Autobild compares the BMW Z4 / Porsche Boxster / Mercedes SLK / Audi TTS / Nissan 350Z

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Earlier this year, we were the first auto publication to attempt an obvious and highly-awaited comparison: the new BMW Z4 against the Mercedes SLK, Porsche …

Earlier this year, we were the first auto publication to attempt an obvious and highly-awaited comparison: the new BMW Z4 against the Mercedes SLK, Porsche Boxter and the Audi TT. Our comparison was simply based on “looks” and was intended to show you the visual differences between these beautiful roadsters.

The German magazine Autobild decided to takes this further and add to this comparison the Nissan 350Z and the new Audi TTS. Since Autobild doesn’t offer the comparison results on their website, we will just have to conduct our own poll here and decided, based solely on the design aspect, which roadster gets the crown.

bmw z4 mercedes slk porsche boxter audi tts

As a curiosity, let’s outline the models tested by Autobild: BMW Z4 sDrive35i, a twin-turbo inline-six engine producing 306 hp, Porsche Boxter, 2.9 liter six-cylinder engine 255 hp, Mercedes SLK 350, 3.5 liter V6 engine 300 hp, Audi TTS, four-cylinder turbocharged engine 272 hp and the Nissan 350Z, 3.5 liter V6 engine and the most  horsepower out of all the other four roadsters, 313 hp.

With this being said, let’s vote on our favorite roadster.

[poll id=”40″] [Translated article from Autobild]

22 responses to “Autobild compares the BMW Z4 / Porsche Boxster / Mercedes SLK / Audi TTS / Nissan 350Z”

  1. The Mercedes Benz SLK looks very different when you put it amongst its peers. Just an observation.

  2. Giom says:

    1 BMW Z4
    2 Porshe Boxter
    3 Merc SLK
    4 Audi TT
    5 Nissan 350Z (I don’t think the new 370Z looks ANY better.)

  3. Gord says:

    I like the Z4, but it is the most expensive of the group by quite a good bit right ?

  4. GA says:

    Not be an ass but the TT has a turbocharged not supercharged engine and the Nissan has a 3.5lt V6 not 3.0lt.

    Anyway looks wise i think i’d go with the Z4 purely because being the newest, it looks the freshest out of the lot. Seen way too many of the others so they no longer excite me much..

  5. Jag says:

    Z4 (love it, the sexiest)
    SLK (surprisingly, it still looks so hot)

  6. Horatiu B. says:

    @GA: I believe you are correct on the 350Z, but I always thought the Audi’s TFSI engine is indeed supercharged.

  7. Carlos Perez says:

    I think TFSI stands for Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection not sure trough

  8. Martin says:

    I read the article in Autobild. The Z4 was 2nd after the TTS because of cost reasons. But my winner is still the Z4.

  9. Lee says:

    If only the Z4 didnt have an ugly hard top. The interior is the best but the hard top completly ruins it for me so I have to give my vote to the Boxster. The worst thing BMW did was copy the Mercedes with the girly hard top.

  10. Geefiasco says:

    It’s got to be the TT-S, it’s gorgeous!

  11. Gord says:


    But I think the Mercedes SL looks good with its hard top on.

  12. aaa says:

    bmwblog: and the winner of the poll is.. a bmw. duh

  13. xtc says:

    was there any poll here not won by a bmw? i think all of the polls were.. hahaha

  14. Horatiu B. says:

    @xtc: I believe it was, a few them based on the interior design…

  15. Matski says:

    The Z4 and the Merc are the only ones who’s proportions look right with the top down, the TT is two stubby, the Porsche is hideous from the side and the 350Z is hideous from the back. Problem with the Merc is it’s hideous from the front. The Z4 is best shape and design there, problem is, the colour of the Z4 is hideous!!!!

  16. zOxta says:

    @Matski: Totally agree.

  17. Lance says:

    Best Performance, driving dynamics, exterior and interior design and quality. Obviously the best – Z4!

  18. Tuesmq says:

    The new Z4 wins on design. But performance and driving dynamics? You’ll have to give that to Porsche.

    Have you read the reviews of the Z4? It’s no longer that engaging to drive.

  19. ferrarifan says:

    ^agree.. its be gonna difficult for other automakers to beat the balance and driving dynamics of the mid-engined porsche.

  20. Lee says:

    It is ugly – Hard top convertibles NEVER look good.

  21. Tebogo Radikoro says:

    already sayed by other bmw wins good in corner speed good handling fresh of the others 7 speed
    tt beetle type of old cars out,very cramp back seat better a2 seater
    slk urgly copied poor super car slr
    nissan low quality
    porsche good but on the label side
    all the above can nt out perform BMW Z4
    I drove them all and tested the late z4

  22. JamesInMonterey says:

    The TT-S by a mile. Here is the full article, now unsurprisingly reposted by Audi DE –

    The TT-S won 3 of the 5 broad test categories and the overall test. (Though they complain about how expensive it is and it did NOT win that category – Martin, apparently your German needs work…)

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