BMW M3 E93 Convertible – All in chrome

BMW M3 | June 12th, 2009 by 10

All chromed up BMWs seem to be in these days and for the past few weeks, we have several different models sporting some sort of …

All chromed up BMWs seem to be in these days and for the past few weeks, we have several different models sporting some sort of a chrome paint job. To be honestly, this trend started a few years ago, but it hasn’t gotten much attention until recently. Last year, we featured for the first time, an E46 BMW M3 sporting one of the shiniest paints we have ever seen.

While we couldn’t say that we were big fans of that paint job, we still appreciate it the efforts and uniqueness. It wasn’t until last week when we finally saw one of the best looking all chrome BMWs so far. Again, a BMW M3, E46 model, which was modded by a tuner shop in Romania. Total price? Not on the cheap side for sure, over $12,000.

Today, a Russian car shop, DereiterRacing posted a video of the most recent M3 launched by BMW: the E93 M3 Convertible. Nothing intriguing so far, right? Well, that’s not quite right, this E93 M3 sports one of the shiniest, brightest, blinding chrome jobs we have ever…ever…ever seen.

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The question is: do we dig it? Not really, we’re kinda old school and like those classy BMW exterior paints,¬† but at the same time, we can’t lie that we find it a bit intriguing. Would we spend the allegedly $30,000 price on it? NOT REALLY……

This chromed up M3 goes hand in hand with the gold BMW M5 we’ve seen just a few weeks ago, again, a car spotted in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Question of the day: if someone will offer you to “chrome up” the car for free, would you do it?

P.S. Would this M3 be considered illegal in the U.S.?

2189 655x491

Video BMW M3 E93 Chrome

[Source: DereiterRacing via m3post ] Thanks for the tip Ian!

10 responses to “BMW M3 E93 Convertible – All in chrome”

  1. Better believe I’d take it for free. Next to Montego Blue, that’s my favorite color on a bimmer.

  2. Johnny says:

    I don’t want to interrupt, but… the 2nd pic looks like the photographer has his pants down. Strange…

  3. P.wong says:

    looks like a large mobile mirror indeed

  4. jpm says:

    wat a perfect way to ruin a brilliant car.dis jus looks bad and tasteless.those rims are ugly n chrome paint is just hidious.yuk!!!

  5. Hantra says:

    Sure I’d take the free chrome. . in Laguna Seca Blue. ;-)

  6. AlexD says:

    This is the most horrible piece of automobilia I have ever seen in my life. Why. Why. Why.

  7. tripn4days says:

    I’d TOTALLY take a free chrome wrap on my car! These things look SICK! I guess I just dont understand the haters out there on this chrome look. A) It’s a WRAP, you can take it off later B) Chrome is “so awesome” when it’s sprinkled in bits n pieces all over the vehicle, but not when it’s actually UNIQUE like this? C) People BUY BMW’s because they WANT people to LOOK AT THEM… An M3 is an ostentatious car in the first place, so whats the big deal here?

    :face palm:

    I guess I just dont get it…

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