Jalopnik drives the 2009 BMW Z4

BMW Z4 | May 7th, 2009 by 3
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The first 2009 BMW Z4 reviews are starting to come out, shortly after the press launch that took place yesterday in California. While we’re still …

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The first 2009 BMW Z4 reviews are starting to come out, shortly after the press launch that took place yesterday in California. While we’re still waiting for our turn to drive the new roadster, we can’t let you wait and we’ll share with you all the test drives we come across.

Let’s start with our friends at Jalopnik:

For one, the new Z4 is manufactured in Germany. The fit and finish and quality of materials is far beyond that of the old Z4, now on par with the 3- and 5-Series. It’s also a bigger car, with noticeably more room in both the passenger cabin and trunk. Then there’s the new, all-aluminum folding roof.

Up, the roof lends the Z4 all the refinement of a coupe — conversation is easy even close to the vehicle’s top speed — without the traditional downsides of a folding hard top. Vision is excellent with no oversize blind spots. That’s thanks to tiny rear 3/4 windows that retract into the car’s body instead of the doors.

There’s 10.9 cubic feet of room in the trunk with the top up and a still-very-useful 6.4 cubic feet with the top stowed. That top is really good-looking too, replacing the awkward shapes of most hard tops with Gurney bubbles that mirror the hood’s twin power bulges. The top’s not as nice to look at as the old coupe’s, but the rest of the car looks so much better the ducktail isn’t missed.

Of course, like all great BMW’s, the Z4 M coupe wasn’t about performance numbers, it was about handling. Everyone’s going to think that I’m crazy when I say this, but the 2009 Z4 has it beat there too. Where the Z4 M was a one-trick pony — great at corners, but harsh everywhere else — the new car is at least as capable without sacrificing a smooth ride.

Read the entire review at Jalopnik

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3 responses to “Jalopnik drives the 2009 BMW Z4”

  1. Doug says:

    Hmm… maybe that’s why the car and driver article criticized the handling — they thought it was too soft and squishy in the interests of ride quality. Jalopnik’s comment on this is interesting:

    “What initially feels like body roll is in fact the feeling that comes from the inertial effects of sitting behind the center of gravity.”

    That’s confusing, because afaik the “center of gravity” with respect to any inertial forces are at the rear axle, be they roll or turning, despite the center of weight being in the middle of the car.

  2. Giom says:

    That C&D article didn’t make much sence at all. You get a sence that they pre-judged the car because it’s a BMW and is expected to fail at the hands of jurnos.

    Not so this article. Very informative and intelligent. I don’t agree with him on the Bangle comments, but, everyone to himself.

    To call this car above the outgoing Z4M is quite something. It should find a lot of homes very quickly.

  3. Horatiu B. says:

    @Giom: The Jalopnik guys are great…really great bloggers/journalists

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