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To our surprise, the next generation BMW 1 Series due to launch in 2011 has already made an appearance in Munich. The test mule spotted …

To our surprise, the next generation BMW 1 Series due to launch in 2011 has already made an appearance in Munich. The test mule spotted here seems to be the 5-door hatchback version, one of the 5 different variants considered for the 1 Series family.

The first new BMW 1 Series will launch in 2011, along with the Z2 Roadster based on the same platform. The coupe and convertible models will be available a year later together with the 135i SuperSport vehicle.

Many people have wondered what the next 1 Series will bring to the table, some believe, including us, that the new 1 Series will have a revolutionary design, moving away from the safe design lines used in the current 1er.

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But according to Scott27, “the best way to describe some of the styling “revolution” on the “evolution” is to look at aspects of the X1. The strong sculptured line that begins from the rear quarter light and scoops down towards the flanks and then joining the shoulder line before the front wheelarch, is the 1er family design characteristic for the next generation. If you look at the shape on the X1 on the lower flanks you can see it is an interpretation of the feature on the current 1er. The bathtub shoulder line will stay with more of an angle coming down towards the front of the car. ”

The 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models will receive different front and rear ends when compared to the hatchback. As we stated  before, BMW is looking into developing at least five different variants of 1 Series vehicles:

  • 5 door hatch – conventional 5dr hatch
  • 3 door hatch – conventional 3dr hatch
  • 2 door coupe – sedanish coupe with 2 doors
  • 2 door convertible – sedanish cabrio with 2 doors and canvas roof
  • small crossover CAS (1er GT / Y1) – 5dr mix of a hatch, wagon and sedan

The rumor around the Munich HQ is that BMW was looking at the idea of a smaller XCoupe, based on the original XCoupe Concept, but no green light has been given at this time.

BMW plans to downsize the displacement of its engines and moving into the turbocharging direction. The turbo four-cylinders developed together with the PSA Group, will power some of the entry level 1 Series models and we recently learned that 3 cylinder engines will be available for the entry level models.

We should learn more about the 1 Series family at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Source: 1Addicts – Photo Credit Brenda Priddy ]

4 responses to “First spy photos 2012 BMW 1 Series”

  1. Enzo says:

    If the 1-Series coupe grows in size at all I will be extremely disappointed in BMW. I love our 135i but it’s already on the big and heavy side with overhangs that are already pushing the limits to still be considered visually appealing. Additionally, BMW’s naming convention doesn’t leave much wiggle room if the 1-er grows. 0-Series or 0.5-Series anyone?

  2. BenC. says:

    who knows, maybe its just the photo angle that makes the car look bigger than it is?

  3. Gord says:

    I think size can be deceptive unless you have something to compare it too, i.e. another car or a person.

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