How can you not like the new BMW 7 Series?

7-series | June 13th, 2009 by 22

After seeing these photos below, I have the courage to come upfront and say it out loud: I love the new BMW 7 Series. Yes, …

After seeing these photos below, I have the courage to come upfront and say it out loud: I love the new BMW 7 Series. Yes, it’s a BMWBLOG and we should love all the bimmers, but the truth is, we don’t, so sure, go ahead, call us fanboys one more time, but I am not afraid anymore to clearly state that I LOVE the new 7 Series.

I remember the first time I saw the car in Los Angeles, it was a…..delicate feeling, a part of my heart wanted to love the 7er and finally stop the Mercedes fans bragging about their S-Class, but the other part of my heart – yes, I have two- was a little bit reluctant and didn’t fall for it immediately.

Love at first sight is something that has never happened to me, regardless if it was an object or a person, but being far as I am, decided to give it another chance. The more and more I saw the 7er, it started to grow on me, I paid attention closely to the design lines and actually began to enjoy its “big, flat nose”. Many of you might recall my articles where I started to rant about how much I dig the 7 Series models in darker colors, but today, for the first time, a silver painted 750Li has won my heart and finally saw the full potential of this car.

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Now, I’m not sure if it’s the quality of these photos, amazing btw, or simply the fact that Brandon from EuropeanAutoSource decided to cover up all the chrome elements found on this silver 750Li. Basically, they removed all the chrome from the rear trunk strip, door handles, side marker trim, front bumper grille trim and soon, the kidney grille will lose its “shine” as well.

The result? One of the best looking 7 Series I have seen so far and the reason why I got so excited today.

I never thought that removing the chrome might actually improve the overall look, but in my opinion and yes, just my opinion, it looks better without it. I also recall one of my previous BMWs I owned, a 325i Silver Gray which has no chrome at all and everytime I would see the higher-end 3er, 330i, I would get jealous of that shinny trim and grille, but looking at my 335i right now, I kinda wonder if it would look different without the chrome…..Anyway, that’s a different story for another time.

Enjoy the photos and let’s hear how big of a fanboy I am….

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22 responses to “How can you not like the new BMW 7 Series?”

  1. seven40i says:

    wow..that looks amazing. love those wheels

  2. I have to agree. At first I hated this car, and I wasn’t sure why they would put such an atrocity into the market. I hated ever aspect of it, except for the interior. Then one day I set a picture of one as my desktop wallpaper because I liked the angle. Then the B7 sketch was leaked, shortly followed by spy pictures, and I loved it. Then I realized the B7 was no different from the regular model; it just had a chin spoiler, quad tips with some bumper underneath to make the tips look more flush with the body, the spoiler, and those giant beautiful wheels. Then I loved the car. I think it’s a masterpiece. If I had a job that would enable me to buy one of these pronto… I would have already.

  3. L1ndja says:

    Wow it took you so long until you had the guts to say that?I said that the moment i saw the 7series…

  4. Absolutely love this car, the alloys look nice what are they?

  5. Car Tuning says:

    Well I always hated 7Series, but this one… its different somehow.
    The rimms looks cool, the whole body looks cool, it kinda reminds me when the first E46 comed out back in 98. Finally a rear that looks a bit more sporty than the current classic one.
    Bottom line, I just went from a hater to a lover.

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    i liked the 7er on first sight…of course when you do a little customising it becomes a
    beast…imagine it in black matte…but when u look at e66 its very similar,except the rear(which i liked it very much)..the rear on the f01 is cool it comes back from e32…all in all is all new model…but its keeping the safe way with just a little bit of refine changes ( on design)…we all gonna love it more and more…

  7. Jon says:

    This place should seriously just be renamed bimmerpostblog it basically tracks exactly whats posted on Jeez.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      *yawn* You clearly have one scope when you come on here: to complain.
      Try to contribute with something useful and then we can talk. This is the last time that I let any of your flaming comments stay.

