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JoeS, BMW Client Advisor and member of e90post, published some photos of a BMW 335i Sedan equipped with BMW Performance Accessories.  Back in November 2008, …

JoeS, BMW Client Advisor and member of e90post, published some photos of a BMW 335i Sedan equipped with BMW Performance Accessories.  Back in November 2008, BMW North America released some teaser videos of their future Performance Accessories on the facelifted 3 Series models. Earlier that year at the Geneva Motor Show, BMW introduced the Performance Parts catalog for the 1 Series Coupe.

The BMW Performance Parts catalog includes a variety of  original BMW accessories which can take the customization of a car to a whole new level. Beside the aerodynamic components, the BMW Performance Accessories also offer an engine performance boost and handling.

BMW North America offers a factory warranty on all the parts sold under this program for 2 years or 24, 000 miles. If you decide to install the Performance Accessories at the local BMW dealership, the parts will be automatically covered under the new vehicle warranty.


Many of you might already know what the next question will be: will any of these performance parts be covered under the Free BMW Maintenance Program – 4 years or 50,000 miles? The answer is simple: YES. Purchasing a new set of performance brakes, will implicitly enter them as part of the Free Maintenance Program and will be replaced at no charge.

Judging by what we see in these photos and what Joe has posted as well, this black BMW 335i Sedan features several BMW Performance Accessories:

Short Shift Kit($576), Front and Rear Aero Kits($861 + $961), Aero Kit Side Skirts($472.95), BMW Performance Strips($159.95), Style 313 19 inch performance wheels($751.96 front and $790.46 rear), Black Kidney Grille($145) and Performance Exhaust($2,327.46). The numbers listed here might not reflect the final purchasing price since they were published by BMW as suggested retail prices and they do not include installation and taxes.

A partial list of other 3 Series Performance Parts includes:

  • Performance Air Intake
  • Cross-Drilled Rotors
  • Performance Control Arm
  • Performance Suspension
  • Performance Engine Package
  • Performance Differential
  • Shift boot
  • Performance Shift Knob
  • Performance Strut Brace

For more information and pricing, visit the BMWUSA Performance Accessories page.

Thanks for the tip Paul!

[Source: E90post ] [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/2247036[/vimeo]

14 responses to “335i with BMW Performance Accessories”

  1. Jordan says:

    I really do love the sedan version a lot…. more than the coupe for sure. Maybe that’ll change when the facelift coupe comes out but this facelift sedan is just sick!! and then you add these performance parts, I LOVE it! as much as after market tuning makes it look great, through some really bad experiences I have to say that sticking to OEM would be huge for me and also having BMW cover the accessories under their maintenance program is perfect. plus, BMW really nailed it with their performance parts!

  2. Doug says:

    Interesting…. so how does this compare (or overlap) with the M-Sport package?

    Also, given that the installation costs are extremely high (i think i was quoted $2k for zhp susp. upgrade) — are the modifications still warrantied if you get them installed elswewhere?

    • The Lee says:

      Some components would likely replace M-Sport specific components (most likely suspension). Is it worth it? It’s going to be a more aggressive setup than the M-Sport package. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’ll be a decent upgrade. Value for your money, though, is an extremely personal equation that you really must formulate on your own as it will potentially be your money going into their pockets.

      As far as installing them elsewhere outside of a BMW dealership, you have to be cautious. As was the case when BMW worked with Dinan, your warranty is only valid if installed by authorized BMW service centers. You could probably save a little $ by going with an Indy shop (we charge $95 per labor hour vs. the ~$140 charged by our local BMW dealer). IF they Indy shop has a wholesale account through BMW, they can even still sell you the components you need at MSRP and warranty any failures themselves.

      Labor on a typical shock/spring/mounts install at our shop is ~2 hours on the front, 3.5 hours on the rear and ~2 hours to align afterwards. That’s roughly $713 total labor at our shop.

      Of course, this all varies depending on what’s available in your local area.

      • The Lee says:

        Sorry, I had that backwards. 2 hours on the rear, 3.5 hours on the fronts… Oops.

      • Doug says:

        Thanks, Lee.

        Well, $713 is quite reasonable, although the zhp includes some kind of arm (maybe steering control arm?) and I’ve read recommendations on replacing bushing with “powerflex”. In theory that should bring it up to $1000.

        So why did they quote me twice that?

        • The Lee says:

          Without knowing details of that that “arm” is, it’s hard to say.

          I saw on their site that they include sway bars (“Anti-Roll Bars”). Roughly an hour each to install, so that still only brings it up to (our price) $893 labor total.

  3. Doug says:

    Also, is it possible to recover money from replaced ZSP parts?

    • The Lee says:

      Sure, without a doubt. I doubt it would be that difficult to get rid of them and recoop some cash if you posted them on a nationwide BMW forum… As far as value, I can’t say.

  4. Josh B says:

    I had seen these performance upgrades at the Melbourne Motor show back in march. It was displayed on both a station wagen 320i and a 335i sedan. The station wagon looked fantastic and i dont even like station wagons. It had wheels such as the ones shown above and nice big yellow brake callipers. the rear and front aero kit also looked really good. Hope they will do something like this for the BMW’s

  5. AlexD says:

    I have actually seen a similar car and I have to admit it is a nicer looking car in person that what the photos portray. Thank you for the source

  6. Jay says:

    not sure why… but it’s my biggest pet peeves to see performance features on sedans. I have an M3… When I see another M3 sedan (or any other BMW sedan) take on me on the road… I let it go. I always see the baby car seat in the back… hey I get it… you win dad… you WIN. gatos.

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