Week 3: “BMW of the Week”

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Being busy with the new blog redesign, we neglected our “BMW Of The Week” initiative, but don’t worry, we’re back and planning on continuing to …

Being busy with the new blog redesign, we neglected our “BMW Of The Week” initiative, but don’t worry, we’re back and planning on continuing to do this from now on. We are still committed to build one of the largest BMW Photo Gallery, so your cooperation and help will be greatly appreciate it. Remember, all you have to do is to head over to our BMWBLOG Flickr Group and upload some photos of your bimmer, your mother’s car, friends, you name it…

To make things even more interesting, every week a BMW will be chosen from the photo gallery and featured as Car of The Week. The way we choose it varies from the best looking bimmer, best photography, best modding to even the most weird  modification ever done to a BMW, which brings us to this weeks’ winner.

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A heavily modded, tuned up BMW E36 drew our attention and the car featured here, has definitely went through a “serious surgery”, besides being even more lowered, this E36 gets a new hood design with air vents, a more aggressive bumper and a total new design on the sides.

Add to this the custom wheels and especially, the new interior with LCD screens in the headrest, new steering wheel and blue colored trim all around, and you get a BMW that …..doesn’t really look like a BMW anymore.

Why did we choose this car? One, because it’s different and two, just to show you one more time the amount of “craziness” (in a good way) that BMW owerns have.

Thank you Roland Gheorghiu for uploading these photos and many others to the Flickr Group.

17 responses to “Week 3: “BMW of the Week””

  1. - says:

    isn’t this e36 ?

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    this is how no bmw ever should look like…i love tuning ,but this is so kitsch…all u need 4 this bimmer is chandelier….:)

  3. J.T. says:

    Mmm I smell rice…poor E36

  4. That is my car on the cover of the Pool :D my 135i, hope to get it featured on here someday :)

  5. Andrezinho says:

    that’s ridiculous, why would anyone ever do that to their car, much less a BMW, what a disgrace

  6. andyffer says:

    Im thinking of not reading this website anymore if you actually give that car any award. No joke. For anyone to say positive or even neutral comments about that car is sad. BUT, I am starting to like the new site!

    I dont see why people who do this get rewarded. The only person who thinks it’s cool is the person who did it. Or the mexicans who think they are some hierarchy above the rest of us.

    How do I put pics in the Flicr thing? Oop, just noticed the thing above.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      You guys are missing the point….this week’s award was based on showing a …weird BMW…next week, it might be the guy with the best wheels, week after the guy with the craziest interior or the best scenery, etc…..wouldn’t you be bored if we would keep rewarding the same type of photos?

      And no one said that this car is good looking, far from it…but it shows how far a fan would actually go…

  7. Hantra says:

    I’m glad they put the vents on the trunk. That’s going to help a lot if you forget and leave your gym bag back there for a few weeks.

  8. The Lee says:

    It reminds me of those M3 clones you see at car shows every once in a while. I kept waiting to see a picture of the engine bay with a big “VTEC” logo on the transversely mounted valve cover…

    Is it “weird”? Sadly, no. Not really. You can see tarted-up cars like this most any weekend at your local Hooters. Most just happen to say “Camry” or “Accord” on the back.

    And seriously? Fuzzy trunk panels?

  9. jocamryn says:

    I’m sorry buit I missed the point of this post. That car stopped being a BMW long LONG ago…..

    Not bad looking and I respect the amount of effort put into it, but I ‘d never get it.

  10. jocamryn says:

    no, I can’t even to pretend to like it, I just finished looking at the pics… it’s horrible…

  11. Marc says:

    Yes we can all agree that for the majority of us this car is just too OVER THE TOP….but as a small counterpoint you can see cars like this every weekend in Germany at the various BMW only car shows in the spring and summer.

  12. Roland Gheorghiu says:

    Well , no problem :) my pleasure to upload photos there :) , and yes , i am the one who uploaded and the one who taken these pictures.
    The pictures where taken on the Oradea airport where one or 2 years ago (don’t remember right when the photos were taken) was a event organised by the West Side Racers (tuning crew in Oradea) … and it’s said that the tuning capital in the west part of Romania is Oradea :) we have many tuned cars … some are very cool some are wack … so all depends on the owner of the car and what does he want to make out of it … i can only tell you that the one who had this car has a tuning shop here in Oradea and bought the car long time ago , and thought of modifying it :) … the mod time took about 6 months or more … don’t know exactly it’s just what i’ve heard.
    I like simple BMW’s as well but i liked this crazy mod :) … i think tuning is an art and everyone has the right to express they’re oppinion and why not they’re creation :)
    Wish u all well , and oh btw i’ve uploaded some more pics.
    With respect , Roland Gheorghiu!

  13. Roland Gheorghiu says:

    P.S. sry for my bad english … i wrote fast and did not quite paid attention as how to write :)

  14. Yuri Nunes says:

    Why da f*** have a air intake on trunk

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