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Ludwig Willisch, Head of BMW M Division, spoke with Car and Driver about the future of BMW M models. Back in March, Ludwig gave another …

Ludwig Willisch, Head of BMW M Division, spoke with Car and Driver about the future of BMW M models. Back in March, Ludwig gave another preview of what to expect from his division in the upcoming years, but today, we have some new information to relate.

As we expected or heard before, the future BMW M models will stop playing the “engine large displacement” game and focus on smaller, more efficient engines. But if you’re worried about the performance, Mr. Willisch reassures one more time the BMW fans that the decrease in displacement will be compensated by the turbocharging technology and the use of lighter materials which will decrease the overall car’s weight.

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The next generation BMW M5 and M6 which are still 2-3 years down the line will have a similar engine concept as the X5M/X6M vehicles, but don’t expect them to inherit the exact engine. M Division is considering a smaller displacement twin-turbo V8 or even a V6 engine. This goes hand in hand with what we learned at NYC Auto Show, the BMW has not completely ruled the possibility of a powerful V6 and they are confident they can overcome any shortcomings that a V6 engine might have.

In 2014, BMW is expected to release an M like version of the 1 Series and we spoke about this many times before. The car will not be branded as an M vehicle, but rather getting the Supersports name. The vehicle will be powered by a new twin-turbo inline-four engine and even though not confirmed by Her Willisch, we learned that it will output 240 horsepower.

As far as the most popular M car of all the time, the M3, he mentions that the next model arriving in 2015 will be the best M3 and faster than today’s car. He spoke again of an inline-six and V6 being considered for the job.

[Source: Car and Driver ]

14 responses to “Future of BMW M Models”

  1. Giom says:

    Oee, not so sure about this V6 business. I remember BMW looking at V6s some years back and decided against going that route for a lack of refinement. Why should they go back on this now? I’m all for change and adaption… but a V6?

    BMW is master of the turbo tech, that idea for an M car doesn’t bother me as much as much as the idea of a V6. Rather stay with the V8 then. Smaller capacity, smaller turbo must make economy sense.

  2. Frederico Silva says:

    supplying giom idea, i’m in favor of economy, but V6 is to much, V8 bi-turbo is a more likely choice, and 544 is not bad, but a little bit more is very good (to compite RS6 :P)

  3. kcsnayud says:

    i just hope the m5 and m6 will get at least 520hp

  4. jon H says:

    v6? M3? please no. if its gonna be 6 cyl then at least make them inline. please. Ive known about the new m5/m6 powerplants for a while and I think this is the right step back/forward if that makes sense. I like the idea of a lighter, more powerful v8 than the current v10.

  5. Diyan says:

    I hope the M model will have good performance rather than good style body.

  6. jon H says:

    @Diyan: I hope they have good performance AND good style. the absence of either would be devastating.

  7. lisiy says:

    next m3 = V12 – bi-turbo :):)

    i can not wait when new bmw m6 comes

  8. Mauro Corti says:

    @ Federicon and @ kcsnayud

    You need 500hp when you have to move a 1900kg+ car, when you have to move a 1600-1500kg car you don’t need that power. I really hope next Ms will be lighter than the actual ones, because 1855kg for an M5 is ridiculous!! With a 1600kg car you can have 400hp and they would be enough to have fun.

    And remember, numbers are nothing. The engine could develop 800hp but what’s important is how much hp can the car get to the ground and how the power and torque graphs look like. Look at Subaru STI, not the most powerful car in the world (300hp), not the biggest engine (2.0 or 2.5 liter turbo) but with a normal weight (1500kg), all wheel traction and a really good car setup it is as fast as an m5 (I’ve tested them myself).
    Of course the 2 car are not comparable, one is a sport car, the other is a luxury fast sedan/station wagon, but when you buy an M car what you’re looking for is thrill and excitement, so maybe BMW is heading the right way with smaller, lighter, more efficient engine and car.

  9. Matski says:

    Relax, although I’m not confident in assuming BMW’s will always be good looking vehicles anymore, I am confident that whatever engine they decide to build will be a cracker, BMW don’t build bad engines!!! I’m not too keen on a V6, the smoothness of the I6’s is one of my favourite things about BMW’s, all the Bimmers I’ve had have been I6’s, but if BMW are sure they can make a good V6 then let them… whatever they do I’m looking forward to it :D

  10. Doug says:

    Please, no V6. They’re mechanically more complex, turbocharging is more awkward (unless they squeeze it into the V like the TT V8), not as smooth, etc.

  11. Doug says:

    Honestly, the replacement M3 ought to do fine with an I6 TT 3.2L tuned to 400hp/400lb-ft.

  12. Kingz says:

    Unfortunately BMW has been pressured by governments and enviromentalists to cut down on CO2 emmissions. So BMW’s choice to use smaller turbocharged engines is understandable. I have faith in BMW that their M vehicles will always be true drives machines.

  13. bkalina says:

    Please, no V-6. I was greatly dismayed when Mercedes and Lexus abandoned the inline-6, in favor of the V-6, leaving only BMW committed to the inline-6 in all of its zero free-moments-of-inertia splendor.

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