MWDesign Project BMW E92 M3 “Darth Maul”

BMW M3 | May 18th, 2009 by 18
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If you haven’t noticed yet, today is a day where we focus on some tuned up BMWs or race cars, and what could be better …

If you haven’t noticed yet, today is a day where we focus on some tuned up BMWs or race cars, and what could be better than to finish on a similar note. The talented fellows at MWDesign, a tuning company based out of Vancouver, Canada, have just unveiled their latest project, codename, “Darth Maul”.

The center of this project is the always beautiful and classy, BMW M3 Coupe(E92), one of the BMW most used vehicles by the tuning companies. The MWDesign E92 M3 is sporting an Jerez Black exterior together with a gorgeous Fox Red interior trim.

amuse m3 3 498x331

Since we know you’re anxious to find out what parts have been used on this car, here are some of them:

  • Amuse Ericsson Front Bumper with custom Orange highlights
  • Amuse Ericsson Trunk
  • CF Rear Diffuser with custom Orange highlights
  • CF Side Vents with custom Orange highlights
  • CF Side Mirrors
  • Modulare M6 20×9 F 20×10.5 R – Matte Black Centers/Gloss Black Lips + Custom Matte Black Center Caps with Orange Accents
  • Falken tires FK452 245/30/20 F 285/25/20 R
  • H&R Sports Springs

The guys at MWDesign also mentioned that is only stage 1 of the “Darth Maul” project and we can barely wait to see what Stage 2 will bring us. So far, we like what we see and yes….the photomodel used by them complements the design.

18 responses to “MWDesign Project BMW E92 M3 “Darth Maul””

  1. Jordan says:

    Haha wow it’s not everyday you see someone you know modeling with a car. I worked on a few sets with her.

    Nice car tho :P

  2. Horatiu B. says:

    @Jordan: :) that’s funny…

    Both are nice though :)

  3. Carlos Perez says:

    Awsome car, any idea if they r going to sell it, i mean a won’t buy one just curiosity, but if i could i would definitely buy one

  4. LBOOGY says:

    WOW! Holy Shiznit! Dat car is BANGING! Dats y I cant wait till I get my E92 nex year summer! Im getn the 4-door tho which is jus as beautiful as the coupe’>>>

  5. AlexD says:

    Rice continues to invade BMW. Why is this posted as news? If I wanted to see this I would watch fast and furious

  6. vitasoy says:

    Stage 1 = Using another companies parts

    Stage 2 = Using another companies parts

    Stage 3 = Using another companies parts

    Talented Tuners huh?…

  7. Matt Stokes says:

    Yeah, don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike this car, but I think fitting a bodykit and new wheels shouldn’t be classed as tuning, and I suspect the suspension work was nothing more than fitting parts that turned up in a box straight to the car and calling it job done.

  8. Jordan says:

    @Matt Stokes:

    Ya I gotta agree with you. I checked out their website and it just looks like an assembly place for putting parts on your car. It’s kind of a joke really, the only ppl putting those kind of parts on the car will be enthusiasts and I think they’d be smart enough not to pay someone huge money to put the parts on and also prob get charged a lot more for the parts themselves. Definitely not a tuning company and if I can be so bold, I’d say they won’t last too long the way the company seems to be run.

  9. Daniel says:

    Wonderfull car and great site !!!

  10. Steve says:

    I take the girl is the by-product of owning the car…hmm

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