Rolls-Royce Ghost undisguised

Rolls Royce | May 17th, 2009 by 13

The “Ghost” is not a ghost anymore and made its first public appearance. What we’re still unclear is that if this is the final production …

The “Ghost” is not a ghost anymore and made its first public appearance. What we’re still unclear is that if this is the final production model or simply the 200EX Concept officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

The new Rolls which is built atop the most recent BMW 7 series platform, will be manufactured at the Goodwood plant and it will share some interior and exterior materials with the Phantom and Drophead Coupe, but fit into a shorter wheelbase. At the same time, RR Ghost has a very modern and round design giving the impression of a smaller and sportier luxury vehicle.

Rolls Royce Ghost measures 212.6 inches long, 83 inches wide and 61 inches tall, all of this sitting on seven-spoke 20 inch wheels wrapped in 285/40 and 255/45 tires. The engine used in the new “baby Rolls” is an all-new 6.6-liter V12 producing 507 horsepower.

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According to sources close to BMW, first years production units have been been sold despite the fact that production will start in the fall. The first Rolls-Royce Ghost in a final production form will be introduced at the IAA Frankfurt Show in September.

As far as the competition, BMW introduces the RR Ghost as a response to the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

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13 responses to “Rolls-Royce Ghost undisguised”

  1. Bo Kim says:

    Apart from the front, I like what I see

  2. Giom says:

    I don’t care who you are… thats nice!

  3. Matski says:

    Lookin good!

    Quick thought though, I wonder if the Phantom will get a mid-life face-lift at all?

  4. - says:

    those mirrors are too big !

  5. Gord says:


    It actually did get a mild face lift this year. The front bumper and grille are slightly different, and there are new interior lights. There are also some new wheel options.

  6. Giom says:

    @: Shall we just call you Dash…lol.

    Curious thing those mirrors. I have’nt knowticed them till you mentioned it. They are rather huge. Could there be a reason for their size? Maybe to diminish the visual size of the car?

    None the less… I never thought I’d go ga ga over a Roller -and I’m absolutly head over heals :)

  7. Ale says:

    This car will be a huge sucess!

  8. Doug says:

    @Giom: I think they’re to diminish the size of the cars *in* the mirror. Owners will find this a more pleasing view of the constantly encroaching upper middle class.

  9. Giom says:

    @Doug: Thats very funny! Mistery solved then…

  10. naseef369 says:

    this one is very frustrating one…

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