NO, this is not the BMW M7, it’s a 7 Series with the M-Sport Package

Rumors | June 2nd, 2009 by 14

We don’t usually get frustrated with BMW related news and we enjoy reading them from different sources as well, but when the same topic comes …

We don’t usually get frustrated with BMW related news and we enjoy reading them from different sources as well, but when the same topic comes up twice in a week, we feel that we have to step in and clarify them.

Last week, some photos of the supposed BMW M7 made their way onto the web and everyone jumped to report that we are looking at the first Motorsport model based on the 7 Series. We obviously didn’t fall for it, for several reason and we immediately reported that we are looking at a 7 Series model featuring the M Sport Package which will be released later this year.


You might wonder what these reasons were, well, no worries, we’ll explain them to you right now.

First, there was never a solid report, rumor, that BMW is indeed actively looking at an M7 model. If they were, trust us, we would have heard about it.

Second, the photos posted today and last week, clearly show a prototype with very little to none camouflage. Knowing BMW and the way the protect their designs from spy photographers, they would have never released the M7 out in the open like that. The M7 would have been a “hot car” and it would have probably worn like 10 sheets of fake plastic on top of it.

Third, let’s examine the car closer. All we can see right now pointing to an M7 would be the front-bumper, BUT THAT”S ABOUT IT, and even the more aggressive bumper doesn’t fit the profile of an M car. There are no other M design elements on this car, not the famous M gills or the “fearful” hood.

Now, in our opinion, judging from the covered bulge on the hood, we believe we are looking at the 7 Series Hybrid which will be released later this year. That bulge has been a trademark on most of the hybrid spy photos we have seen so far, from the X5 Hybrid to the upcoming X6 ActiveHybrid.

So, can we please move on now? When there will be talks of an M7, we promise you that will be one of the first publications to report them.

P.S. Forgot to mention this: that front bumper looks amazing and it really turns the 7 Series into a stunning car.

[ More photos at MotorAuthority ]

  • viper

    seriously that kicks ass!

  • Parker Despain

    This will fix one of my dislikes of the front of the 7. I kept thinking it just needed a slightly taller opening under the grilles. Perfect!

  • Gord

    Isn’t it bad for the night vision camera to be in the open like that ?

  • Giom

    Ok, now I’m starting to love the front!

  • Alex

    Why does it have bumperettes?

    • jon H

      as in the aerodynamic lips at the bottom of the bumper? yea…those are to keep you on four wheels at 150+

  • Tony Van Schaik

    If it isn’t an M7 it would still be nice if the 7 will get a sport package, but also no to sporty.

    But on the other hand Mercedes also makes there S and CL sporty with AMG. So why no try it now, with this crisis :), but people that have money for these cars don’t have to worry that much.

    • jon H

      7 is available with a sport package….adjustable suspension, four wheel steering, bigger wheels, pretty much everything but engine upgrades and body upgrades…like pretty much every other bmw sport pack

  • tk

    i thought the Alpina B7 front spoiler looked good. this looks even better

  • Lance

    The standard 7 Series seriously needs a facelift! They should change the lights being their first step!

  • Jaz

    I was in my local BMW dealer over the weekend looking at the 7 Series with the M-Sport package and was told by the salesman that the BMW M7 would be available in spring 2010.

    • Horatiu B.

      Unfortunately he/she doesn’t know what his talking about. Definitely no M7

  • Jaz

    OK, that’s odd, I was looking at the 7 Series M-sport and he said I should wait before ordering one of those as the M7 was out in Spring 2010, if he is wrong, he just killed the commission on a 7 Series!
    What a mistake to make!

  • Cdawgg

    Seen several M7’s driving around lol. Spoke too soon.