BMW 335i in…..matte black

3-Series | May 3rd, 2009 by 15

Update: Added an M3 Coupe in matte black from Bimmerfest 2009 event I’m not sure about you, but as far as myself, I have not …

Update: Added an M3 Coupe in matte black from Bimmerfest 2009 event

I’m not sure about you, but as far as myself, I have not seen yet a 3 Series in matte black. Sure, we’ve seen before the Lumma CLR 500 RS(BMW M5) sporting the same “paint”, then a pretty cool X6 sporting the same style and today, we will show you the first BMW 3 Series, most specifically 335i, covered with a matte black vinyl wrap.
BMW 335i in.....matte black

The car belongs to nlakind, a member of e90post forum, and the matte black vinyl wrap was created by Vinyl Styles shop in California. It’s an 8-10 year vinyl that is washed by using a mixture of water and baby shampoo because there is no ammonia in baby shampoo.

Despite the total cost of $3,000, there are some great benefits to this, as outlined by the owner as well: more affordable than painting your car, it protects the paint and it doesn’t depreciate the value of your car. Let’s assume that you get bored of it down the line, it can be removed and the original paint remains intact.

Despite the obvious “Wanna be Batman” badge, the 335i looks amazing, unique and it definitely stands out. Sure, $3,000 sounds expensive, but I’ve always said that BMW fans will do anything for and with their cars.

And here is a BMW M3 Coupe in matte black done by Loud Ocean of Santa Ana (Thanks for the photos Khoi)

BMW 335i in.....matte black

  • Sam

    Black looks fine, but if you are going to go to the trouble of vinyl wrapping the car why not make it look interesting, like zebra stripes. Of course that would be hell to make sure it looks seamless.

    • Mark

      What exactly are you saying about Trouble of vinyl wrapping? i can prove are only advantages !

  • Andrew Murphy

    Not feeling the matte black on the E90 but the wheels and body look good otherwise.

  • lisiy

    this is astonishing color for bmw 3!

    i like it!

  • D solomon

    This M3 is very sleek! Also this car is different than the norm

  • Kyle

    Saw this car at bimmerfest, looks really sharp

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  • Tanvir

    Can anyone please tell me how much does it cost if i wanna paint my 335 matte black.

    • Mark

      what about Brushed Steel Effect ? i still Have 1 day work on this car, but wait for your comments

  • xin

    i have my 335i done in matte black. its in toronto.
    send me email if u wana see pics .

    • Albert

      Hey Xin i was wondering where did u get it done?? and does it look exactly like the one in the pick?? i really want one and my dad said i can get it done like that

      • xin

        well..not exactly..coz mine is a coupe…lol
        but otherwise..the same…
        i got it done at a shop call re style it…u can google cost around 3k

  • Mark

    What about Brushed Steel Effect?

  • Richbassie

    Does anyone know if BMW have matte black as an option for its 3 series, 5 series or M models?

  • lovemybmw

    You want to see a good matte black 3 series that ISN’T a wrap, check out XOjustin’s from bimmerpost forums