Video: 2011 BMW 5-Series test mule pulled over by German Police

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Not extremely breaking news here, but a bit funny if you ask me: a 2011 BMW 5 series test mule was pulled over by German …

Not extremely breaking news here, but a bit funny if you ask me: a 2011 BMW 5 series test mule was pulled over by German Police on the famous Autobahn. Initially we believed that the prototype was pulled over because of the high traveling speed -wait, is there one?- but apparently it was because of the funky plastic bodypaneles covering the car. What we know for sure is that everyone has a video camera handy these days and it’s as easy as 1,2,3 to start shooting any incidents.

This time, a camera woman from “TVNews Hessen” was on site and was able film the incident. But here is where it gets really really interesting, 14 seconds in the video, you will see the somewhat covered up interior of the new 5er, something that we have not seen in the past. It has been rumored for a while that the F10 5 Series interior will be importing many elements from the gorgeous 7er interior design.

Video: 2011 BMW 5 Series test mule pulled over by German Police

Now let’s hope the German police officers will get even more curious when they will see the 5 Series with that psychadelic black and white camouflage and pull it over again, NOW that would be worth seeing.


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  • Mike

    Hi, this is the translation of the interview with the police officer:

    On a traffic check the police cought a ‘big fish’ (test mule).
    Highway no. 4 at Friedewald

    (Police Officer):
    We have placed a vehicle in a distance of 6km (3,75 miles) in front of the control area on a bridge that should report suspicious vehicles. Than a vehicle
    came along that was masked on the outside and because of that it has been stopped by our traffic control. There it turned out that it was a test mule of a
    south german car manufactor. We didn’t knew what kind of a car it is because only suspicious vehicles have been reported. Because on a highway like this
    the cars are driving at a high speed it was not possible to assess it anyway. The technical side of the vehicle was absolutely up to date, everything was
    absolutely correct.

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