BMW Z8 doing great on the used car market

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The UK fellows at Mirror Motoring made an interesting analysis of the current used car market in the United Kingdom. Despite the monthly decline in …

The UK fellows at Mirror Motoring made an interesting analysis of the current used car market in the United Kingdom. Despite the monthly decline in overall sales, the used cars have actually been appreciating with more and more luxury cars being in great demand: BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF, Audi A4, Lexus GS and even the large Range Rover models.

Moving up the luxury scale a few notches, even the ultimate luxurious vehicles as the Bentley GT, Aston Martin or Lamborghini are seeing an increased demand. This brings us to the title of this article, the limited-edition BMW super-roadster Z8 is still valued quite high, priced between £60k-£70k. UK BMW dealer believes that the Z8 could actually reach the £100k mark.

As a comparison, in California, a 2002 BMW Z8 is listed on eBay with a Buy Now Price of $98,000.

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According to Adrian Rushmore, editor of trade price oracle Glass’s Guide, the average price of a three-year-old car is actually higher in 2009 than it was in 2007. We mentioned this briefly in the past that the reduced number of vehicles built in the second half of 2008 might actually improve our odds to sell the cars we own at a higher price.

Now remember, this analysis was made on the UK auto market and might not entirely apply to rest of the world, but nonetheless it is still quite interesting to see how the used car market is reacting to the economy and what the future might bring.

[Source: Mirror Motoring ]

8 responses to “BMW Z8 doing great on the used car market”

  1. Zeitgeist_md says:

    Even today, the Z8 still looks gorgeous. It is an absolute classic.

  2. AutoCritical says:

    I’m a lucky person to own this car! It’s red and 1:10 scale….. haha :-( – here’s to hoping

  3. AlexD says:

    Another wonderful article about a top quality BMW (thank you for the source). The Z8 was a magnificent piece of engineering and thank god not destroyed by mass consumption. Of course many of us hope that BMW engineers another car of this quality once again. Until then, this car will remain an absolute icon!

  4. Gord says:

    Well the same thing applies for some cars sold in the US.

    I think at one point an old Accord was more then the new one.

  5. The Lee says:

    I’ve actually noticed the prices have been dropping on the Z8 over the last 6 months or so. Used to be you couldn’t touch one for less than $95k. I’ve seen quite a few go down into the $60k’s.

    It’s far from my favorite BMW, but I’d still buy one in a heartbeat if I had that kind of cash lying around.

  6. to be 61 the year is going to be long.retired won’t be 62 till 07-19-10 i’ll be able to make most any payment then. got around 6000 to put down on a z4 my dream car unless theirs another way to get to 62 sooner.4074043303, doing fine now, can;t get over the hill.

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