants more profits.

          I asked you to articulate principles to back up your assertions.

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          2. They do not want the principles revealed, simply because they principles ultimately mean a desire for centralized control, management of the society by the federal government, and variations of the enforcement of uniformity and conformity.

          So, keep ducking and dodging like the Left-winger you are, COMRADE.

          • Anonymous says:

            You, for the record, are a LIAR… another reason I won’t waste another minute on you. Yes, I’m dodging you, just as I would any other ignorant, dishonest, overbearing creep. I am certainly NOT your comrade.

          • Anonymous says:

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