Shanghai Auto Show 2009: Audi Q7 Facelift – Should BMW worry?

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Shanghai Auto Show hosted the unveiling of the 2010 Audi Q7 facelifted version. Even though the makeover is not as profound as some might have …

Shanghai Auto Show hosted the unveiling of the 2010 Audi Q7 facelifted version. Even though the makeover is not as profound as some might have expected, there are still many exterior design elements that improve the look of Audi’s high-end SUV.

Since it’s nor an SAV or SAC, the Q7 is competing directly with both the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle, but also with the newer Sports Activity Coupe, the X6. From a standpoint of price, the Audi Q7 qualifies as a better buy for many consumers looking for a German engineered SUV without breaking the bank.

But what if money was no issue? Could the new facelifted Q7 pull ahead of the X5/X6 team?

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The facelift shows us a refreshed fascia with a new set of LEDs and a reworked single-frame grille with chrome accents. At the bottom, the redesigned bumper incorporates a set of fog-lamps, giving the overall front-end a more aggressive look.

Aggressive fender flares and LEDs nestled within the taillights are completing this minor exterior facelift. From my point of view, I find it interesting that Audi is using the same LED treatment across their line-up, but since I’m no expert in their design strategy, I will refrain from commenting.

Without getting into engine power or driving dynamics, and trying to be as objective as you can, do you think that the 2010 Audi Q7 could steal away from BMW’s customers?

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10 responses to “Shanghai Auto Show 2009: Audi Q7 Facelift – Should BMW worry?”

  1. bmwe34 says:

    damn i starting to hate these LEDs, audi-its enough. They were cool on the A5 and A4 but on the rest… U just ruined the Q7, it looks like a christmas tree. The regular not facelifted Q7 is a lot better from the design point of view from this one, and from the X5 in my opinion. But in stuff with performance, engine and handling both BMW kick audis ass.

  2. nights says:

    Indeed i think Audi went overboard on this one… its like they’ve running out of ideas and just put LEDs here and there. And they’ve succeed :p.

    However i do find the LEDs on A5 is the best one IMO…

  3. bunker says:

    I saw a Q7 on the road the other day. The front end is so large vertically, it looks like a Mack truck. Very unsightly IMO as the only people this look should appeal to is the younger crowd…who cannot afford the vehicle.

    But as most of you can probably guess by now, I despise all of these overly-bloated trucks.

  4. viper says:

    in terms of looks and size , audi beats bmw period…..Q7 is the bottom line

  5. 229ra12 says:

    NO BMW should not worry about that glorified SUV which resembles a dying hippo.

  6. Kyle says:

    The Q7 ^^^^ about 5 stories above this one w/ the M5 is much much better looking and performing.

  7. akshay says:

    bmw is the best

  8. Lysias says:

    BMW should not only get worried, they should sweat. This Q7 is a masterpeace!!

  9. n8n says:

    Q7 is really pretty and big car, I think the BMW should do the same with lights – add some LED (but not dots as Audi) let’s say – stripes (like back lights in Z4 or new 7-series) – that would be great.

  10. n8n says:

    Anyway I’d buy X6 anyway :P there’s no match for it! :D

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