Some official BMW X1 photos were released today

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We’re probably just hours away from the full set of the official BMW X1 photos hitting the web, but in the mean time, the BMW …

We’re probably just hours away from the full set of the official BMW X1 photos hitting the web, but in the mean time, the BMW marketing machine released some “teaser” photos of the X1 on their Facebook page.

As a refresher, with the X1, BMW offers a new perspective as a compact premium Sport Activity Vehicle. It will be oriented towards younger BMW fans and most important, as an urban vehicle. Even though initially there were no plans to release the car in the U.S., sources close to  BMW speak of the possibility of seeing this car sometimes next year.

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BMW is going for a broad reach with the X1, which will come with the option of three petrol and three diesel engines from the outset. The petrol engines include two 2.0-liter models with 141 horsepower and 168 horsepower, and a 254 horsepower 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit. On the diesel side there will be three of 2.0-liter common rail fours producing 141 horsepower, 175 horsepower and 201 horsepower.

The first models will feature the BMW xDrive system, but in the future, a rear-wheel drive option will be offered as well.

Stay tuned for more photos and information!

8 responses to “Some official BMW X1 photos were released today”

  1. Artmic says:

    THey can keep the X1 in Europe. I have enough of the boxes on 4 wheels.

  2. Scott H says:

    Would buy one tommorrow if it came to the US. I want something with better gas milage than X3 and will not drive a wagon, sedan won’t work.

  3. Frederico Silva says:

    Let the party begin!

  4. is that a matt color?

    • AutoCritical says:

      I don’t think its a matte color – its been cropped so it is hard to see fully – They used soft lighting. On the tail light image you can see a hard reflection where the numberplate would be, so that would suggest its not matte.

  5. Frederico Silva says:

    What’s the different about this and the concept?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Very minor differences, can’t tell exactly for sure

      • AutoCritical says:

        I was comparing the sketches to the concept to the ‘spy’ teaser photos, They all look very similar, nothing you can say that is obvious, but I’m sure there were some production adjustments…. Excellent job to compare sketch to production, overall looking the same… However, dare I question if the sketches were the original sketches made to see the concept in the first place?

        The only differences I can see is that there is less bright/metallic work but that could just be omitted from different variant.

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