Another almost undesguised picture of the upcoming BMW X1

Spy Photos | June 10th, 2009 by 20

Well, the BMW X1 is not officially here yet, but that doesn’t stop BMW to still test the smaller SAV. Nothing surprising there of course, …

Well, the BMW X1 is not officially here yet, but that doesn’t stop BMW to still test the smaller SAV. Nothing surprising there of course, but when the X1 is spotted almost with no camouflage, then you start to wonder when the “real” official photos will be revealed.

But that’s another story, so let’s go back to the BMW X1 seen in these photos. First impression: looks pretty good. While the X1 Concept split my opinion 50-50 or gave me a hate/love feeling, the final product seems to be more appealing.

Could it be the classic BMW silver color instead of the “funky” yellow?

Another almost undesguised picture of the upcoming BMW X1

Looking at it from the front, it gives the impression of a 3 Series Touring sitting a bit higher, but that maybe just a false impression, since the X1 is truly a Sports Activity Vehicle with overall dimmensions close to the X3 and a raised-up rear-end.

The front-end is aggressive enough for me and anything more than that, will just make the X1 odd looking. In the end, this is supposed to be a fun car and not a “monster” on four-wheels.

Another almost undesguised picture of the upcoming BMW X1

That’s all we have for now and we do sense that the end of these silly spy photo games is near.

Comments? Concerns?

[Source: Auto Motor Und Sport ]

  • Artmic

    Instead of focusing on this contraption they should have made the 1-series a better looking coupe.

  • The Lee

    I like the light treatment. I think they did a good job with the headlights, tails and fogs…

    Aside from that, I think it’s hideous in every other aspect. I’m trying to hold back my dinner (I’m not going to waste bacon-wrapped shrimp and scallops, after all) after looking at that front end. It’s just ungainly. The proportions don’t sit well with me at all.

  • BMW 7

    I think it’s nice but not impressive, not new because the front looks a lot like the 5 GT or the F01 7 Series.

  • ferrarifan

    i like it! especially the tail lights.. wish they could change the halo color to a shade whiter though!!

  • ferrarifan

    … also hoping for adaptive suspension.. so it won’t ride as stiff as sedans..

  • Frederico Silva

    i just hate those back lights :s

  • Uxel

    although all that camouflage, i think you have to order roof rails for that car… otherwise it seems to look weird, at least in silver. i like the front, but the rear lights… +1, frederico silva

  • Lariv

    Looks better than the concept car but it’s still hideous and the rear lights just look disgusting.

  • L1ndja

    I agree that the rear lights dont look pretty but they could have made them even worse :p.All in all its not bad.

  • Lance

    I don’t see what’s so good looking about this car. Rear is like a wicket widget, front is just a mess of curves! Why can they not make a wider grille like the Z4? First impression – UGLY

  • Gil

    Hrmmm…. kinda looks weird for me. *shrug*

  • Horatiu B.

    I still like it better than my current X3…price it cheaper and give me a diesel, 23d and I’ll get it..

    • The Lee

      No offense intended, Horatiu, but the current X3 leaves a lot to be desired. It feels more like a Honda/Toyota to me than it does a BMW, unfortunately.

    • Lance

      Would you take an X3 over a Q5? The X3 certainly looks (exterior) and feels (interior) cheap . Q5 is perceived to be more upmarket and premium worldwide. I remember my first impression of the exterior was negative. When I first sat in teh car a few year back, I was horrified at the poor cabin quality with cheap hard plastics…certainly is not BMW standards (or should i say the old BMW standard). Hopefully they can make the new one more like the 5 Series GT’s interior.

  • Stoli

    There is nothing to like about the CAR visualy. the correct word is UGLY! this are the type of cars that consume the value of the BMW brand. they might sell for some ” rational purposes” on shrot term, but they eat the emotional value of the brand on long term. somebody needs to be fired at BMW very very fast as there is a line up of cars that just eat the value of the brand and prety soon nobody will can attacht to brand for the reasons we are all in the story so far

  • Stoli

    The technological excuse – driving pleasure can not compensate for the shameful design. i can find you the wormest and most comfortable shoes that look extremly big and ugly – would you acctualy wear them ON, with your nice looking outfit? BMW has lost its design direction nothing to hold on to, and i dear anybody that in 2 year this set of ugly looking vehicles ” with very practicle notes” beging us to understand the value of something that has nothing to like about will show its real value in graduating lost of market share in premium segment

  • Bill

    Ew what is that a Hyundai? Why would they need another SUV? The X3 is already small enough… too small imo, the point of an SUV is to be big. This whole thing is stupid, I miss the days when they only had 4 or 5 models.

  • MV

    The updated X3 coming out next year will be bigger than the current model and have upgrade on the interior similar to the X5 offerings as well as other “bells & whistles” options. If they can make this “sporty” and still have some cargo room then I think this will work. The design makes it stand out from both the current X3 & X5. Will again wait to pass judgement until seeing in person (which WILL happen here in the states at some point)

  • Peggi

    OMG…What have they done!!….Taking a second look at the Audi Q5

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