Official teaser photos of the new BMW X1

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We are days away from the official unveiling of the BMW X1 production model and BMW has already started to release some teasers. While the …

We are days away from the official unveiling of the BMW X1 production model and BMW has already started to release some teasers. While the official X1 Facebook page has been setup for quite some time now, the first “almost” official photos of the X1 just made their way onto the journalists’ hands last week during the press pre-view test drive which took place in Mallorca, Spain. With the X1 launch, BMW will introduce a new color for this small SAV: the Marrakesh Brown.

A bit surprising that the car still wears some camouflage since it was spotted fully uncovered just a few weeks back during a movie shooting in Germany, but that’s just another story. The production version of the X1 will be shown for the first time to the general public at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

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Despite receiving some negative reviews in the beginning, mostly from BMW fans, recently the opinion current has changed and many of us started to see the value in this new model and started to embrace it. BMW X1’s marketing campaign runs under the name “This is your world..”, coming from the idea of a small SAV, an urban vehicle geared towards a younger demographic who enjoy outdoor activities as well and would still like to use a spacious car to transport their surfboards, skis, snowboards or climbing equipment.

Since the X1 will go on sale in Europe only, those of us that live in the U.S. will have to wait until late 2010 before seeing the car on our roads. Initially, the X1 will launch with the following powerplants:

  • BMW X1 xDrive20d – 177 horsepower – 8.4 seconds 0-60 mph – Max Speed 132 mph (213 km/h) – 40.5 mph (5.8 liters / 100 km)
  • BMW X1 xDrive23d – 204 horsepower – 7,3 seconds 0-60 mph – Max Speed 138 mph (223 km/h) – 37 mpg (6,3 Liter / 100 km)
  • BMW X1 xDrive28i – 6.7 seconds 0-100 – Max Speed 142 mph(230 km/h)

The car will be offered in the beginning with the BMW xDrive system, but in the future, a rear-wheel drive model will follow. Pricing is unknown at this time, but it will most likely be set between the 1 Series and the X3.

The X1 Concept version revealed at the Paris Auto Show last October, was also shown recently at the BMW PGA Championship.

9 responses to “Official teaser photos of the new BMW X1”

  1. CarsoBlog says:

    This one I don’t really like. BMW 1 series wasn’t much of a success, and this one is the same league for me… X series overally are poor off road, there are better choices in this class..

    • Lance says:

      The 1 Series is actually extremey successful!!! As for the look of this car… well, look at the cheap black plastics at the front. Even the Toyota RAV looks more premium than this! Have they not learnt that customers do not like black plastics, which make the car look completely cheap??? What is wrong with them? Also the design is not sleek either, which should be the new trend in car designs. This to me is just a combination of big blobs of fat, chunky desgn elements…. another disappointment from BMW. Clearly this is another piece of work from teh Pig Nostril loving Adrian van H. I don’t understand, if most people voiced their disliking of the X1 concept design, why then bring out the production with exactly the same design? What is the point of the concept then??? To make people start getting used to it or what? I am sure the Audi A3 will definately beat this design just like teh Q5 with the X3. PLEASE LEARN FROM Z4!

  2. jkp says:

    On the contrary, the 1 series met its sales goals for 2008, if I recall correctly. I think the X1 will be a strong contender for us when my wife’s car needs to be replaced in a few years…if only they would bring that 20d or 23d engine over to the USA. Fuel economy WILL be an issue for us.

  3. Vaybach Khan says:

    where is my comment…????

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    …it was regular comment..anyway thanks 4 reacting…

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I apologize, not sure what happened. I hope it’s not a bug with the new design, even though I haven’t noticed. But if you’re ever worried about us deleting comments, don’t. We let everyone speak, even those that hate us or BMW cars :)

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I think I found it: “i like it!! i cant wait for photo release …this is q5 killlller! i like that yellow/gold color with tinted windows..too bad it wont have chrome exterior line(windows)”

      It was actually left on one of the photos, rather than the main article.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    ok that was the comment…. i probably wrote the comment while i was watching pics…my mistake..:)

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