BMW 1 Series Racecar by Rem-Power

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We don’t believe we have seen yet any photos of a BMW 1 Series Coupe racecar, so coming across the photos below was quite a …

We don’t believe we have seen yet any photos of a BMW 1 Series Coupe racecar, so coming across the photos below was quite a surprise to us. Initially we thought we’re looking at an official BMW Motorsport car, similar to the BMW M3 ALMS that we’ve seen in the LeMans races here on U.S. soil, but it turns out the car belongs to a private race team, Rem Power.

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In our opinion, the car looks fantastic, despite the running boards being a bit odd, and the best out of all of this, it is a BMW 1 Series Coupe racecar powered by a diesel engine, more exactly, a 135d which outputs 408 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque.

No other details are available to us at this moment, but we’re working on getting more information for you. In the mean time, enjoy the great photos and as a recommendation, despite our differences with the company that took over the site, is a good place to connect with more 1 Series fans.

11 responses to “BMW 1 Series Racecar by Rem-Power”

  1. L1ndja says:

    This sucks big time.They should ban diesel from racing…Just think about it you start the race car and it sounds like this: gr,gr,gr,gr,gr,gr…Fuck no..

  2. Javier says:

    L1ndja, what are you saying? You have never driven one of these beauties. You are from the USA right? Always late to the game… while everybody else is enjoying diesel engines, you people keep making excuses not to try them.

    GM/Ford/Chrysler/USA diesel <<<<<<<<< BMW/Merc/Everybody elses diesel.

    Go drive your lame hummers.

  3. Matski says:

    @L1ndja: I partially agree about diesel engines in racing, but it’s not because they sound like tractors, it’s because you can barely hear them!!! Go watch a Peugeot 908 or Audi R10/R15 race at an LMS race, you can barley hear them from the grandstand, and if there happens to be a GT1 class car anywhere near them, forget it – Diesel racers are soooo quiet compared to petrol racers!

    As far as the 135d racer above goes, I quite like it, but I’m wondering of the driver has realised that he’s accidentally reversed into some scaffolding!?

  4. Gord says:

    That is an interesting way to mount the spoiler.

  5. Giom says:

    How many people here knows that BMW already raced diesel 3-sieries cars in the early 2000s. (Sorry, I can’t remember the exact year. But I think they won their class in the 24h endurence races.)

    This enjin must be soooo much better than those early ones. They were 320d if I remember correctly.

  6. Matski says:

    @Giom: In 1998 Schnitzer Motorsport campaigned an E36 320d saloon at the Nürburgring 24hr race, it managed to score an OUTRIGHT win, but I believe this was a one off, at that time I don’t think diesels were racing in touring car series’. Last year BMW ran an S2000D spec 320d (Like the WTCC 320si but diesel power) but I don’t think it did very well.

    BMW motorsport currentley offer a 120d Motorsport, which had a class win in it’s first race, the Dubai 24hr in 2007, but I don’t think it’s done too well elsewhere, I’ve seen them race in the 24hr event at Silverstone (won by the Z4M twice), and also privateer teams in the BTCC, but on both occasions they were pretty slow compared to the rest of the field.

  7. L1ndja says:

    @Javier: 1st of i live in europe and around 80% of all engines used here are diesel one’s and i really am tired of them.Bmw or not bmw ,6-8cylinder or not all sound like tractors and you can Hear them.Im just tired of them cant hear anymore tractors sound..Its so fucked up you cannot imagine i know that 80to90 of all here live in America and you dont know what it is like..@Matski: as for racing i do agree that they might be even better then the petrol car’s 1st of they are quite reliable 2nd they dont use that much fuel and so long..Nothing more i just am not a diesel fan for nothing.Petrol FTW..

  8. Gord says:

    Top Gear bought an E46 330d, and came third in their class, and 39th out of
    50 or so. This was the 2007 Britcar 24 hours of Silverstone, which I think was won by the racing Z4.

    Of course like classic Top Gear, it had reliability problems and it even crashed.

  9. bmidd says:

    looking at the pics I saw the main sponsor website –

    maybe they are making a point in addition to racing?

  10. Matski says:

    @Gord: Correct, the ‘Duller Motorsport’ Z4M sponsored by Red Bull. Awesome event, I went both years the Z4 won and it was great, Top Gear weren’t allowed back last year because they ruined it for too many people, this year the event has been shortened to save money and is now known as the Silverstone 500. Massive shame because it was a fantastic event, you could get real up close and personal with the cars. I was loitering around the Duller garage to get the legend that is Deiter Quester to sign my BMW Motorsport Cap, when the Z4 came in for a pit stop, stopped about a foot away from me, scared the crap out of me!

    Some stills from the video I took here:

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