BMW X1 spotted completely unveiled

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With about a month before the official unveiling of the BMW X1 production model, we have the first photo of the small urban crossover spotted …

With about a month before the official unveiling of the BMW X1 production model, we have the first photo of the small urban crossover spotted in Cologne, Germany, during a photo shootout.

The X1 is featured in the German TV show, “Alarm für Cobra 11”. This is the first time after the official unveiling of the X1 Concept in Paris, when we see the final production model without any camouflage. From what we can see, we might be looking at the Mocca Brown exterior color and the X1 spotted here looks the same as the concept version.

It has been rumored for a while that the production model will receive a different taillights treatment along with a modified front-bumper.

What we know for sure is that the BMW X1 will be available in four and six cylinder engines, both diesel and petrol. We expect to see the four cylinder turbo petrol in there as well.

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X1 is being marketed as a compact premium Sport Activity Vehicle, built on a 1 Series platform and it is oriented towards a younger group of BMW fans.

BMW X1’s marketing campaign runs under the name “This is your world..”, coming from the idea of a small SAV, an urban vehicle geared towards a younger demographic who enjoy outdoor activities as well and would still like to use a spacious car to transport their surfboards, skis, snowboards or climbing equipment.

Expect the official photos to appear in early June and it will be officially unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Many thanks to Martin Wunderlich for the photo

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20 responses to “BMW X1 spotted completely unveiled”

  1. bunker says:

    WOW – with other cars in the frame as reference, this thing is REALLY SMALL. Kinda looks like an X3 that’s been stepped on. The concept pictures sure made the thing look longer… Looks to be too small for the U.S. market, IMO. Although, it is about the size of the Kia Soul, no? In which case, maybe it could be viable over here.

  2. Matski says:

    hmm still ugly, but hey CHECK OUT THE E38 PICK-UP TRUCK CAMERA CAR!! Heh heh.

  3. patricksixer says:

    Looks good for what it is. I actually really like the front-end theme they’ve introduced with the F01/02 and want to spread throughout the whole line.

    Also, I feel really really sorry for that poor E38!! I’ve chopped an E30 ///M3 into a pickup truck (was making fun of someone, one of my friends!), but this one is real!! :(.

  4. jkp says:

    Looks decent to me – put that 4 cyl diesel with 200 HP/300 TQ in and it’s a done deal….

  5. Elio says:

    I think it’s a great looking ‘little’ car, not sure why it’s received a bad press in terms of styling.

  6. paul says:

    I hope it’s not as small as an EX35. If not, I’d consider one.

  7. bmwe34 says:

    i wish some1 took a shot of the rear, it looks good to me, i believe its about the same size as the nissan qashqai.

  8. Elliot says:

    Not sure about this one or the 1 series overall. The one series is nice looking but why not just get a 3 series? You’re not saving much going with a 1 if saving any. I don’t get it. I do realize there are those that would prefer a 1 over a 3 but is BMW spreading itself too thin?

  9. Gord says:

    I never really liked the X3, and this is kinda like a smaller X3. I wouldn’t mind if it looked like a smaller X5.

    But if you like the X3, you’ll probably like this.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Interesting how many people actually like the X1 now. A few months back, most of us would call it useless. I have to admit, I didn’t see a purpose for it, but I definitely do now when I think about the European roads in larger cities…crowded, narrow and tough to drive comfortably a large SUV.

      The X1 seems to fill that gap. Will it come to the U.S.? All I heard was that the possibility has not been ruled out.

  10. Gord says:

    @Horatiu B.:

    But BMW said it was for the young generation who want utility and small dimensions. Surely most of these young generation people live in America ?

  11. Jag says:

    @Gord: in Asia

  12. Windtalker says:

    I like it alot!!

  13. Matski says:

    from this angle it looks as though the tail lamps have a white top section, the bonnet creases don’t look quite as pronounced either, but mostly it seems to look the same :( not a fan.

  14. brandon says:


  15. DG says:

    its Hyundai Hideous

  16. Jason says:

    Nasty, makes me want to puke.

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