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bmw x3 renderings promotor 102

We’re continuing our collaboration with and today, we are able to show you some renderings of the next and second generation 2010 BMW X3. …

We’re continuing our collaboration with and today, we are able to show you some renderings of the next and second generation 2010 BMW X3.

Based on some information acquired in the past and the spy photos we have seen recently, the rendering artist Andrei Avarvarii attempted to “draw” the new X3.

Now, before we start digging into the computer generated images, we would like to remind you that these photos are simply a personal interpretation of the new X3 and DO NOT reflect the final product.

Why do we say that? Well, as you can see, it takes many design cues from the yet-to-be revealed BMW X1. While the front-end has an unique identity, the rear-end design is most likely too close to the X1 lines.

bmw x3 renderings promotor 101 655x436

Now what do we believe we got right? The overall shape and dimensions are in line with what we heard in the past: almost the same size as the first generation X5, more rounded corners and lots of dynamic lines on the sides. After all, the X3 will move up in size to make space for the upcoming X1.

bmw x3 renderings promotor 102 655x436

At the front end, the flat nose reflects all the changes in the European Pedestrian Regulations. The larger kidney-grille is also in-line with the recent BMW design language and that’s something that the spy photos clearly indicated. A more aggressive bumper is needed also, so we hope we got that part right.

Now the headlights, honestly, pretty tough to tell what BMW is hiding underneath their funky camouflage, but looking at this spy photo, the overall shape we have here might be close to the real deal.

So, that’s what we have so far and we agree with you, a lots of “might” and “probably” in this article, but we worked with what we had and wanted to share them with you.

Update: Yes, we’re aware that it’s close to the X1 and we mentioned that, they’re simply just some renderings, same as we have seen the crazy 3 Series with CS Concept shapes, new 5 Series from the 7 Series body, etc….

[Source: Promotor and Andrei Avarvarii ]

25 responses to “Renderings: 2010 BMW X3”

  1. Vaybach Khan says:

    what! no!! no creativity at alll..x3 will not be bigger x1 with seven series(and 5 series as seen so far) headlights

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    …and i guess that not all bmw future models will have same taillights…try to be more creative,and not combine few new models and pronounce it as a new model…do some research…as 4 example..follow how e53 turns into e70,use imagination ,skills…and then give us something…

    • Horatiu B. says:

      We tried, but it’s also hard to work when you don’t have many details…..did lots of research, looked closely and many spy photos….as I said, this is the best we could come up for now. If you guys prefer, next time we don’t have to really post any renderings until we’re 100% sure, which is most likely a month or two before the car comes out.

      • Andrew Fox says:

        Yes please do us a favor and quit posting the crazy speculative BS. I been following this place for a while but it seems like lately its going downhill with all this non real stuff. If it’s not confirmed, then don’t post it or else it just looks like the blog is stretching to come up with made up stuff to post. Losing credibility little by little.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Andrew, we did say that it doesn’t reflect the real deal….nothing is being stretched, on the contrary, the amount of content posted is huge and the work behind it is even more impressive.

          As far as going downhill, I’m really disappointed to hear that, especially after a new redesign and a new way to introduce news. And confirming news is not as easy as you think, BMW does not comment on future products.

          • Andrew Fox says:

            Thanks for response, but sorry proof is in the puddin … I used to come here daily but now just check in once in a while. Between the crazy speculative photoshops and reports on bicycles (seriously?) there’s just not enough real BMW news anymore.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Andrew, bottom line is that I’m doing my best. I can’t stop anyone for not coming on here nor can force you to.

            Looking back….I’m actually proud of what we achieved and what we’re doing, with limited resources.

            P.S. Bicycle news were funny, but I guess you didn’t sense that from our posting. We posted in the past a Starbucks machine made by BMW Designworks, that was funny also.

  3. Zeitgeist_md says:

    If this one is X3, then what’s the difference between it and X1?

    This is a poor rendering.

  4. Frederico Silva says:

    Love the front, HATE the back!! I just hate those lights, the ones that they have putted into the X1… :@

  5. FredericoP says:

    What is this crap, you guys always stretch the truth to make news but this is just outright completely made up! You and auto motor sport are now on an equal basis. The Enquirer of the bmw news world, just making shit up. Next Im going to read about UFOs making crop circles at BMW HQ. Thanks for giving us a photo of an X1 thats a little larger with some fake M3 bumper.

    Stick to stealing your news from bimmerpost and autoblog, it might be reposted and old, but atleast its accurate.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      A little harsh, I’m still amazed that you guys don’t read what I said: simply a rendering! THAT’S ALL. Would you rather see a website or read only press releases, see spy photos and read the same news? As far as stealing content, SO FAR from it…we definitely get the most BMW news out there, some better than others.

      And when we take news, we post the links back, go on Bimmerpost and see if there is a link back to BMWBLOG.

