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BMW X1 | June 9th, 2009 by 8
bmw x1 official image

BMW keeps teasing us with more photos and videos of the upcoming X1 and today, they released the…..well, official in a way video of the …

BMW keeps teasing us with more photos and videos of the upcoming X1 and today, they released the…..well, official in a way video of the BMW X1 “in motion”. While it’s all fun and exciting, we believe it’s time they give us the full picture here.

We have already seen the X1 uncovered once, then we have seen some official photos of it, so the cat is out of the bag, put us out of our misery and show us the final production model.

Then we can all move onto comparing the X1 against the other X-models and see where it stands. From our point of view, BMW X1 seems to be an exciting car, far less of a niche model when compared to the 5 Series GT, and we can’t wait to see it on U.S soil as well.

bmw x1 official image

Even the engine line-up is quite exciting since BMW is going for a broad reach with the X1, which will come with the option of three petrol and three diesel engines from the outset. The petrol engines include two 2.0-liter models with 141 horsepower and 168 horsepower, and a 254 horsepower 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit. On the diesel side there will be three of 2.0-liter common rail fours producing 141 horsepower, 175 horsepower and 201 horsepower. Talk about fuel efficiency, right? Well, I’m glad they choose some of these more economical engines since the U.S. gas prices are reaching the same high levels we have seen early next year.

Bottom line is: give us the X1 xDrive23d with 201-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbodiesel power plant and 295 pound-feet of torque, and we’ll be happy… least for a while. Oh, add to that a 35-40MPG fuel consumption and we’re sold.

Joy is what you make of it!


8 responses to “Official: Teaser video of the new BMW X1”

  1. Joe says:

    Definitely something I could get the wife.

  2. Lance says:

    silver slates look so much better than black! Looking forward to the launch!

  3. Gil says:

    Me likey!!

  4. The Lee says:

    First off, let me get something off of my chest:

    Who directs these videos? Is there some particular reason why they feel the desire to demonstrate “off road capability” on dirt roads my old lowered C5 Corvette Z06 could have (and did) traversed without issue? Sorry, BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Land Rover/VW/Porsche, but I ain’t buyin’ it.

    I still don’t see the need for this vehicle. If you wanted a smaller SUV platform that could easily accept the 4 cylinder diesel, why didn’t you just downsize the X3? Did it really necessitate the introduction of an entirely new platform? Me thinks not.

    The X3 is, primarily, driven by college girls or young women with 1-2 children. They would have done just as well in a vehicle slightly smaller and more economical, especially since BMW has somehow managed to make brakes on the X3 the most expensive of any non-M BMW model (yes, even including the 7).

    I don’t like the X5, but I can see the need to have it in your lineup. I don’t like the X6, but I guess it appeals to its niche market. I didn’t like the X3, but it fills a need. I don’t like the X1, and I still struggle to understand just what kind of market its going to fulfill that the X3 couldn’t already handle.

  5. Nabil says:

    The Lee,
    Mate it seems to me that any BMW SUV doesnt appeal to your needs, we dont need to hear about it, and obviesly you wouldnt know if bmw is fullfilling its x3 market or not, they are obviesly doing pretty good in order to release another smaller suv, there more advanced than you are when it comes to their cars and companys..

  6. slinky says:

    The entire 1 Series is for women… when I see men driving the 1 Series Convertible, I roll my eyes… they look like they’re driving their wife’s car…

    The X1 is the same… the X5 is for men. The X3 is debatable… and the entire 6 and 7 Series are definitely men’s vehicles…

    Will be getting an X1 in early 2011… far more practical than the convertible which is cute but having all wheel drive takes precedence over wind blown hair in the summer!

    • Lance says:

      I drive a 1 hatch and I am definitely not a wife! I am a student and many other “male” students also drive the 1 hatch. Most 1 Series drivers on campus are men, not women.

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