Hyundai Equus: Automaker’s shot at the BMW 7-Series

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New York Auto Show hosted the North American debut of the latest high-end luxury car coming out of Korea: the Hyundai EQUUS. With a price …

New York Auto Show hosted the North American debut of the latest high-end luxury car coming out of Korea: the Hyundai EQUUS.

With a price tag starting at $96,000, Hyundai EQUUS was designed to take on the high-end auto luxury market represented by BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the Lexus LS.

equus 7 series 001 498x589

A few years back, none of us could have imagined that the low-cost Korean automaker will “dare” to take on the “big boys”, but that time has come and their flagship Hyundai EQUUS. is ready to challenge the competition. At this time, the car is only available in Korea with plans to expand sales in the Middle East and China.

The rumor around the NYC Auto Show was that Hyundai is testing the market and the consumers’ reaction and within two-three years, the Equus might make it to the States.

The EQUUS comes with a choice of two gasoline engines, the 3.8 liter V6 Lambda or the 4.6 liter V8 Tau. The Lambda pumps out 285 horsepower while the Tau is good for 360 horsepower. An extended wheelbase version of the EQUUS with a 5.0 liter engine and 420 horsepower will be offered later this year.

As expected from a luxury car, the EQUUS gets an 8 speed automatic transmission, Lane Departure Warning System, Electronic Parking Brake, Smart Cruise Control, Vehicle Stability Management System and Pre-Safety Seatbelt System.

In comparison, the BMW 7 Series offers both diesel and gasoline choices. The 730d is powered by a 3.0-liter straight six cylinder diesel engine producing 245 horsepower. The 740 models feature the upgraded six-cylinder twin-turbo engine which outputs 326 horsepower. Moving up in the class, the 750i and Li come equipped with the V8 4.4-liter engine, twin-turbo technology and produces 407 horsepower.

The recently announced BMW 760Li is powered by a completely new 6.0-liter V12 all-aluminum engine with Twin-Turbo Technology, 544 horsepower.

Even though we, along with most of the media, do not consider the Hyundai EQUUS to be YET in the same class as its classic competitors (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus), we certainly need to ask you these questions: Does the EQUUS really stand a chance in front of the new 7 Series?

And to go even deeper in the analysis: would a $100,000 vehicle change your opinion of a brand, in this case, the Hyundai brand?

At the end, let’s see how the two cars compare to each other, from a design point of view.

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16 responses to “Hyundai Equus: Automaker’s shot at the BMW 7-Series”

  1. Giom says:

    Nope, it doesn’t stand a chance… yet. Maybe in 20 years, if every new model is markedly better than the previous – maybe.

    But what it will not/ever have over Merc & BMW (to a lesser extend Audi and Lexus), is history. With history comes a long line of experience and identity. You go buy a Merc or a BMW for more or less the same reason – you want the best, and everyone knows it. But you will choose between these according to your preference in driving style or the need to put luxure above handling or vica versa.

    All I’m saying is that over decades, these two titans got to know what people want. Not just any body mind, a specific audience that is not happy with anything, but the best.

    In 20 years from now, if Haudai is still making the Excuse… sorry, my bad – the Equus, the establishment will have 20 more.

    • Shaq says:

      I agree with Josh, The BMW Design is old and Tired the Equus Design is Beautiful, and not to mention if all you Hyundai Haters go check out Equus video on youtube you will find the inside features are way better than the BMW. The Equus have reclinable back seat and a built-in TV. So People Give a fucking Break the Hyundai is coming way up and the BMW need to go back to the designing board. As for the length of time this car has been on the market, do your research it been out over seas for 10 years, the USA is always to last to get aboard on NEW Shit.

    • andrew lim says:

      lol wth man. it’s hyundai get the name right. And obviously equus is more beautiful and high-tech than BMW 7 series. In a few years, it will get 12V engine and it will just totally pwn BMW flagship. Can’t wait.

  2. Gord says:

    Well remember the VW Pheaton ? That wasn’t all that sucessful.

    But I think Hyundai could have a chance.

  3. stars9texashockey says:

    BMW and MB should have been (and were) worried 20 years ago at the Lexus and Infiniti launch. It’s Lexus’ turn to be worried now given Hyundai’s new product offensive.

