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BMW X1 | May 20th, 2009 by 9
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BMW is increasing their marketing effort in promoting the upcoming BMW X1 official launch. Last week, we showed you a series of  videos part of …

BMW is increasing their marketing effort in promoting the upcoming BMW X1 official launch. Last week, we showed you a series of  videos part of a global communication campaign focused on the “Joy” theme.

But today, BMW launched the X1 minisite where for now, you can see all the viral “Joy” videos and….even more interesting, you can create your own interpretation of joy.

Again, BMW has found a way to engage the audience and that’s an effort that deserves many applause. As someone that is very interested and active in the social medium, I definitely appreciate their online efforts and most important, I applaud their marketing department for thinking outside the box and looking at new ways to reach out to its audience.

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BMW X1 has been recently advertised as being an urban vehicle geared towards a younger demographic who enjoy outdoor activities as well and would still like to use a spacious car to transport their surfboards, skis, snowboards or climbing equipment. Most of the people fitting this profile spend a lot of their time online and connected, so reaching out to them by using Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, is just brilliant and… can be very cost effective.

With this being said, head over to the X1 minisite and share with us through the comment box below, your “Own Interpretation Of Joy”. May the best man or woman win :)

9 responses to “BMW X1: Spread the joy”

  1. AlexD says:

    Well what can I say but that is by far the worst marketing campaign I’ve ever seen since the Infiniti waterfalls marketing campaign. If this wasn’t on the website itself I would never know what it was for and its boring as hell, so theres nothing that would make me try to find out what was behind this. These are the very basics of marketing. I’m honestly shocked that BMW would have such amateurs running the show for the X1. Maybee someone tricked them into thinking this was ‘viral’ online marketing. Its a shame, because BMW has had some stellar campaigns in the past. I am interesting in finding out which sham of a company is doing the marketing on this company.

    On the flipside the X1 looks like garbage anyways, so it might not matter much either way. BMW has been on a downward angle for a few years now

    • Horatiu B. says:

      @AlexD, personal opinion Alex. Some people believe campaigns are to stimulate creativity and engage people. Do they make sense to everyone? Probably not, but some of them are quite funny and entertaining.

      Give me an example of a campaign that you think it was successful, it would be interesting to see how they compare.

  2. AlexD says:

    why was my comment deleted

  3. AlexD says:

    I commend you for restoring my comment!

    As for an example of successful campaigns? I can name about 1,000,000, where do I begin? The Snickers billboard campaign in NYC and a few other cities is one that has shown huge gains. In terms of cars, the Lexus advertisements featuring the precision of the cars engineering via that famous metal ball. In terms of online buzz / viral marketing there is the Honda advertisement using all different parts of a Honda to create an alive kinetic process. All those advertisements make you think twice about the product at hand, instead of make you think “why am I watching this”. Just because this is alternative and different, don’t fall into mental lazyness and accept this as something “progressive” or “thinking outside the box” or any other nonsense.

    This is amateur advertising that does nothing to promote the product or make you think about the product.

    And yes I do understand what they are trying to say with the ads. These ads aren’t very complex and I think most people understand perfectly what they are saying. The problem is that I know what the car is and which market niche it is supposed to fill, so advertising to someone like me is stupid. The people who BMW needs to sell this car to will see these ads through some online buzz, will think its stupid, move on and not give a second thought as to what is hiding behind the ad.

    BMW has to rethink who they have working for them on these horrible campaigns. Amateurs. Not to be offensive, but did you honestly find any of the videos funny? Are you saying that just to kiss some BMW marketers ass, or are you really that dry in your sense of humor? These ads accomplish nothing.

  4. Horatiu B. says:

    @AlexD: If you would have read our blog for some while, you would notice that we are very objective and when needed, we criticize as well. We have no interest to overhype any product. And maybe this is just my personal idea or maybe I have a dry sense of humor….We will never get everyone to agree on a subject, too many variables to take into consideration.

    And this one is funny

  5. Gil says:

    LOL….. clever little website.
    I, for one, like it and got a laugh out of it.

  6. Jag says:

    @AlexD: “…are you really that dry in your sense of humor?? -> to me you’ve got no sense of humor at all. stop those criticisms. as the campaign said: “joy is what you made of it”. you don’t want joy, it’s ok. but do not force others to be boring like you.

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