How exciting can a BMW European Delivery pick-up really be?

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And my answer is simple: VERY EXCITING. As someone who has twice picked-up my bimmers through the BMW European Delivery program, I can tell you …

And my answer is simple: VERY EXCITING. As someone who has twice picked-up my bimmers through the BMW European Delivery program, I can tell you that each time I had the time of my life and could have never imagined that buying a car can be so exciting.

After all, we’re all used to just go to a dealerships, scout the showroom area or the parking for that car that we want or like, then get into a painful negotiation game and hopefully driving off with the car you wanted. But the BMW European Delivery program really takes the shopping experience to another level. First of all, all the hassle and negotiation techniques are far limited, almost non-existent. Then, it’s the price which most of the time is around 10% lower than the regular sticker.

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We have talked about the BMW European Delivery program many times and we’ll leave it up to you to read more on it in our ED section or you can follow my last European trip here.

And to really prove our point of how exciting this program really is, the following video and photos will tell this story even better. The story starts with four friends going to Munich to pick up a gorgeous Montego Blue BMW 135i Coupe, then taking the car through Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France.

Did they have the time of their life? Let’s find out.


More photos on the Picasa folder

16 responses to “How exciting can a BMW European Delivery pick-up really be?”

  1. Jordan says:

    That’s so sweet! didn’t know it was that much fun. I really wanna do this now!

    you should have posted the NSFW version :P

  2. AlexD says:

    Wow, once again bmwblog steals stories from other sites and does not cite their source. Last week it was from Scott at and now its from 1addicts on

    Clean up your act already, do I have to keep pointing these things out to you?

    • Carlos Perez says:

      C’mon dude you really have nothing else to do???

      • Horatiu B. says:

        Not even worth responding, I am the most fair guy you see out there and link to everyone, even that implies that our readers are going somewhere else to get the information. This time and other times, we didn’t get the source since the tip that was sent to us had a link to Picasa gallery and Vimeo. I really don’t have time now to search all over the web where did the original info came from, but if it is brought to my attention, I will add the source.

        Anyway, moving on……

        • poop says:

          so because the link was emailed to you, you don’t have to be responsible in citing sources? in any case iit was brought to your attention and you didn’t bother adding the source here. anyways i enjoy checking this site every once in a while, but damn could you be a little more professional

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Okay, let me repeat myself for the last time since this blog is turning into a personal attack and misconceptions.

            What was email to us was simply a link to Picasa and Vimeo videos…..So now, I’m not sure what you want me to link….if there would have been a link, I would have posted it, same as I did with the Picasa album for more photos.

            Now go on the “that” site and see how many links they add to any news. Answer: NONE.

            As I said earlier, for more questions or if you have concerns, please use the Contact form and we can talk further.

            I won’t even comment on the professionalism attack, all I have to say is that other blogs/sites/forums, would have deleted all these comments….something we NEVER do.

    • Jordan says:

      Ya Alex, Horatiu does a great job here. Leave now… s’il vous plaît :)

  3. Hantra says:

    Nice HDR!

  4. mircea says:

    hi horatiu,
    if you are romanian please give me your mail so we can talk more about this passion called BMW.
    my e-mail is

  5. Brook says:

    Great work, guys. Excellent quality as well as some good humor. Far more seat-of-the-pants than what most of us would realize in your shoes

  6. George says:

    Awesome video!

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