  4. Monte_Cristo says:

    From the side, the front looks like a botched Cadillac, and the rear like a Camry. And what’s up with the little bird a la Rolls-Royce on the hood? It just looks like they’re trying too hard.
    What some American and Korean automakers should do is develop a design style/philosophy and be consistent with it. Not copycat off others or have headlights of different shapes on all their cars.

  5. Monte_Cristo says:

    Sorry for double-post,
    I forgot to mention that overuse of chrome is a big big no-no.

  6. Gil says:

    It is worth mentioning that Hyundai has had 10 years to work on this car. It has been on sale in Korea since 1999. So while it may be “new” to us, it ain’t for them. I’ve had my eyes on this car for years.

  7. tony says:

    sorry guys i just cant sasddaw justify my self to pay $90,000 for a Hyundai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!never!!!!!!!!!!!
    if it was 45,000 or 50,000 maybeeee and thats maybe!!!!! sorry Hyundai you have a long way to go.

  8. VASANTTES says:

    how you can dare to compare BMW with hyundai?? what a f..are you smoking??…there are not even in the same level in the same world!!…i agree if you compare BMW with mercedes porsche lexus audi but not with hyundai! plaese come on!.. compare the 760li with s600 facelifted 2010 and even with s 63 amg, or the x6M with cayenne turbo s ml 63 amg..etc etc

    • Horatiu B. says:


      unusual comparisons make things interesting. Everyone, including us, have compared the 7 against the S-Class or Lexus LS many times, but should we do that all the time?

      Also, here is what I said in the article:

      ” Even though we, along with most of the media, do not consider the Hyundai EQUUS to be YET in the same class as its classic competitors (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus)”

  9. viper says:

    thats ridiculous , if u had the money would u really buy a hyundai… matter how good it is , it will never be that good to come even close to german rivals…april fools no shit

  10. JOsh says:

    Are most of you blind or just really pissed off about the fact that hyundai is a competitor now PERIOD. Use your fcukin eyes? Honestly Bmw needs to drop that cheap lookin grill and as for the motor point of view. The only thing i see is a fcukin unedged over sized car that needs a twin turbo. Thats the only reason why its beating it in horses. Maybe hyundai should make a new twin turbo two. Get choked all you want that Bmws design is getting so fucking old and all of you know it too. Like honestly straight up could anyone of you say with a straight face the design of that beamer is better. Haha welcome to 2010 boys? time to move on a grow up. Im actually so happy about this right now. P.s Bmws sales on an all time low.

  11. BURAK YAVUZ says:

    Güney koreli otomotiv devi Hyundai’nın lüks amiral Gemisi Equus 2010’nun tasarım anlayışında Mercedes-Benz s-class ve Bmw 7-serisi’nden izler taşıyarak geliştirilen 2010 yeni Hyundai Equus’un tasarımıda bmw ve mercedes tasarımı gizli olduğundan en azından Hyundai’yede hak vermek lazım.

  12. fff says:

