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mdbe motoring landing

The New Zealand Automobile Association is hosting one of the most fun and interesting photo voting contests I have seen in a long time. With …

The New Zealand Automobile Association is hosting one of the most fun and interesting photo voting contests I have seen in a long time.

With so many great past and current¬† BMW vehicles, the choices we are facing sometimes can be quite overwhelming. Are we going to get the classic BMW 2002 or should we go with the new 1 Series Coupe? What about the stunning and unique BMW M1? Will it be a better choice than let’s say, BMW M3 CSL?

mdbe motoring landing

To go even more deep in the BMW history, what about the Dixie vs. Isetta? You love roadsters, right? Then you will have a difficult time choosing between the Z1 or Z3. And the examples can continue….

Beside being a quick fun game, you can actually win a place on a BMW Driver Training day, valued at more than $600, plus runner up prizes of BMW Sauber F1 Team T-shirts and BMW Caps. The more you play the more chances you have to win a day at the race track behind the wheel of a BMW, under the tuition of BMW’s professional Driver Trainers.

Update: Just learned that the prizes apply only to New Zealand residents. Regardless, still a fun contest.

Sounds good? Now let’s have some fun while we learn more about the BMW brand and its long, interesting history.

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9 responses to “Most Desirable BMW Ever: Vote Now!”

  1. Gord says:

    They certainly started it really hard ! E30 M3 vs 507 :O hard desicions !

  2. bmwe34 says:

    my last round was damn hard, the 8 series vs the current m6, i picked the 8 series in the end but it was really hard

  3. patricksixer says:

    Damn, I Baracked that vote good! I got the E24 up to like #8! Also tried to vote for the 8 Series, M1, 507, E9 CSL as much as I could.

    I’m such a loser LOL…

  4. Monte_Cristo says:

    Haha! I did the same, but with the 8 series! :)
    That car is really wonderful.

  5. Matski says:

    Well for me the decisions were easy, my top 3 has always been 3rd: 2002 Turbo, 2nd: M635CSi, 1st E9 CSL… the other cars are amazing and theres none I wouldn’t have, but the old ‘uns are the best ‘uns!

  6. okeribok says:

    I think we can all agree that the X3 is the ultimate suck BMW. My choice for top was the E9 CSL, but when I visited, the E46 M3 CSL was on top. Also nice.

  7. says:

    legendary BMW M1 must be FIRST! e46 CSL is ,may be, the smallest part of BMW history, WHY IS IT FIRST?????

  8. Lawrence says:

    I’ll go with the almighty M1 as my all time favorite. I mean just think about it, really, without the M1 there wouldnt be no M cars today. I just only hope that BMW will bring back to life this legendary beast, because honestly I’m sick and tired of the new Audi R8 V10. My second pick is the 840i and for my third, the M3 CSL!

  9. bnc says:

    finals: M3 CSL vs. M3 E30. It’s a really – really close tie but in the end I picked the M3 CSL over nostalgic love simply because it’s the most pure (modern) sports car BMW has ever created.

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