      I won’ take this personal, everyone is entitled to their opinion. These renderings were simply renderings, same as we see everywhere all the time.

      P.S Look at Bimmerpost, posted an X1 video after we did…do you see a link back? Just curious

  6. Cosmin says:

    Horatiu, don’t take the haters seriously, we greatly appreciate your work and i think most of us really enjoy seeing the possibilities that the renderings show. They’re RENDERINGS people ! Not pictures ! They’re derived from the few real pieces of information available but mostly imagined, how can you fail to realize that ? If you don’t think it’s realistic that’s ok, nobody’s saying that’s the real thing !

  7. Joe says:

    Horatiu, don’t let these haters ruin your day. They are more then welcome to go elsewhere. I love this site and happy to see all the work you have put into updating it – thanks. BTW, I am looking at the X3 or X1 as the new vehicles to our home. Love the rendering trials.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Thanks Joe, I’m not and I fully agree with what they said…it’s a larger X1 with some minor differences…why did I post it? Just because we have always posted news, even strange ones. Why do I post about bicycles? Cause it’s different. Why do I talk about MINI andl Rolls? Cause they’re part of BMW AG and the examples can continue.

      And yes, I look forward to both vehicles, I currently have an X3 as well and next year it’s time for an upgrade. X5 is too big and the X1 might be the right choice, if it comes to the U.S. and priced lower than the X3.

      P.S I do have a surprise for everyone that hates and love renderings :) Our readers will actually be “designing” some cars….soon.

  8. Vaybach Khan says:

    those guys were very hard on you,but this is best bmwblog out there 4 sure…i love renderings posts..but maybe u can save some time and do the ˝renderings˝ by drawings not by photoshop…also i love all different post like 4 bicycles and all the things that is about bmw…

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I appreciate it, really do. And I agree, some posts are better than others and might interest certain people, can’t really please everyone.

      As far as the renderings, they were done by an artist that actually draws them, he has done lots of work for major auto blogs. He was employed by Promotor, we agreed to publish them as an FYI….I’m not that talented to do any renderings :)

  9. MV says:

    Working within the BMW Group I can say that bmwblog is usually dead on. As a BMW enthusiest myself i’m always digging around to get info on future products, etc. I need this info to portray to our customers. I can say without a doubt that bmwblog tends to know the information before people here that should know. Now part of that is bad corporate communication (that never happens right?) but a lot of that is quality research and sources. Good job and as a BMW employee i appreciate it and verify the validity of most of your BMW and Mini posting…

    keep it up

    • Horatiu B. says:

      WOW, thank you for the kind words! We have a lot of people with the BMW HQ that read us and appreciate our efforts.

      We do spend a lot of time researching and asking around, and YES, sometimes we are wrong, but always stood up and admitted when that happened. We try to stay away as much as possible from speculations, but sometimes they can be fun and take the conversation to another level.

      Thank you again for your kind words.

  10. The Lee says:

    Listen, I’m not a huge fan of the rendering stuff myself (especially when it revolves around my least favorite X series stuff), but let’s be realistic here… BMW news isn’t going to be all about CEOs and design heads stepping down or F1 races.

    Don’t like the renderings Horatiu has posted? Here’s an idea: MAKE YOUR OWN. Get off your asses and put some of YOUR effort into it for a change instead of criticizing anything anyone else does because it doesn’t live up to your “standards”.

    I’m thankful to have a site like this to check out. It gives me something to read while I’m trying to pass time at work (and since it’s BMW related, I don’t have to risk getting in trouble for wasting company time). I might not be around as often as I used to be, but it’s still high in my list of bookmarks and likely always will be.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      True, we miss you here. Your input was always great and controversial :)

      • The Lee says:

        Things have been hectic. The shop has been breaking our monthly sales records on a constant basis, the charity group I’m involved with is taking off and I just got back from an 11 hour drive to New Orleans to watch the team I was sponsoring run an e30 in the 24 Hours of LeMons.

        For any of you that aren’t familiar with the 24 Hours of LeMons, you really should look into it.

  11. samK says:

    I think what everyone wants is Quality, not Quantity. :(

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Point taken and I agree to a certain extend. By posting longer articles all the time and very detailed, you might lose some readers that really don’t have the patience nor care about that. There are many type of different articles on here and the reason for that: to satisfy everyone, or at least, almost everyone.

      Anyway, no more commenting on this, feel free to use the Contact Us page for concerns.

  12. Shrawan Raja says:

    Horatiu, this is a speculative illustration, and I enjoy it. The point is people need to comment on the rendering and not on the blog. You do general news, funny news, updates, technical stuff and all the renderings are just one part of the entire package…if people don’t like it, they must scroll and read something else. Your traffic meter will tell you if the blog has grown or not, so you don’t have to forget the rude comments.

  13. Frederico Silva says:

    hey H i diidn’t made a critique to you, i made my personal critique to the rendering, i hope you didn’t got bad impressions of me ;)

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