BMW Z4: The Old And New

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Even though the new BMW Z4 has been widely accepted and embraced by the BMW crowd, the older model E85 still remains in everyone’s hearts. …

Even though the new BMW Z4 has been widely accepted and embraced by the BMW crowd, the older model E85 still remains in everyone’s hearts. The last Z4 Roadster built in the U.S. rolled off the production line back in August 2008 and new Z4 production moved over to Europe, more specifically at the Regensburg plant in Austria.

There were a little more than 9,300 Z4s built last year at Spartanburg and over the seven years production, but the Z4 lines will be replaced by the new X3, due to launch in 2010. The older and fist BMW Z4 was a drastically more modern car than the Z3 it replaced, with an increased overall size and more mature design.

And while we initially believed that the first generation Z4 will look really outdated when placed side-by-side with the new E89 Z4, we were wrong this time. Looking at the photos below, we can still see a fresh, modern design on the “old” Z4 and in our opinion, still very appealing.

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Now don’t get us wrong, the 2009 BMW Z4 is a beauty and the new roadster has impressed us from the first moment we laid eyes on it at the Detroit Auto Show. The E89 roadster has brought one of the best interior designs to date in a BMW and at the same time, a highly-acclaimed new design lines, the work of team formed only of females.

And the same as with the Z3 and the first Z4, the 2009 Roadster has grown in size and matured even more, putting its competitors on the spot and claiming the crown in the roadster segment. So, let’s enjoy the photos below, the great work of 2002ti, member of

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10 responses to “BMW Z4: The Old And New”

  1. ga41 says:

    You know i’d really like to read a roadtest comparing the 3lt E85 Si Sport and the 3lt E89 M-Sport. I know the E89 has a far better interior so comparisons shouldnt be made there and also looks is a subjective matter so no comparisons there either but an article comparing handling dynamics and performance would be great.

  2. CarsoBlog says:

    New version is prettier for sure, but I still would go for Honda S2000… or new Opel GT.

  3. W/// says:

    Little correction, Regensburg is in Germany, not Austria

  4. Lance says:

    I disagree, I have not been a fan of the old Z4. In my opnion, the headlights of the old Z4 copied the first Audi TT’s lights – which was not something attractive. The twin headlamp was also somewhat lost in that headlight unit due to the TT copying. Looking from these pictures, the old Z4 has got quite a sorry face and is surely not missed by me.

  5. AutoCritical says:

    Nice article. It’s good to see that someone else also sees this distinction.
    I think overall the older Z4 is a much more striking model – especially when it first came out, it looked like a concept car! They are both well designed, and look great, but just the effect the earlier one had should have been ‘re-created’….. I guess in some ways it is a little similar to the old and new audi TT – with how conceptual it was when it first came out… I wrote up a little article on my blog about its comparison (old and new)

  6. jon H says:

    love em both. I have yet to drive the new….but i did enjoy the old to the point where i was left wanting more…i think its delivered with the N54

  7. Gord says:

    The new Z4 looks good, but the old Z4 was very polarizing (what Bangle design wasn’t :D).

    I think the old Z4 actually could be better looking then the current (In my opinon).

  8. greg says:

    Imo, the anders warming design is more modern while the e89 seems to have more traditional styling cues. This (e89) perhaps is what should have followed the z3 before evolving into the e85 z4. I think asthetically, the e85 was successful in conveying a very modernist and minimalist direction which is a great expression of what a modern 21st roadster should be. Although i’ve never felt that bmw’s design direction was purposely pursuing a heavier gadgetry-laden future, i do feel that the e89 options seem entirely unnecessary. I cringe every time i see a roadster optioned with a flappy paddle autobox or nav system. The joy of owning a sportscar is a manual geared, light, nimble, fast, and taking the long way home (i.e. getting lost) just my two cents…

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