If the next generation 2012 BMW M5 looks like this….

BMW M5 | May 28th, 2009 by 37
2012 bmw m5 rendering photoshop

I have no choice but to cut off all the extra spending, entertainment, showgirls, gadgets, you name it, so I can start saving money before …

I have no choice but to cut off all the extra spending, entertainment, showgirls, gadgets, you name it, so I can start saving money before the next generation BMW M5 will come out in 2012. No seriously, not even kidding this time…….

I don’t often get super excited about new models, it usually takes a while for a new bimmer to sink in and be accepted by me, but the moment I saw this rendering of the F10 BMW M5, I just fell in love. The design lines are just rights, very masculine and muscular, a wide body, extremely aggressive but yet still appealing even to the most conservative BMW fans – yes, I’m one of them.

But what I love the most about this new rendering is the fact that it does NOT resemble in any way the new 7 Series. I honestly got tired of seeing all those photoshops of the next 5er being based on the bodystyle of the 7 Series.

2012 bmw m5 rendering photoshop

As many people close to BMW have said, the cars are absolutely different and the only slightly similar design element are the headlights.

The details on the next M5 are sketchy and the secret is well guarded behind metal doors in Munich, but what we can tell you at this time is that the BMW M5 will drop the famous naturally aspirated V10 engine in favor of a twin-turbo V8 similar to the one offered in the X5 M/X6 M. If that will be the case, the M5 will have a little bit over 550 horsepower under the hood and will be going after the Audi RS6 and its 572 horsepower.

As far as the release date, historically the M model of the 5 Series, is expected a year later after the launch of the regular 5 Series sedan, so we should expect the new M5 in the first half of 2011.

As usual, as soon as we hear more, you’ll be the first to know.

Photo credit WildSpeed2009

37 responses to “If the next generation 2012 BMW M5 looks like this….”

  1. Jordan says:

    Horatiu I’ve gotta agree, this is just absolutely perfect. Most renderings you can just tell the final car would never look like that but this one is so good I could actually see BMW making it. I really liked the new M3 but I LOVE this!

  2. Jag says:

    i’ve got problem with the front bumper. imo i think it’s a little bulky and soft, not as much aggressive and sharp as the the current one (and also other BMW Ms).

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @Jag: I have to agree, maybe the front bumper it’s a bit too much, but I’m telling you…if it looks close to this, BMW will have a new buyer right here :)

    I have to start taking donations now :))) since it will most likely be quite expensive…

  4. George says:

    There is no way the front on new 5 series will look any different than the 5 series GT that is ready to hit the dealerships.

  5. Giom says:

    It gets my nod!

  6. housejunkie85 says:

    my god this looks beautiful!!! i see a lot of the cs in this!!

  7. Nizer says:

    That’ll work. Now let’s hope they offer it with a 400hp twin-turbo six option.

  8. bunker says:

    This would be the greatest looking BMW of the last 30 years.

    For that reason alone, sadly, I suspect it won’t look like this.

    What makes this render is the ground effects treatment under the front bumper – the main intake specifically – and I think it is too angular for what BMW would do. But hey – at least it gives the tuners an idea of what to do in the aftermarket…

  9. Artmic says:

    every day street car will not have the front bumper nor the sexy wheels, so i can see this 5 series as a big improvement over the boring ugly 5 that they are selling now

  10. D solomon says:

    WoooooooooooooooW This M5 is sexy and sleek If the inside is look as good as the 7 series M5 Car of the year!

  11. BMW Sales says:

    I love this, but its not angry-looking enough to be an ///M. Let we forget how aggressive the new M3 looks. But this is very nice!

  12. BMW Sales says:

    *Lest we forget, oops

  13. Matt Stokes says:

    Hmm gotta confess I’m not loving this… looks a little too generic aftermarket to me? far too soft (although that could just be the chop quality).

    I think the E60 M5 is going to be a hard act to follow.

  14. Jared A says:

    Oh my! Perfect!

  15. Smitty says:

    I can help but see this graphic rendered from a 1-series. You guys/gals are gonna call me crazy but look at the contour lines along the side of the vehicle. Look at the body molding around the wheels. Look at the proportions of the upper part of the car to its mid section. This car is beautiful and it screams 1-series. BTW…I own a 1-er, so I guess I’m a bit biased.

  16. Matt Stokes says:

    @Smitty: See what you mean, but I’m pretty sure the chop started off life as a 5GT.

  17. Joe says:

    Can’t wait to upgrade.. I love the current M5 and if it gets better, I will be first in line.

  18. mpower says:

    very nice…beast

  19. Alex Vintu says:

    I like it.
    @Horatiu – you might not be able to afford the ugly bumper as you won’t be able to say No to the “showgirls” until end of 2011. haha

  20. LBoogy says:

    The car looks GREAT. Cant waitl till it comes out so i can get one.

  21. Gord says:

    I think the bumper looks huge. But otherwise it looks fine.

  22. Frederico Silva says:

    like the lights, the bumper is very large but not much agressive :/

  23. Rad Dockery says:

    If this is it, I may have to start robbing banks!

  24. Babken says:

    I’m looking forward for the next-generation M5 to come on. It will finally shatter pathetic mercedes’s and other’s irresponsible comments.

  25. John Pham says:

    Holy shit that looks f**king insane!

  26. BMW LOVER says:

    Im a big fan of the current M5 , and i think this one looks so different ; it’s hiding some secrets behind its confident and sexy design

  27. FanTom says:

    the rumour about V8 is no more than BS…
    Benze’s and audi’s engines are too primitive, ыщьуерштп дшлу V8/V10+turbocharger…
    BMW use F1 technology, i think the next M5/М6 gonna be equiped by V10 or V12 5.5-6l , and that engines would produce 120-130 hp per litre

  28. Saleem says:

    I must say I dont like this it’s mis-proportioned

  29. martin de jesus says:

    esta perfecto pero pudiera traer 600 hp y 360 kmt y no limitar lo voy a esperar con ansias

  30. alina says:

    this is the most perfect m5 the i ever sea ,after the e39
    the n f10 looks lke minicoop
    bmw this car will be the best m5 in history

  31. billy says:

    bmw m5 is #1 car in the world best car made i love it and is the fastest sedan in the world its worth every dime .im buying one soon .

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