Edmunds says: “BMW 750i: It’s not all roses”

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The fellows at Edmunds have spent some more time behind the wheel of the new BMW 7 Series and despite the overall positive review, found …

The fellows at Edmunds have spent some more time behind the wheel of the new BMW 7 Series and despite the overall positive review, found some issues that they believe shouldn’t be present in a $90,000 car. Recently, we managed to spent a bit of time behind the wheels of a 750Li, but unfortunately, we couldn’t reproduce these small issues. Sure, some might say we’re biased or “fanboys”, but I can assure you that’s not the case…..at least this time.

So what’s Edmunds complaining about?

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First, they believe there is a lot of wind noise coming from the driver’s window area, again, something we have either not paid attention to it since we were simply fascinated about the engine noise or our test car had better window sealing. Edmunds mentioned that they encountered the same issue in another 750. To give the 7 some credit, they do mention the almost non-existing road noise, something we were impressed by it as well.

Moving along, let’s see what other annoyance they discovered. Yes, the “Initial throttle tip-in is feeble”….well going out on a limb here, but I believe that’s been caused by the turbo engines, which despite having less lag than ever, there is still some left. Again, something we really didn’t feel it was a big deal since we knew that 1. the car is fairly large 2. it’s still a turbo.

Third item on the list: A/C being weak. Unfortunately for us, we’re in Chicago, so six months out of the year, we’re pretty much freezing, so I have to take a pass on this. They might be right, but I will check their statement soon, when summer hits Chicago.

And we’re finally at Edmunds’ item four on the annoyance list: Accessory drive noise. Well, we might agree just a little bit on this, it is true that from a start or at low speeds, there seem to be some noticeable sound pointing to a belt whinning noise. On the other hand, we’re pretty much sure that we’ve seen that on our 335i as well, so this really doesn’t bother us in the end. Driving BMWs for quite some time, we’re used to hearing more noise coming from the engine than many other cars out there.

Overall, we feel Edmunds’ pain and they have a point, but these issues seem to be easy correctable by the BMW engineers and we have no doubt that the second year of production will eliminate these quirks.

P.S. Still love the 7 and we will gladly trade our 335i for it. Any takers?

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12 responses to “Edmunds says: “BMW 750i: It’s not all roses””

  1. Frederico Silva says:

    hey i think this is the 760Li

  2. Giom says:

    The better a car becomes, the more quirks you’re likely to pick up. One notice wrongs easier than rights, so they seem to stand out. I’m confident BMW will sort out these blemishes in no time. They don’t seem to be consistent in all cars, so, maybe it’s production line issue.

  3. BMW Sales says:

    I love the fact that these are the items they found to complain about. Most cars get hit with weakness after weakness, and the worst this received was weak A/C and a little bit of noise? Wow.

  4. poopface says:

    uhh in the edmunds story they explicitly said they were nitpicking what is a good car. this site is bmw homer central

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    @poopface: And here is what we said: “behind the wheel of the new BMW 7 Series and despite the overall positive review…” we implied that it was nitpicking…


  6. Alex says:

    I expected this to come along eventually, first year production models always have the most imperfections on them. The only thing that made me think “uh oh” was when they complained about the turbo lag. I’m sure it’s not as horrible as they make it seem, and they even said they were nitpicking on that article, then again I’ve never driven a turbocharged car so I wouldn’t know how to compare it.

  7. steven says:

    my parents have an early production e65, so i have 2 comments about the nit picks…

    1. the go-pedal issue. when we first got the car, it had a hair trigger. seriously, the gas pedal felt like all or nothing! well, we had one of those service, flash update thingys and they said that one of the issues addressed was this. one of the ways that they SAY they corrected this was that under normal driving conditions, the transmition was going to now start in 2nd because it was taller, since the 1st gear was so aggressive.

    now if thats what they really did, i dont know, but it sure felt like it. just to drive around from a stop, it was very pleasant, but if you poked at it, it sure seemed to find a lower gear and lunge forward…in a good way.

    i wonder if theyre going through that again…even when the engine isnt being heavily turbo boosted, i cant image that its not at least equal to the old 4.4 (making 325hp), off the line. so maybe the new one starts in 2nd, until someone wants to really make it go, then itll downshift to 1st. whats being mistaken as turbo lag, is really intentional transmission programming.

    2. the AC issue. again, this is coming from someone familier with the e65 745i. the AC is the one issue that can make my family irate. around town its never an issue, but whenever we go on something that lasts more than an hour or so, its like its starts to crap out. you have to break out the instruction manuel and pray you find the right combination of settings to somewhat cool the car, if it feels like it, that is. otherwise, turning the temp settings down and/or turning the fan up will NOT fix things. oh sure, itll make all the noise that sounds like a blizzard is going on in the dash, but it never comes out. seriously, you can make the AC fans roar and the noise fill the whole cabin, but have barely a fart-like breeze coming out of any 1 of the vents.

    seriously, i get mad thinking about it. like i can feel it in my face :-)

    that is the ONE thing we really cant stand, espcially when our other vehicles, made by a certain truck company, whos parent just filed for bankruptcy. are you hot? turn that red/blue thing all the way to the blue. need a bit more of a breeze? just turn that fan thingy up.

    i totally get the idrive thing and love the minimalist interior, but it seems like the heat and air should just be a straight forward deal. its not like they removed many HVAC buttons, but somehow it got complicated along the way.

    i pray the AC is not a carryover.

    we still love the car, but the AC thing really gets us.

  8. kcsnayud says:

    okay seriously i agree

    the air con vent is SO SMALL did you notice in the interior pictures


  9. Frederik says:

    We’ve had our 750i for about 5 months now.

    They are right about the wind noise. In ours however, it seems to concentrate around the passenger seat door, instead of the driver’s.

    A/C has not been an issue because the weather hasn’t really required any yet.

    We haven’t had any problems with the acceleration. When you need power, it’s there. And you don’t feel like you’re driving a 2 tons car. (I drive a 535d, so I’m used to have a very good throttle response)

    Overall, I love that car. (although it takes some serious getting used to the high bonnet; the car feels wider than the previous model)

  10. steven says:

    i agree with the overall idea that the better something gets, the more its little nitpicks become glaring…odd i know.

    im sure this new 7 is really amazing. i am still impressed with our early e65…how “small” it drives for its size, yet how comfortable it is. i love its “personality”. its performance is pretty impressive too, imho…so i can only imagine how much more the new version is. 75hp more than the one im used to…gobs more torque, plus all the improvements that just naturally come along, both inside and out…im sure its an amazing car :-)

  11. Kels says:

    LOL@ these BMW lovers. Hard for you guys to believe BMW screwed up on their latest 7 series?

    You’d never hear the Mercedes fans giving flimsy excuses about the climate in Chicago being cold. Engine noises being overlooked just because it’s present in their much inferior and cheaper 3 series, isn’t a good excuse either. Who shells out $90,000 dollars for continuous turbo lags in an expensive car of this caliber? Doesn’t the Veyron have turbos too? Why isn’t this turbo lag a problem in the Bugatti? BMW should do their homework…

    • Screwed up? Are you retarded or do you just purposely skip over sections of articles to be able to talk shit?
      As is mentioned in this article, in the comments and on Edmunds’ review, they say it is a very good car and these problems are mere nitpicking.
      Mercedes has been behind BMW for years and will continue to stay there as long as they keep making engines that barely get 80hp/ltr and cars that weigh waaaay more than their rivals.

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