And again the BMW X1 has been spotted during testing

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Yes, we know you’re tired of seeing more BMW X1 photos, but fortunately, we are very close to the unveiling date. While the official presentation …

Yes, we know you’re tired of seeing more BMW X1 photos, but fortunately, we are very close to the unveiling date. While the official presentation is scheduled for June 23rd at the Leipzig plant in Germany, we expect the official marketing photos to hit our inbox prior to that.

In the mean time, the spy photographers are doing a great job capturing more and more prototypes that are currently being tested. These photos seem to be similar to the ones posted just last week where a silver painted X1 was spotted carrying very little camouflage.

We don’t even know if we should repeat ourselves, by now you might know everything there is to know about the X1, but since many of our readers are here for the first time, we’ll go ahead and recap some of the most important details.

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Due to launch in Europe first, the BMW X1 will appeal itself  to the more youth orientated BMW fans. Research has shown that a greater percent of 1 Series buyers are new to the BMW Brand and also much younger than expected. The BMW X1 will fit into this product line as a more compact SAV aimed at a younger demographic.

Initially, the X1 will launch with the following powerplants:

  • BMW X1 xDrive20d – 177 horsepower – 8.4 seconds 0-60 mph – Max Speed 132 mph (213 km/h) – 40.5 mph (5.8 liters / 100 km)
  • BMW X1 xDrive23d – 204 horsepower – 7,3 seconds 0-60 mph – Max Speed 138 mph (223 km/h) – 37 mpg (6,3 Liter / 100 km)
  • BMW X1 xDrive28i – 6.7 seconds 0-100 – Max Speed 142 mph(230 km/h)

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The BMW X1 will be available in four wheel drive, but also as a rear wheel drive. With the initial launch in the European market only, the four-wheel drive will be the only option offered.

Pricing is rumored to be set very close to the current X3 model, but less than the next generation X3 due in 2010.

While the consumers’ opinion of the BMW X1 is not very positive, BMW feels confident that the X1 has its place in their new strategy and line-up.


3 responses to “And again the BMW X1 has been spotted during testing”

  1. Giom says:

    This little baby Beemer is still challenging to look at. It’s got some great angles and some less great ones. The front, to me, is the most challenging. But like all BMWs, they always look stunning in the flesh.

    The first image in this post, looks real great!

    • Lance says:

      I doubt this one will have the same impact. The mere fact that it looks even worse than the Concept means that this is going ot be hard to accept. Just want to zoom into a few spots that I think messed up the entire car: The front bumper section – it looks as if it was designed on its own. From these pictures, look how flat the front it!!!! It’s almost like the box! Look at the lower black plastic airdam – that’s is like a groaning mouth – it’s the expression that you have when you are seeing something gross. The lights are weirdly shaped and is far from being sleek and modern. The front overhang seems too long due to teh flat, box shape at the front…. as a matter of fact, it looks far longer than the X5 and X3. The wheels are far too small for those huge wheel arches. I cannot see how a bigger wheel will conpensate for those arches visually unless you put those concept rims on, which would be completely illogical. There isn’t a direct side view of this car, but from the concept, I found something quite uncomfortable with the proportion: the front bonnet area didn’t rise enough to meet the windshield, tehrefore the front section looks disjointed. I can see it from these angles as well. The car is chuncky in the middle and rear, but somewhat thin at the front.

      I can see that current 1 Series parts have been used – some of the multi-link arms at the rear (silver) and the rear wipers (also rather weak and thin considering this is a large car) – looks flimsy on the 4X4 – they could have made a larger cover or something. Roof Rails would also be a nice feature – but I guess they will charge the customers extra for that to make more money.

      Does anyone agree with what I noticed? Afterall, this is just my view. Clearly I am disappointed with the exterior design of this car, which had such a great potential coming from BMW and could have been such a great looking car.

      • Giom says:

        The only area where I agree with you is in the lower front bumper. Thats emergency facelift stuff. But I’ll hold back on most of your observations till I see one in the flesh -not even launch pics… flesh!

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