      And NO, I won’t even try to respond to you and show you how wrong you are.

  8. Jordan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! and removing the chrome, although very little, makes a big difference. i’ve got a silver E46 and i removed the chrome and put black and replaced the BMW logo on the hood and trunk with carbon fibre BMW logo and blacked kidney grills… looks way better IMO. And a very light tint all around the car tops it off. I don’t like tinting just the back… somehow it doesn’t look right. I’d say either no tint or lightly tinted all around.

  9. AlexD says:

    A very nice car indeed, I do like the 7 Series alot, although I am equivocal on having chrome or not having chrome adorned on the car. And thank you for the reference.

  10. NEPHROLOGIST says:

    I LOVE this car…….it is amazing in person, BMW RULZ !!!

    Game over for you S CLASS.!!!!

    I am getting delivery , Black 750 Li on tuesday ………!!!! excited…..

  11. beto_L.A. says:

    I just saw a new 7 series on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City CA. and I can say that the car looks great, the one I saw has 21″ rims and a very sport look, BMW has another hit.

  12. Gheorghiu Roland says:

    To tell you the truth … i stay loyal bmw 4 all my life ;)
    Just love everything inovating and this car has it all :)
    I mean the technology put into it it’s well amazing … i love the spacious interior , i Love everything that leads to this car …
    I mean that my desctiption as a person is Simple and Elegant! and by that i say it all cause this 7 series has it all … in deed it is the flag ship of bmw , the airplane you could say :) …
    When i first saw the 760Li all white and with chrome inserts and than saw the interior in white leather , the slik design and quality of products as the leather and the trims , the wood insertions , everything … it was just an amasing feeling …
    And after a few days i saw it in my town … i just stood there looking at if for about 30-60 minutes round and round , wheels , interior , technology , everything
    It’s JUST FREAKIN’ AWSOME! , i wouldn’t trade this car ever for a s’klass or s8 not even if those were the last cars on earth :D

  13. Saw one today actually in Alpine White and I must say, I liked it more than I thought I would.

  14. Ed S. says:

    Thank you Horatiu for providing the content you do. I’ve always been an Audi guy, but my best bud has two Bimmers, including an E46 330i ZHP. I must say the driving dynamics of that car are outstanding, and have me now considering a BMW for my next vehicle. BMW now seems to be catching up with Audi’s interiors, the F01 and new Z4 interiors are much improved from the previous iterations.

  15. That’s just awesome

  16. Mitchell says:

    I like certain aspects of it, and I like certain aspects of the old 7 more than the new one, but I HATE the big ugly grill. I think the side profile looks great, the grill, as I said earlier is ugly, and the rear is just ok.

  17. BA says:

    somehow bimmers have a way with that where there designs grow with you over time – it’s the same way i felt about the X6. i absolutely love it now as i do the 7er. btw – what model/stylel rims are those? they’re the best looking i’ve seen to date.

  18. MV says:

    Working for BMW Group, our “higher-ups” have been driving this vehicle since it’s release, and see them scattered throughout the parking lot. I have to say, the black on black that they are driving is one sharp looking vehicle. Haven’t had the chance to test-drive one as of yet, but can’t wait to do so.

  19. P.wong says:

    ed.s i agree with you about the interior part and fnny thing is they dont even brag about it,but people are noticing it, the interior design and slick,clean,lean and mean.i like audi for waht they wanna do but being number is something you get over time, bmw has always been in the shadow of mb,now it is their time to shine.i love me that 7 series man,beautiful, belissimo

  20. Kelz says:

    Game over for the S Class? You Bimmer fans have said this before in 2000 when the millennium S class was unveiled. It never saw the light of the day. Well, we’ll see this time if the 7 series is really worth competing with the S Class..

  21. Timur says:

    In my opinion, the removing of chrome worsen auto. Chrome emphasizes the Hoffmayster’s line, not ornamental front kidney grille looks as simple hole (by the way that auto lookes at oneself more aggressive, vertical bars necessary to do wider).

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