    go Hyundai!!!!
    yea~ baby

  13. Burak Yavuz says:

    Alman Otomotiv Devi Bmw’nin Lüks sınıftaki prestij sembolü güç ve tasarım ikonu Yeni Nesil Bmw 7-series yenilenen iç ve dış tasarımı,artan teknoloji ve kalitesinin yanısıra Bmw’nin Yine Güney Koreli Dünya Devi Hyundai’nın Lüks ve spor sedan otomobili Genesis platformunda geliştirdiği Yeni Nesil Hyundai Equus yenilenen iç ve dış tasarımı,artan teknolojisinin yanısıra eski şasisine oranla artan dingil mesafesi Yeni Nesil 2010 Modeli Hyundai Equus’un bir diğer yenilikleri arasında.Ama Güney Koreli Dünya Otomotiv Devi Hyundai’nın 1999 yılında başına geçen Dünya’nın sayılı zengin Hyundai’nın 70 yaşındaki Dev Patronu Chung-Moon Kong’un Hyundai Motor Company’nin başına geçtiği dünden bugüne süreçte Hyundai Motor Company’e yeni bir revizyon içine sokarak Hyundai’ye hem kurumsal anlamında Tasarım,Teknoloji,Kalite,Güvenirlik,Dayanıklılık ve Müşteri Memnuniyeti gibi konuları ilke olarak belirleyen Hyundai’ye farklı bir revizyon kazandırarak herkesin bir dönem ucuz ve kalitesiz araçlar üreten Hyundai’ye dünden bugüne çok farklı bir revizyona sokarak şirketi yeni bir yapılanmaya sokarak Hyundai’ye Dünya’nın En büyük sayğın Otomotiv markalarından yapan Chung-Moon Kong’u bu üstün başarılarından dolayı kutlar kendilerine en içten dileklerle sevği ve sayğılarımızı arz ederim.Bu sonuçta Alman Otomotiv Devi Bmw’nin Mercedes-Benz S-class,Dünya’nın en büyük Japon Otomotiv Devi Toyota’nın Avrupalı Lüks Premium Markası Lexus’un LS ve Güney Koreli Dünya Otomotiv Devi Hyundai’nın Yenilenen ve Genesis’in ağabeyi olarak nitelendirilen Yeni Hyundai Equus’a rakip olarak hazırlanan ve şu anda Dünya Otomotiv sektöründe son 10 yıl içerisinde yaptığı başarılı atılımlar sonucunda Dünya’nın en büyük sayğın ödüllerini kazanan Hyundai’ye bu büyük başarılarından dolayı kendilerini kutluyoruz.Kısacası sakız çöpü gibi dayanıksız Mercedes-Benz,Bmw,Audi,Volkswagen,Porsche,Ford,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Toyota,Lexus ve Renault gibi tenekeler böyle Eşşek Trene bakar gibi bakıp nal toplayıp tökezlerken Dünya Otomotiv Devi Hyundai ödülleri kazanıyordu.İşte bu yüzden ‘kedi uzanamadığı yere mundar dermiş’ ki sakız çöpü gibi dayanıksız teneke Mercedes-benz,Bmw,Audi,Volkswagen,Porsche,Ford,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Toyota,Lexus ve Renault gibi tenekeler için tartışmaya değmeyeceği için büyüklük bende ve Dünya Devi Hyundai’de kalsın düşene bir tekmede biz atmayalım ki o yukarıda yazılı olan tenekeler bu kafayla giderse Sezen Aksu’nunda şarkısında belirttiği gibi ‘sen ağlama’ ama onlar bu kafayla gitemeye devam ederse daha çok ağlarlar.İşte bu yüzden Hyundai’ye laf edenler ilk önce kendi yaptıklarına baksınlar ve öyle konuşsunlar ki bende o cahilleri kaale almadığımadan Atalarımız ne demiş ‘Allah boş konuşanı sevmezmiş’ ki bende o cahilleri kaale almadığımdan onlar ilk önce bıraksınlar toplumu yanlış yönlendirmeyi ilk önce kendi cahilliklerine baksınlar ki şu anda Hyundai’ye laf edenler zaten yerlerde paspas niyetine dolaşan sakız çöpü gibi dayanıksız teneke Mercedes-Benz,Bmw,Audi,Volkswagen,Porsche,Ford,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Toyota,Lexus ve Renault gibi daha birçok teneke paspas niyetine yerlerde.İşte bu yüzden ‘Atalarımız ne demiş ‘Ne oldum değil ne olacağını bileceksin’ sonra yerlerde Mercedes-Benz,Bmw,Audi,Porsche,Volkswagen,Ford,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Toyota,Lexus ve Renault gibi yerlerde sürünmeyeceksin ki bende o cahilleri kaale almadığımdan Atalarımız o cahillere ne demiş ‘Bükemediğin Eli Öpüceksin’ ve Dünya Devi Hyundai’ye takdir edeceksin ki böyle boşboş konuşmayacaksın ki bende o cahilleri kaale almadığımdan büyüklük bende ve Dünya Devi Hyundai’de kalsın ki düşene bir tekmede biz atmayalım.Onlar ilk önce böyle başkanı olamadığı ve kendi cahillikleriyle utansınlar ki Allah kimseyi onlar gibi cahil ve ezik yapmasın ki ‘Beterin Beteri vardır’ ki onlar ancak ‘Eşşeğe Altın semer bağlasalar Eşşek yine Eşşektir.’ Bu sakız çöpü gibi dayanıksız Mercedes-Benz,Bmw,Audi,Volkswagen,Porsche,Ford,Ferrari,Lamborghini,Toyota,Lexus ve Renault adam olamayacağı için büyüklük bende ve Dünya Devi Hyundai’de kalsın ki onlar ilk önce kendi cahilliklerine baksın ve utansınlar.


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